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Great card. You make me miss the farm!

Life on a farm can sometimes be so sad. I'm glad Boxcar Betty is doing well-she's one of my faves!

You are such a thoughtful daughter, Anna, and it seems that your parents are as nice as you are. I love this precious little card for your mom.

You have enough chickens to lay 240+ eggs a week?! How do you keep up with gathering, boxing, selling, feeding, watering, doctoring, working, photographing, illustrating, and crafting? You're amazing!

Loved reading about your animals. We get attached to them through your posts. :)

I am so happy that Boxcar Betty is on the mend. I fell in love with her in one of your earlier posts. It's great to hear all the updates.

Your card is sooo adorable!! Thanks for the farm update.

1st let me say that I do LOVE this card! Your Mom will, too, and you're right - she might just be feeling left out a little bit! LOL

Thanks for the update on the farm! I've been thinking and worrying a bit about them - the last news wasn't that great, after all! I know that happens on the farm, but we do have favorites (at least us city slickers do) and we want to know they're still kickin' up their heels!

gorgeous card - you chose the perfect paper! Glad your dad is enjoying his cards!

Thanks for the update! Glad all seems to be going well (except the one casualty!). I was starting to wonder about life down there in your neck of the woods, so your update was timely indeed!

Always fun to hear news of the "Farm" but so sad about Dark Brown Hen.

That is a GREAT card.

So sorry about losing Dark Brown Hen. :( I hate that.

Somehow, I missed the original post about the Beast. Wow, is he ever gorgeous! I love the comparison photo. She looks like a calf next to him.

Be well, Anna.

Cutest card! So glad everyone on the farm is doing well.

Thankyou for all the updates.
Have fun celebrating your SPECIAL day, because you ARE special, too. hugs...

Adorable card! Hope your Dad's recovery is going smoothly. Thanks for all the farm updates. Hope it's finally cooling off down there.

Oh, I'm so very sorry about your losing Dark Brown Hen...how sad. Those raccoons can be so pesky and dangerous! We've had them tear down our bluebird houses, and take the babies. UGH...I'm glad the chicks are safe, though..at least that's a bit of consolation.
Kind of a bummer that so many male critters were born on the farm, I hope the next round of babies will bring some FEMALES for you!!! Glad to hear they are getting good homes, though. I'm sure you will miss them, however!
Have a wonderful week, and a VERY VERY VERY Happy Birthday on the 7th! You deserve to have a FABULOUS birthday~ because, after all: YOU ARE FABULOUS!!! :D

Thanks for the farm update! Sounds like everything is going as well as can be expected after all the excitement you had earlier! SO glad to hear that Boxcar Betty is doing well! She is SO much fun to read about! Can't wait to see more farm pix! Take care!

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