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Your 'big ol' storm' quip reminds me of Ryan when he was little. He was scared of storms and talked frequently of 'big ol' storms' with 'tunder' and 'lightning.' No fun, but glad you're okay.

Thank goodness you are OK! Sorry about the storm...hope it didn't harm your farm land. I've been seeing the flooded places in TX and was concerned!!! Why is it that it goes from drought to flood??? Mother Nature can be so "bad"!!
Hope to see you posting regularly again SOON! :D HUGS...

Yikes! Storms are scary things--don't get many here on the California coast, but I grew up in Ohio & remember some doozies! Glad you're okay!

Whew!!! Glad to know everyone's ok! I thought maybe you and Alan had run off and eloped! :) And as Cheryl said ~ we DO notice when you're gone! :)

Good to hear from you Anna, Yes I had noticed the absence and am happy to hear you are all okay. Storms aren't much fun and when you lose internet---Ugh!
See ya soon.

Glad to know you're okay! I was wondering about you.

Oh No! I'm glad you're ok, but I understand about being "without"! I went on vacation and couldn't wait until I got home to log in and see what everyone was up to! Next time, I may take a laptop with me! LOL

Hope your internet service is restored quickly and you're back with us. Meanwhile, I'm waiting patiently.

Good to know you're OK. We DO notice when you're gone! :)

Whew! Is that all? At least it wasn't "The Beast"!! lol

Glad all is O.K. and it is just a computer thing! Hope to see your fun works agaibn soon, I AM having WITHDRAWELS *No Sweet 'n Saay Notes* LOL hugs...have a great week.

So -- you're going through withdrawal, eh? I remember being without power when hurricane Isabelle came through here in '03. It was a million degrees Farenheit and there was no A/C, no water, no ice. But worst of all, no internet. I feel your pain. UGH! Thanks for sending out the flare. We were beginning to worry.

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