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Your watercoloring is the BEST! I'm in awe!

Looks like you put your down time to good use! Your farmer girl is fab! Love her multicolored socks and turned out clogs! I think this stamp was made for you to color!

Oh goody, you're back! I just love this card! Your watercoloring is amazing! I need to go and practice again. I've been using prismas and mineral spirits to color lately and that is my favorite way to color. Looking at your water coloring though makes me want to give that a try again. Not that mine would ever look as good as yours.
By the way, how is Betty doing? Is she all healed up after her ordeal?

It's amazing how much we rely on these crazy machines. OOPS! Don't want to hurt their feeling.... I meant Fabulous machines!!

Your card is adorable! Perfect for this time of year!

Welcome Back Anna!
Missed you!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Welcome back! We missed you. Hopefully none of your beloved critters floated away with all that rain. Love Franny Farmer. If you didn't tell us it was a Stampin Up design, I'd swear it was one of yours. You sure you didn't draw that for them? Hugs.

You've been missed Anna! Glad your back on the net, and happy that you received some rain! I'm down here in Houston and it has been a dry hot summer here as well, so i can relate. Anna, please please please, a critter post! How is Betty?

I just love your work! The simplicity of your designs and the beauty of your painting are truly a delight : ) I'm one of those people who need to share my appreciation more often! Glad you are back on line and have received cooler temps and rain. Have A Great Day!

Welcome back! - Good to hear you've had rain (we're still waiting).
Wonderfully fun card. Frannie looks fabulous.

Miss Farmyard Frannie is looking positively goy-jus today. I sure wish you'd place these exquisite water colored works of art in your Etsy shop; cuz if you did, I'd snag them right up and your etsy shop would be empty all over again, now wouldn't it?

Woo-Hoo it is good to have you back :) LOVE this Farmer Gal. Such a cute image and done in Anna style she is FABULOUS. Your painting skills floor me. Sure wish I had 1/2 your talent ;) Hugs...

Fabulous Anna!! I have been without internet for a week now too. Computer woes. Sometimes I don't miss it though.

This is really a work of art. So detailed and adorable. Love your coloring, as usual. Glad you're connected to the world again.

This is FABULOUS!!! And WELCOME BACK! You were REALLY Missed!
Glad you got the much needed rain...seems it's extreme weather we get these days, huh?? And I know those cooler temps were GREAT...next week we are supposed to have HIGHS in the 60s! I can't wait! How refreshing...
Have a great "rest of the week"...sure am glad to read posts here again! :D

Yippee! You're back!!
I love Fannie Farmer! This is a beautiful card - you inspire me to try working with re-inkers. Your art is so beautiful!

Your coloring is amazing as usual. I always am in awe of your projects! I am glad you and your internet are back. I think I was having withdrawals as much as you were ;)

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