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Hi, out there Ladies! This is my first attempt at anything intelectual since last thursday.I have been recieving many wonderful things in the mail? somebody blabbed? there are some very talented folks that are in this blogs family! The well wish's are just what I have been needing and ariving unexpected is humbling too. It has been a very tough week. Time to go lay down again, I'm getting dizzy............ Love, Dad

Oh, my my! That is an adorable snowman with little birdies and leaves!

Best wishes for your dad's recovery (and for your mom as she nurses him back to health)!

Oh Anna, please email me his address...I'd love to send him a card!

[email protected]

So you don't have to look it up ;)

That leaf is just too darn cute! Neat-O snowman! Like how you did the quilt background to showcase his adorableness.
Yeah, I'm making up words now. Think I've used about every good one I know in my comments to you in the past and I hate to be ho hum boring all the time. Please send me your Dad's address, as I'd love to make him a card and reinforce the fact that you're the best cardmaker in the galaxy.

I'm so loving that snowman - awesome card! Your dad is in my prayers for a swift recovery!

How cute is he!!!!? I love his leaf hat!
Can't wait to see the whole sets!
Have a great Sunday!!!

Your snowman card is adorable. I love your colouring!

I'd like to send your dad a card too if you'll pass along his snail mail addy.

Your snowman is adorable!!! That's going to be another GREAT set!
Sure do hope your Dad recovers quickly. I have BAD knees, and I'm sure the surgery is no fun, either. So sorry he had such a traumatic surgery...
Please send me his name so I can also send him a card! And have a good weekend!!! :D

Love this, Anna! Hope your dad feels better soon!

Ah, so cute! I just love this image!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your dad!

So cute! A snowman with a birdhouse! What could be better?

I absolutely LOVE your new snowman! But my elation quickly plummeted when I read about Daddy's kneew surgery. Fortunately for me I already have his address! Na-ner, Na-ner, Na-ner! Thanks for letting us know.

How can I send a cheerful card for your Dad? Please e-mail me with an appropriate address!

I do love your snow man - he's so cute in that bright red scarf! I love your art . . .

Dad's are such special people to us girls. They always think we're so smart and beautiful. My dad will be 90 in December and still thinks his girls are special.

Have a good recovery Anna's dad!

BIG hug!

Wonderful card Anna, Love the leaf on top the snowman's head. Perfect for winter (although I'm not looking forward to that.)

Yes, I would like to send your dad a card so please send me the info.

Fabulous card Anna! I {heart} the image very much! :)

I'll keep your dad in my thoughts and wish him a speedy recovery!

love him too Anna!! Can;t wait for the new sets!!

1st let me say YES, I WANT TO SEND DAD A CARD! I so enjoy his humor and I believe I have the perfect stamp for his card. ;) Let me know how to get a card to him.
And the new set is looking like lopts of fun, looking forward to seeing it ALL. hugs..

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