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Gorgeous Miss Daisy!

Also, I finally have my Take Ten magazine & I TOTALLY love your cards! Love everything about them, and especially the blues and greens you did them in! Wonderful cards and it was such a treat to see them!

Congrats to you!

What a gorgeous shot of Miss Daisy! Stunning photo. Happy Birthday from me and my boys Shotsy and Gunter! Best, Curt

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Miss Daisy! Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! I miss that chocolate chunk! I hope she has a fun day sleeping on the floor, eating doggie treats, and harrassing the Mr. Farley!
Please give her a big hug from me!
Love, Manetta
p.s. my Annie (another chocolate lab) is woofing for those treats! :-)

Happy Birthday Sweet Miss Daisy. Enjoy those cookies. I will give them a try for my very spoiled 8 year old springer spaniel.

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy! I haven't made my family cookies is a while...so I'd better not start making dog cookies or I'll be in big trouble! Better tuck this recipe away for a rainy day...

What a sweet girl! I'm going to try the biscuit recipe tonight for my pooch, "Brody." He is also 9 years old, and his golden retriever face is developing the white mask. No arthritis or anything yet - and he still has quite the appetite for cookies! :-)

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy, hope you got loads of lovely presents. Ruby says woof woof for the recipe!

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy!!! I have a black lab named Daisy Mae...she too sends birthday wishes to you!!! Enjoy your day.

Happy Birthday, Miss Daisy, from Zane and Harley (we are both 11) and Jazz and Cubby (we are both 4). We are cats, but we like dogs (that don't bite us). Do you like cats? We would bring you a cake but Texas is a long way from Minneapolis.

She's beautiful. I love doggies. I'll have to try this cookie recipe for my Boxers. Thanks!

What a beautiful picture of your dog! Her eyes look like gold! Happy birthday to Miss Daisy--she's a lucky girl to get homemade treats!

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy! :) Beautiful picture, such a sweet face! Thanks for sharing the recipe too :)

Happy Bday Miss D!
Hugs from Diane and Stella (also 9- Duck tolling Retriever!)

Miss Daisy is gorgeous. Happy birthday! Thank you for the dog treat recipe. I'll try them for my sister's dogs.

Happy Birthday Sweet Miss Daisy. I will be making these yummy treats for all the dogs in our family for Christmas. Thanks for Sharing! Sweet Dreams and hugs..

Napping all day....sounds good to me!! Happy Birthday, Miss D!!

Such a sweet and adorable face! Happy Birthday Miss Daisy!

Oh...she's such a sweet baby...gotta love those chocolate labs...they're the best..

You're beautiful Miss Daisy! Happy birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SWEET MISS DAISY, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL 9 YR OLD CHOCOLATE LAB ON THE PLANET!!! I hope you shared a wonderful day together! Dogs are wonderful, and I'm so glad you have her! :D

Happy, happy Birthday Miss Daisy! Sending a big scruffin' your way!

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy!!!!! Beautiful photo!

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy - You are one gorgeous dog!

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy! Thanks for the treat recipe. I'm sure my puppies will appreciate it.

what a beautiful face! happy birthday miss daisy!!

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy -- from Jewel...my Chocolate Lab :) (and from me too!)

Happy Birthday Miss Daisy! I will give my black lab, Jessie an extra cookie tonight to help you celebrate!

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