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If this was my cat, I would be so busy laughing I could not hold the camera still! Thanks!

I wouldn't have believed it unless I'd seen it with my own eyes! I have never seen a cat that would even think about doing that! TFS!

How funny! Thanks for sharing!

That was hilarious....does this cat not have a water dish???lol My cat wouldn't do that if he was dying of water deprivation! Thanks for sharing....that was great!

This is the funniest thing EVER!!! HA HA HA HA HA

Ummmm, does this kitty realize that cats aren't supposed to like getting wet? What a goof ball! My kitties will attempt the toilet water and will get in the sink AFTER the water is off to grab a drink because the CLEAN water in their bowl is not quite good enough! :-)
Thanks so much for the laugh!

How fun! Cats are the silliest creatures (that's why I love 'em). Thanks for laugh (and tell Alan thank you too)!

Someone sent me that clip earlier in the week, and I laughed and laughed! With all the cats I've had, I've never seen such a creative way to get a drink of water!!! TOO FUNNY! Thanks for sharing with everyone! :D

OMG! Thanks for sharing! Cats don't mind getting wet if they do it themselves. My cats love to jump in the bathtub and lick the leftover water after I take a shower, but if a few droplets land on their heads when I'm drying my hands, you'd think I committed a capitol offense!

Too funny! Thanks for sharing.

Too funny, my sister has a cat that drinks from the sink, but doesn't get so wet! LOL Needless to say I sent this on to her TFS have a great day, hugs...

omg - I think that cat needs glasses!!

What a silly cat!! Our Idaho cats don't do that! (I don't think)...Looks like a city cat! JH

Sooo funny! TFS

That's just funny! That is the strangest way to get a drink of water!

Too funny! I wonder what would happen if they tried to bathe the kitty. :)

That cat is hilarious. I wonder what it does out in the rain? Thanks for sharing. Love your new sets.

this is hilarious! I can't imagine a cat doing this LOL!

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