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P.S. I think your dad looks like Patrick McManus. Have you read his books?

What a glorious set of photos! There's nothing better than being in the outdoors in the fall, is there? We just returned from Banff, Canada, and these photos make me wish I was back there. Love the 'dreamy' light shots . . . you're a pro with lighting!

Wow! Beautiful shots! :0)

Lovely! Thanks for sharing glimpses of your wonderful vacation!

oh goodnes, I just had to pop in to say that your photography is stunning. What a beautiful place

Sooooooo homesick I am. sniff. No mountains, shiny rivers or old-growth forests in Florida. Just heat, humidity, bugs, and the occasional pretty flower or bird. Love the turkeys that welcomed you home. We had an egret welcome us home. I blogged him. Sorry about your little goat. Life is hard on the farm.

This place is amazing! With all the clear waters and green environment. It's perfect! By the way, wonderful vacation photos!

God bless!

After viewing your amazing vacation photos, I have only one thing to say, "Will you, or your parents, please adopt me!!!" My first (and unfortunately, last) vacation to Montana and Idaho was over 30 years ago. Oh, how I would love to live there!

Oh how I miss Montana! Thanks for making my day with those awesome pictures.

Anna, thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures from your camping trip. I will have to show them to my "fisherman" nephew who is 10 years old. I just love the scenery! I've always wanted to go to Montana for a visit, although I could never move from beautiful upstate NY! Thanks again!

Fantastic photos. Love the old cedars.

We live in beautiful country. Thank you for sharing your photo's.

These are wonderful photos Anna. Especially
the fly fishing ones. They bring the picture alive with the whizzing lines. Can't say the fish they caught warranted all
the work though. LOL.

Absolutely gorgeous photo's. Thank you for sharing.

Anna these are spectacular. What a dreamy location. I could live out in that location and be perfectly content (at least until it got cold). Your photos captured the serenity perfectly. TFS

Your photos are wonderful! Looking at them almost makes me feel like I'd been on vacation too. Thanks!

Yup, the pictures are so nice I should have stayed home and I would known how the trip turned out! Then I would have stayed home for a day or two longer to avoid the wind on tuesday! Paula has some pictures of Anna screaming going through some "white water" she says they are pretty good too. yuk, yuk yuk.......... Love, ....Dad

thanks for sharing the photos -- beautiful country!

Goodness, I enjoyed the pix and the description of what you all did and saw. Amazing! What a truly beautiful place. It looks so relaxing as well as majestic. Heaven!

Way to go, Anna! :) Thanks for the travelogue! :) I better not show them to my husband and kids, though, or there will be massive jealousy! :)

Ohhh Anna you amazing photos made me feel as if I had tagged along on the fun and relaxing trip. Glad you had a good time and are safe at home. You have inspired me with your photos and I am currently taking a digital photography class! I love it. Hugs...

So beautiful anna...makes me homesick! I loved the pics with the "dreamy light" those were my fav! very nice, sounds like a nice relaxing vacation!

Just beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us.

Anna, your point and shoot photos are better than mine with a real camera any day. You have the eye, girl. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love that dreamy light, too. Thanks for sharing :-)

Wow Anna, great photos. As I looked at each one I kept thinking "Is Anna getting ideas for new stamps???" Thanks for sharing

Beautiful photos, Anna...and beautiful country!! Thank you for sharing. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

Wonderful photos-glad you had a great vacation. Looks very relaxing! tfs

Like your stamp sets!

WOW, WOW, WOW!! What superb photos. Wish my point & shoot would take photos like that. Mind you, it's probably more to do with the person behind the camera - lol!! Would love to know what your little point and shoot is ....

Just fabulous photos of the river, Anna. I felt like I was right there with you!

These were taken with a Point and shoot? SERIOUSLY?! What camera are you using (seriously....I would love to know how you get such wonderful photos with a p&S....WOW!)

Beautiful pics...enjoyed them greatly!!

Amazing photos even with a point and shoot camera! Glad to hear you had a great time.

Wonderful pics, Anna! Looks like you had a great time and now I'm even more antsy to go on a trip somewhere (haven't been anywhere for over a year).

It always cracks me up when people say they can travel to another state in just a couple hours. TX is just too dang big, LOL. These are beautiful photos. It looks like it was a beautiful and relaxing place to camp at. I love all the fly fishing pics. That always mesmerizes me to watch!

Every one of these photos is suitable and worthy of framing. I particularly liked the shots of Dad. I'm so happy to see that you documented your time with your folks so well. These are some breath taking photos and I feel privileged to see them on your blog. TFS. Welcome home.

AMAZING photos...I can't believe these were taken with a P & S...would love to know what kind you have as I am thinking of buying a new one!

Wow, Your photos are absolutely beautiful. What beautiful scenery. Would love to visit that part of the USA.


These are amazing! The one of your dad fishing reminds me of the Thomas Kincade picture (and stamp!). Glad you had a nice vacation!

Just gorgeous!!!

Beautiful. Nice to see fishermen fly fishing. It is such a pretty way to fish.

Anna..... beautiful pictures....... I'm suddenly feeling very relaxed. 8)

So what's a "real" camera? I can't imagine better shots than the ones you got. Amazing.

Beautiful photo !! WOW...so peacful. The one (#21 I think) after the ospreys is stunning ("we floated the river....")
So beautiful!

What do you mean you didn't take your good camera? Are you nuts???

WOW! Man, I feel like I went with you...what a fabulous trip! How's your mom? I've been thinkin about ya.

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