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That is the most fun and perfectly balanced sentiments, not to get technical, but it's just pefect! Absolutely love the mix of fonts!

Hi Anna, Alan (mom & dad, too!)

Can't wait to see what fun times you are getting into on your trip. I love & appreciate all the effort you put into your blog. Never having lived on a farm, this is the next best thing!

Then you combine it with arts & photos...I tell ya, I'm in 'chick heaven'
(pun intended!)

Best times to all of you!

Hi Alan,

It is never to late to say hi. You're a great guy to take over all the farm chores while your wife spends time with her parents. I am sure you will enjoy control of the remote and volume and falling asleep in front of the television.

I hope you have a happy, relaxing, refreshing time with your family Anna! Sending big hugs!

theme -- how about chickens and eggs! love your art! have fun chillin at home with your parents! and thank you Alan for taking care of the critters!

Enjoy your trip and if you're through good old Wally World (aka Walla Walla) look me up. Hugs to your parents and to Alan who has to stay behind.

Hope you have a fabulous vacation!

Ah, vacation!! Sounds like fun. I think one of the new stamp sets has something to do with fall and all the fruits of the season. Maybe something with apples & pumpkins.

I know you will have a wonderful time, Anna. Have a safe trip and soak up lots of nice fresh air for those of us stuck in the humid Mid-West! :)

Me again,
I always like to stop in a read all the comments. I LOVE your DAD !!! Maybe you could get a photo of him so we can all put a face with his comments? Hugs...

I think it will be baskets full of garden delights...with sentiments to match!

I am from Eastern Oregon, so I'm wondering if you might be headed close to MY home... are you headed to Walla Walla??? They have a County fair... I'm from Pendleton, OR RODEO is a comin... YEEHAW!!! Let'er Buck!

I love the sneak! I am guessing pumpkins! Lots of pumpkins. Ü

oops, I forgot, I have a spare seat in the back of the drift boat, so your all welcome to come along Too! We're having Bar-b-qued Chicken.Yum Yum.......... Dad

I think it's a family album, with fruits and nuts involved it has to be a family album.Oh, We will be camping and fishing the streach of river below the libby Dam. One of the most beautiful and fish filled pieces of water in the inland Northwest! Hush now that's a secret, dont tell anyone! Love,............. Dad

Anna, you are coming right now at the right time. The weather is way cooler than usual. Of course next week it could be warmer for you. Enjoy your visit with your mom and dad and take lots of pictures.

Its gotta be some kind of fruit and vegetables from the garden??

Have a wonderful vacation with your parents! Can't wait to see (and buy the new sets ) my guess is farm fresh foods especially apples!

Farm fruits and veggies!! I LOVE IT! Can't wait.....

Have a wonderful vacation. Full of relaxation and fun. Oh I can hardly wait to see the new sets! If the are Anna Wights they will be super-dopper cool. Fresh Pick, Hmmm... flower , fruit, veggies! hugs...oh and we keep Alan Company :) hugs...

Have a safe journey there & back with heaps of fun & creativity in between! I'm sure the fur & feathered children will keep Alan busy while your away. As far as the theme goes, I'm thinking "Picked Fresh" could be fruit, veggies or at your place ~ eggs!?! More chicken stamps? :) :) :)

Well my guess would be an apple set perhaps.. want to see more..now, no patience

Wish Alan well while he stays back with the animals. Hope he gets away for a break soon. I spent some time in Montana years ago, beautiful.. but boy don't run low on gas there because the nearest station is "just down the road"..60 miles away. lol
Have a great time with your folks, you will be missed!

I send buckets of wishes for a wonderful and memorable trip to see your folks. Alan is a good egg for staying home to care for the farm citizens.

Can't wait to see but I think maybe fruit or vegetables...but I'm probably completely off. Have a great time in Washington. It is such a beautiful state!!

Uhmmmmmm, is the theme boogers? Sorry, couldn't help it. . . I can't wait to see what fabulous creations you'll share with the world. Do we really have to wait a week and a half!!??

ok where at in montana.? That is my home state. Have you ever been to Glacier Park...would go there every year while growing up, so beautiful I miss it so and montana too...have a great time!

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