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Love the story - some of those big bulls can be scary!

Growing up with cattle in Northern New Mexico, we had a very friendly bull named Ben. He like to be petted and always wanted to know what everyone was doing. He liked to play jokes, too--he would sneak up behind the adult who was digging the ditches to irrigate. He had wide horns, also, although he was not as big as the Beast. Ben would put his head under the human and lift him or her over the ditch on his head. After gently setting the person back down, he would walk off snorting. I think that's bull-talk for laughter.

However, if he smelled a cow in season, no fence could keep him in. I mean really, look at that bull, there are "bull"dozers that are smaller. Maybe that's why they're called bulldozers?

Ben was always happy to come home after he'd paid his respects to his intended sweetheart. But you couldn't stop him from going.

dern that thing is a MONSTER!! WOW!! Hope Beavis is ok and no other damage was done.

Why aren't the necessities of life ever where you need them when you need them? For example, a strong fence in an upright position, a neighbor who is at home when their bull breaks through the fence, a big mean bull of your own to scare The Beast back to his own pasture, and certain articles of clothing that are NEEDED when they're NEEDED. :) Hope everyone and everything is okay.

Oh MY! I'm so sorry Beavis was injured - how terrible!!! I hope your neighbors will take more care in the future - that guy is HUGE!!!!

I did giggle a moment when you mentioned finding under-pinnings (my word) while your DH ran into the yard to begin working on the problem!

I do agree, farm life is probably more fraught with difficulties than I can handle - but none-the-less I DO love your photos of everything (partly because I love the animals - mostly because I love your photos!)

I ROFLMAO with this story till I read about poor Beavis. Keep us posted on him, please. Hope your neighbors have good insurance to pay for loss of possibilities with Chick and the injury to poor Beavis.
Can totally relate to bra thing, too. If I'm in the house and not going anywhere, bra is offfffff! Minute I come in the house, off it goes. LOL To heck with Cooper's Droop! Bras are not UNcomfortable, it is just more comfortable without them.

What an enormous bull. I am so scared of them. I grew up on a farm and my dad always told us don't go near those bulls. This is such a great picture of him. His horns are as long as my arm..Yikes. Run and hide Anna...

HOLLY COW !! The *Beast* is certainly a very fitting name :0) I'm sending loads of hugs and well-wishes for Beavis and Chick ~ I hope they are doing better by the time you read this late post.

You had me LOL in reading the 'bra comment' ... that would be the same for me, except I'd probably also be looking for some underwear too =) Heheheheee


HOLY COW! Do you guys ever think about getting out of Dodge?!! 8)

Poor Beavis - you guys have really taken some knocks lately. Only good luck on the horizon for you now ... you've used up all your bad luck for 2009!

Glad you see you are keeping your wonderful sense of humor - love how you tell a story Anna....!!

What an adventurous summer you are having Anna!! Hang in there!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

p.s. I could feel you on the bra thought Sister!!

I didn't realize that life on the farm could be as exciting as the Police Gazette! Hope Beavis is OK.

I meant to add that I hope Beavis completely recovers without any serious lingering, problems.

The Beast is a beautiful animal. I didn't think anyone could safely get so close to a bull without risking their life.

Perhaps The Beast was jealous and wanted camera time?

Holy wow! How did he get so big? And where does a beast that size find a...ahem...soulmate? I hope Beavis is okay and everything turns out fine. I enjoyed this story with my morning coffee. Thanks, Anna!

OMG if I saw something that big in my yard I would be running in the other direction! That is the biggest cow ever and I think you named him appropriately. I would be interested to know what your neighbors named his though...

Hope Beavis is feeling better real soon! Well, look at the bright side - at least life is never dull on the farm!

Oh Anna I am so sorry! I hope that Beavis will recover. Does this mean you will loose a year if Chick needs the drug? Major bummer!

Man that is one big guy!

OMG! Talk about your "busty" days...hope you found your bra!

Definitely makes for quite the adventure! Guess you're going to have to invest in stiffer fences on that side of the farm! YIKES! Hope you were able to find a bra ROFLMAO!

Holy Hannah that's one big bull! You and Alan are never at a loss for activity on the farm are you? So...did you find a bra? teehee! Hoping that Bevis is on the mend.

Wow! Never a dull moment, huh?! I hope Beavis is doing better son!

After some soal searching, I have no comment about the "wardrobe malfunction" and figure that the anxiety would be relieved after the vet. bill is paid and the Ole Beast Burger is in the freezer. There is no telling how long it will take for Bevis to seriously start thinkin about "tap dancing" and I think the Beast would look lovely stapled to nice couch and an arm chair here at old hacienda!......... Love, Dad

that was an exciting adventure... I was reading it and I could feel my heart beat faster and faster.. I could imagine all the chaos going 'round the farm. Keep us updated with Beavis.

Oh my!!!! What a HUGE difference in size!!!! WOW!!!! I knew the Dexters were on the smaller size but WOW!!!!! I hope that Beavis has a quick recovery (poor guy, just trying to protect his claim and his girls). Yikes, you aren't kidding when you say never a dull moment......

Oh my gosh, he would crush little Chick.....and my thought was when she saw him she said "and you want to do what with what....oh no !!!!"
When i was young and at my Grandparents, that happened alot! And you can hear two bulls talking, across fences and pawing the dirt and carrying on! Hope Beavis will be ok!! How is Maggie??

I laughed out loud at your bra comment! You're precious, Anna!

I was just thinking about Betty this morning as I passed my neighbor's goats. I hope she is doing much better. Sorry to hear about Bevis now! Everyday is an adventure on the farm! Wouldn't trade a day of it for anything myself. Hugs! ~ Cindy

Anna, What ever happened to normal days, lol
I am glad that your bull will be ok, and sorry that another crazy animal got into your farm yard.
Let us know how your goat is doing, still worried about her.
Hope things quiet down for you..

He's gianormus!!!! Houdini's mom looks like a munchkin there beside him. I hope Beavis will be mend quickly. P.S. Did you ever find a bra in all that commotion?

Now I see why you call him the Beast. Hope everything is ok with Beavis.

I have to say, I busted out laughing reading about the "bra" concern.

Still saying prayers for Boxcar Betty.


Holy cow (or should I say bull :) He definitely earned the name The Beast. That's wild!!! Hope Beavis feels better soon!

When I was a kid, we fixed fence for my uncle -- he just kept Herefords, though, a sort of nice and smallish cow. It is irritating to have the neighbors livestock breech your fence!

Still, I kind of like to think about these longhorns, and trailing them all the way from Texas to Montana. Hearty old beasts.

Well Anna, At leasst your life is never boring

Holy cow!! He IS a beast!! I hope Beavis is feeling better soon. Good thing you guys acted quickly. I'm glad the beast was able to get home without further incident.

Yikes! I'll take my red fox sighting over your beast encounter any day! And that'll teach us to put on our bras first thing in the morning, lol. Last spring when there was a fire in our neighborhood, I ran out with just a jacket on over my braless chest, rather than risk losing some good photographs :)

Wow.....never a dull moment....

LOL ... I guess I would have gone with out, just hurry to get the Beast back where he belongs. Poor Beavus. I guess he isn't used to not being top *dog* Bull in the field. I know just how big Beast/Khann is after my own experiance with a longhon bull. They are BIG ! Geez, I hope things settle down for you all soon. Have a terrific Tuesday ...hugs...

LOL...oh my...Beast for sure! the joys of farm life!

I hope everything is ok with Beavis. What a shocker to see that "Beast" strolling around.

On a funnier note, shhhh I am at work, but I busted out laughing reading about the "bra" concern. My thoughts would of been the same. I enjoy your art work and love your writing.

Thanks for sharing,
Dianne K

My life is just full of kid stuff and one crazy fence jumping cattle dog. I don't have anything like this going on. I am entertained by your life though. You can decide if that is a good or a bad thing. I am sorry the Beast came to visit and I hope Chick is okay.

OMW Anna! What a terrible ordeal, particularly that injuries were sustained. I guess the operative question is, whose fence was it that the Beast knocked down? It is it time to electrify that fence? Are the neighbors going to pony up for the vet bills? I'm very sorry to hear about all this.

Glad to hear The Beast is back home and I hope that Beavis has a quick recovery!

Wow Anna - what a story! I'm cracking up though at needing to find a bra!!!


Whoa, he's HUGE! I hope Beavis will be ok and happy that no one else was injured. Never a dull moment on the homestead for you and Alan!

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