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So sorry about Maggie. I hope that Betty gets better soon.

So sorry about Maggie...I so enjoyed your pics and stories of her and her "buds". Glad that Betty will be okay and Calli-o-pea was spared. Love your work and love your blog!

Oh my goodness, how awful and sad! I didn't know a coyote could do that much damage to goats. Your series of pictures on all of the goats, highlighting Boxcar Betty, were wonderful. What a tragedy to lose Maggie. My thoughts are with you and Alan.

I'm so sorry to hear about Maggie. I feel like I know all of your "kids" throught your blog. Your pictures of Betty always make me laugh. I hope she has a speedy recovery.

Oh how I hate sad news...my heartbreaks for those sweet animals. Hugs Anna, I know this must be so tough for you.

Dang it, Anna, the circle of life can be so cruel sometimes! Sending wishes that Betty will soon be well. With all the attention you and Allen give, I am sure she will mend quickly!

I am so so sad to hear your news!! Your critters feel like friends due to your posts and it is easy to see how much you love your animals. I can't even imagine how sad you must be. My thoughts are with you!!

Your news made me so sad. I love Boxcar Betty and hope she pulls through this okay. Sending you and Alan big hugs.

So sorry to hear your sad news. Big hugs to you.

Oh, Anna! I am so sorry! I wish there was something I could sat to make it better. You have mentioned those coyotes before...is there any way you can keep them away?! Maybe a guard dog that will at least alert you if one is nearby?!
Big hugs to you.

I'm so sorry to hear about your fur babies. I always love seeing the pictures you take and the captions that go with them. I hope that Betty makes a swift recovery.

I am so sorry to read about Miss Maggie. Bless poor Betty too.

Sending her lots of love

So sorry to hear your sad news. I can't even begin to imagine how devastating that was to come upon the scene. (((Hugs)))


Sorry to hear such sad news.

The circle of life isn't always pleasant. So sorry to hear this news. It really saddens me to hear this. Hope you are all doing well.

Oh Anna, I'm SO sorry to hear about Maggie and Betty! Thank goodness Callio pea was unharmed - except the emotional trauma. Hopefully Betty will fully recover and be back to her amusing antics in not time!

Hopefully all the chickens were okay!

Dang coyotes!

Oh Anna, I am so sorry! Your love for your dear pets shines through so sweetly in your photos and blogs, that it makes us all feel like we lost a friend, too. Sending prayers and hugs your way.

Such sad, sad news Anna. I am so sorry.

Awww, I'm so sorry Anna; poor little things....

I can tell by the way you write about your farm family, they are your family. I'm sorry to hear about Maggie.

Take care Anna.

Anna, I'm so sad that you lost Maggie and that Betty was so injured. I know you are so close to all you babies on the farm. I will be praying for Betty's speedy recovery. Hugs to you and Alan.

Anna, I am so sorry to hear about the lose of Miss Maggie and the injuries to Boxcar Betty. I love reading about all of the happy animal adventures on your farm and hurt for you when you have such sad news. Keeping you all in my thoughts!

Aww, I'm sure this was so upsetting for you all. Sorry to hear about Miss Maggie and I hope Boxcar Betty makes a speedy recovery.

feeling such sadness even way over here..... sending both of you, and all of the critters, great big hugs!

I'm so sorry, Anna. I hate coyotes... and owls that eat little doggies. I know how you feel.


Dear Anna and Alan,
I am so sorry to read of your loss! Maggie was such a cutie and I know she had a great life on your farm, even if it was cut short. I hope Betty continues to mend from her encounter. Her care is a testimony to the love you and Alan have for all your pets. I am sending big {{{hugs}}} your way and keeping you both and your farm family in my prayers.

We are crying with you...our animal families are so special and bring us so much joy...loosing one, especially in such a tramatic way...causes such sadness and grief. Sending you and Alan both hugs. We understand your pain. So sad for you.

I am so sorry for your loss! I hope Betty recovers without incident.

Oh No!! So sad :0( I hope Betty is on the mend and getting back into trouble soon enough. We've got a nest of foxes across the street from our house and I'm always scared the cat might get out. We've heard some terrible screams at night :0(

I am so, so sorry for your loss, what a tragedy for you and Alan. May brighter days be ahead for you all!


Anna: I'm so very sorry about your beloved Maggie. Sending good thoughts for Betty's recovery. It's so hard to lose an innocent creature. Hugs to you and Alan.

Anna, I am so terribly sorry for you and Alan in the loss of Maggie. I feel like each and everyone of your animals are a part of my life and I shall miss her as well. I am glad that Betty will be okay. I hope she heals quickly.

Oh Anna & Alan, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Every critter on your farm has a special place in my heart too. Tears are running down my face as I'm typing. Again, I am so sorry.

Anna, I am so sorry about your loss! I love animals too and I know how it hurts to lose one. I hope Boxcar Betty is feeling better soon.

Oh Anna!! I am so sorry for your sadness...I hope everyone recovers nicely..

I too am so sorry to hear about the dark side of life on the farm.... A little farm story -- we were in Indiana for Christmas, visited friends who live on a family farm. In the morning we went out to "walk the fence" and we found a colt frozen dead in a ditch. The kids were with us including 6 year old son of our friends, Freeman. The colt had a club foot and they friends were taking care of him over the holidays. We go into the house and there's a message that Freeman's grandfather came through his surgery and Freeman announces, "One animal dies, one animal lives!" We never told grandpa! :)

I'm so sorry to hear about Maggie and Betty! My prayers are with you, your family and all your beloved farm animals.

I am so so sorry about your dear sweet animal babies - I know they are precious to you, and really nothing anyone can say can take away the sorrow and loss you must be feeling now. Wonderful news for Boxcar Betty - she's such a love. Take care - lots of hugs

I've grown to love your animals, especially the chickens and Boxcar Betty. I hope she recovers. As a city girl, I forget that the wild is not as polite as the zoo.

Sorry for your loss.


We have never met in person but I feel so close to you and your family (this includes all the animals)so I, too, am deeply saddened by your loss. May God hold you in His hands and help you heal from your loss.

with love

So sorry, always sad to lose a pet or a special animal.

Sending {{{HUGS}}}

I am so very sorry, I will keep Boxcar Betty in my thoughts & prayers, and your family too..

I'm so sorry to hear about Maggie!!!! Wising Boxcar Betty a speedy recovery. Many hugs to you too!

Aw, soooo sad. My condolences to you and Alan.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Animals are so important to our family too.

I'm so sorry for your loss and I wish Betty a speedy recovery. I really love your barnyard stories and pictures.

Oh, Anna - I'm so sorry to hear about Maggie and Betty! Although I didn't grow up with any farm animals, I love ALL animals and just hate to hear of any of them being injured. Just last weekend I had posted about seeing a red fox in the city (suburbs) and being worried it might get hit by a car. Then, my sweet "hunting" cat caught and killed a cute little chipmunk (cat was on a leash). I know nature is all about survival of the fittest, but it's hard to take sometimes.

Anna - Animals become family members - this must be so painful.
Warm Hugs

Oh that is so sad - I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad that your animals have you and Alan who obviously care so much about them.

I'm so very sorry, Anna. I'll be praying for Betty's quick recovery. Linda

Anna and Allen, how awful for you and all the critters. Perhaps you might get some geese, they make wonderful watch dogs and yell bloody murder if any bad critter comes around. My neighbor who has sheep is over 1200 feet away (about 10 football fields) and I can hear the geese give the alarm loud and clear!
Hugs to you all and will be thinking good thoughts for Betty.

Very sad news! I'm very sorry to hear about Maggie and Boxcar Betty. Hugs to you and Alan.....

Anna, So sorry to hear about the attack on your lovely goats. I hope that Betty recovers soon and can get back to her antics on the farm. Sounds like its time to reinforce the barnyard and be ready for a return visit. Take care..

Oh Anna - what a rotten thing to happen. I'm so sorry for how you & Alan must be feeling. Take care.

Oh Anna...I'm so sad for you all. Please give Miss Betty a teensy hug and a sweet treat from me. I'm so sorry to hear about Miss Maggie. I hope you all heal hearts and spirits soon.

Oh, Anna! I'm so sorry to hear about Maggie. She's up in heaven romping around with all the other furbabies in our lives. I hope Betty gets better very soon and Pea helps to take care of her.

That's so sad but I'm glad Boxcar Betty survived. Hopefully the coyote will get what he deserves at sometime in the future. I guess it's nature but sometimes nature is not nice. Thinking of you all.

Oh, Anna, I am so sorry for you guys and for Maggie and Betty, what a tragedy! Our thoughts are with you.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am SO sad to hear of this news... I HATE those damn cayotes.... WHAT ARE THEY GOOD FOR??? They sucked down SEVERAL of my chickens when we had them til Dave laid one out right behind the coop... shot him from the porch so I told Dave to leave him lay.... rotten icky animal....

Miss Maggie is a rompin and climbin in Heaven, you KNOW she is ;) Hugs to you and Betty and Lollie.....

I am so sorry Anna and Alan. I cannot even imagine something like that happening. I am glad that Boxcar Betty is going to be alright and I wish all of you the best (and no more coyotes!)

Dear, dear Anna, and Alan...I am so sorry to hear about sweet Maggie, but I am glad Betty has survived. How terrifying! I do hope when that coyote comes back, you will be ready for him. We went to our county fair tonight, and there was a cute goat area set up with rocks for them to climb, a small pond and a bridge over it - with a cute little goat standing on the bridge. Made me think of the Three Billy Goats Gruff story - I looked for a troll, but there wasn't one. I guess you could call that darn coyote the troll! Blessings to you, my dears. Love from Idaho, Jeanne xo

Oh Anna & Alan, I am so incredibly sad to hear this. Poor Maggie and Betty as well, she must have been terrified! Sending get well wishes and heaps of hugs for all of you.

Oh I am so sorry to hear the sad news. I believe in every sad/bad thing that happens you have to find the positive. You just HAVE to! And in this case, it reminds me that there are so many wonderful caring people like you in the world!! You are truly a blessing to everyone, including those precious animals. We need more people like you in this world!!

Oh, that is so sad...my heart is aching for you. Give all the little ones a hug for me.

Oh my heart is sadden to hear this awful news. I know how dear your farm friends are and to lose one in such a horrible and tragic way is just so so sad. I am glad that Boxcar Betty was spared the fate of your sweet Maggie and hope she heals quickly. Big Hugs to you, Alan and all your farm critters.

Oh no Anna, that is so sad. Where my son works they have a farm (it helps the special needs kids, and they love the animals)a coyote got in and killed all the chickens and the kids were devastated.
Hugs all around and I hope that Betty gets better.

Oh Anna, I am so sorry for you, Alan, Betty and poor little Maggie. I know how much your little fur kids mean to you! I wish I could send you some magic "coyote be gone". {{{{big hugs}}}}

That's awful. Those sort of incidents on the farm used to make me sick as a little girl. Dogs chased my bum lambs and bit their heels until they bled....it makes me sick to see animals get hurt. Gentle hugs to Betty.....Wishing her well soon

Anna I am so very sorry! Loss hurts. I wish you and DH comfort and Betty most of all. I still grieve for a hen, Goldy, who died from a wild animal attack and that was 25 years ago. We love our companions so much.

Awwww, Anna - I'm so sorry to hear the news!! Hopefully Betty heals up quick!!!! Big hugs to you, Alan & the rest of the crew!

Bless your heart, and Alan's too...I'm SO very sorry you lost Maggie. We think a coyote killed our big male cat in May...I don't know why they have to kill so many things. . .
I'll be thinking of you, as always; my sincerest sympathy, as I know how much we love our pets. I hope Betty has a full recovery, and quickly. Take care, and {{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}}

I'm so very sorry to hear about Maggie. We lost my favorite hen not too long ago. It's amazing how attached we can get to our critters. I'm glad Boxcar Betty is going to recover. She has so much personality and I always love her pictures. :)

Anna, I'm so sorry. This is sad news indeed. And yes, part of having a farm/ranch - but it doesn't make it any easier. Hugs.

So sorry about your goat ; ( The UPS guy accidently ran ours over last week and I still miss my little Delila. Simpson is just lost without her. Delila had a bad habit of sneaking out of her pen and hanging out with our farm cats. You are in my thoughts.

Oh, that is SO sad! I love reading all about your farm so I take it personally when one of your critters gets hurt or worse - killed! Darn that coyote!

Sorry you and your brood are having a rough rough week, gf. Lifting up a prayer for you.

Oh Anna!!! I'm so sad for you!! That is so horrific, I can't even imagine.

I hate the stupid circle of life - it SUCKS.

I'm sorry :( Hugs.

Oh Anna and Allen, i'm so very sorry to hear that!!! It makes me very sad and i can really feel your pain as i have felt it myself in losing beloved pets over the years! It is never, and i mean never easy to lose them, as they really become people to us. Bless your heart, Allen too! I hope Betty heals quickly!

I'm so sorry to hear the sad news. :( Life on a farm is not easy but I'm glad Betty made it. She's a good goat to stand still for her shots. Sending comforting thoughts to you.

So sorry to hear the sad news. I know how much you love your animals.

Sorry to hear about Maggie. I hope Betty fully recovers. Take care.

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry Anna!!! We all appreciate the great photos & fun stories, but we forget tragedy can happen too! Hugs to you & Alan & all the animals :(

so sorry to hear that anna! I hope that betty heals fast and has no adverse effects from the incident.

I had to put up with an attack on my baby kitties growing up on the farm in montana by a mean ol badger....lost almost all the kitties because of it....ill never forget the mother cat bringing the injured up to the doorstep crying for help from us...was so sad.
Hope things are getting better and that coyote dont come back.

I'm so sorry to hear this news. The photos of your animals always add a fun, bright spot to my day. Your goats are a particular favorite. {{{{{{Hugs}}}}}} to you, Boxcar Betty and Callio-Pea!

Oh, how I shall miss seeing Maggie's sweet face on your blog! Nothing like the loss you feel, of course. We have had our share of problems, but no predator problems. How terrible for you!

The barn is supposed to be a safe place! I am so sorry for your loss. I've been dealing with a lot of predation issues this year too. Death is never easy :(
I hope you stay clear of coyotes now!

So sorry to hear about your loss. We've lost a few pets to the coyotes that roam our city. Glad to hear that Betty is recovering though and I would concur that rabbits aren't especially exciting company...they don't have much to say.

Sending you big hugs from Canada.

Ohhhh, Anna. No wonder you haven't felt like posting. What a sad loss. Sending sweet ((((hugs)))) your way for sure.


Oh Anna - I'm so sorry. I do appreciate you sharing the bad news along with the good and happy stuff. I know this must be a very tough week for you guys. Huge Hugs!

This must have been a very difficult post to write, one you must have dreaded. Thank you for sharing the dreadful news - we will shoulder the pain with you. You have my deepest condolences on Miss Maggie's untimely demise and the tragedy as a whole. Your loving care will go a long way toward Betty's recovery. I love that you're extending visiting hours to Callio-Pea. Please give Betty an extra lollipop and cartoon sticker from me. {hugs}

oooooh NO! I am sorry to hear about Maggie! I hope Boxcar Betty will recover quickly and be getting into mischief again soon. Hopefully a little time with Callio-Pea will cheer her.
Coyotes are a concern for us with our goats too. About a month ago there was a coyote just outside our fence staring at our goats like they were Thanksgiving Dinner. Thankfully he didn't come back. But this is the first time I have actually seen a coyote around here. (we know they are around...but haven't seen them).

(((big hugs)))

Oh Anna! :( I grew up raising goats and we had the same thing happen on a few occasions (hate those coyotes!!!) I'm so sorry about Maggie! And poor Betty! Yikes!

I am so sorry to hear about Miss Maggie, I know how much you love all your critters. I am glad to hear that Boxcar Betty will recover. Give her an extra pat and scratch from me. And here's wishing you all some peaceful days on the farm, hugs..

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