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I finally got my magazine last night! I just wanted to let you know that I fell in love with each and everyone of your cards!

They are all super cute and I love all the blues and greens.

Take Ten is my favorite card magazine and I can't wait to see you in there again!

Awesome job!

Kudos to you, you deserved the attention.

Congratulations, Miss Anna!!! They are very cute cards! I haven't seen the magazine around here yet but I think we're the last to see it if there are any left. HA!

congratulations! What an honor!

Congratulations!! I'd love to find one of those magazines. Off to the stores to look for one tomorrow.

Your heart must have skipped a beat when you saw your work in the mag. Congratulations.

Sweet doggies! You set the curve with doodling. Isn't the magazine smart to recognize that? Hmmmm, this stamp set looks familiar . . . . Congratulations, my friend!

Yippee! I'm so excited for you (and me). Take 10 is one of my favorites and you are one of my favorite people/stampers/picture taker/chicklet mama!

HOORAY for YOU!!!!

It is always soooo much fun to see and read about the animals in your farm. I just saw this in the news website and thought you might find it interesting. Identical triplet calves!! http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25921042-2862,00.html

HOORAY! {insert whistles,cheers and applause here!}

WooHoo, congrats Anna! Can't wait to get this copy in my hot little hands!

Well deserved. Congrats, hugs...

How wonderful! Congrats, I'll be sure to pick up a copy.

Well of course they did!! You are the Doodle Master!!!

Well done you

Congratulations Anna!! How exciting! You are a doodlin' SME (Subject Matter Expert)! :o)

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

Congrats, Anna!!! You deserve it! I'll be picking up a copy of this edition, too:)

I WAS SOOOOO EXCITED TO OPEN MY COPY AND SEE THE SPREAD ON OUR ANNA!!! IT'S FABULOUS...AS ARE YOU! CONGRATULATIONS, IT IS WELL DESERVED. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! (and the funny thing is, I just re-subscribed to Take Ten, I hadn't gotten it in a couple of years!) :D

Oh wow! Awesome Anna...congrats! I'll be making my trip to pick up one of these babies!

Whooohooo! I'm definitely gonna go out and pick this up when I get home. You are such a ROCK STAR! Yay you!!

no one deserves a three page spread more than you. your critters are the greatest. now am off to buy this issue. tfs.....MaryAnn

Congrats, Anna! I will have to pick up that issue for sure.

That's awesome!! Congratulations!

I haven't bought a Take Ten in a long time. I'm going to get this one. Congratulations, Anna. I love how you gracious you are with these types of things. It's refreshing!

Congrats Anna! I can't wait to check it out in stores! Your cards look sensational! :D

Congratulations, have to find a copy of this publication and check out the cards.

Congrats! I'll have to go look for a copy.

congratulations Anna, you are an amazing artist!


Fantastic and well deserved!


I love seeing your critters put to paper. I always look forward to your next blog entry...Congrats!

I've always been surprised that you weren't in every issue!

Holy cow, Anna. Or rahter, Holy Chicken, or one of them other farm animals! But then again this comes as no surprise whatsoever considering the high caliber of your artwork and heartwarming designs. Congratulations!

How exciting! Congrats Anna! :)

Congrats, Anna!! Love that octopus....and the chicken is the best!

That's awesome!! Congrats Anna!

How neat! Looks bright and cheery too!

Git-er-done Anna!!!!

Woo hoo Anna!! Kudos to you!

How very cool!

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