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What a cute slimy cow. :)

O these are wonderful, I am so happy that you shared them with all of us. The miracle of birth is such an amazing thing. Love coming over there to get a dose of happiness. I hope you have a wonderful day

Oh my gosh, that's just cool! www.whatupduck.com

A magical place you live in....

Hey didn't even see the booger til you pointed it out-- smile- such cute babies .
I miss living in the country .
Thanks so much for sharing

Oh my gosh, i have missed sooo much on your farm this summer! lol, just doing a little catching up and your little Betty goat is still funny as ever! Welcome new baby cows!!

Awwww! He is soooo cute! I love all the animals with their captions too! Congrats Anna and Queenie!

Oh Anna, what a wonderfully handsome dude! You have to be so happy for mama cow, that she delivered and all is well. I love your pics and the captions just keep me laughing. I love going to your blog and reading all the latest news on the farm, what a delightful sense of humor you have! Betty has to be my favorite (I love them all but she has this place in my heart) and I love seeing what she has to say next about what is happening in HER neck of the woods.
Keep them coming, I'll be watching.

Anna those are some awesome photos - it's great that you photographed as the process was occurring - he's darling!

Congratulations! Although I know you wanted a girl. I felt the same way when my fourth son was born. Ha! But he's the best, so it's all good.

These guys are all pretty sturdy and studly looking, so no doubt they will find good homes and hopefully make some female cows very happy some day. (*grin*)

As always, thanks for the awesome pix, which help us city folk see a bit of the country life.

Aw I certainly do miss seeing cows giving birth. We buy in our calves to rear now, so don't have that pleasure. Also don't have the stress! Congrats on the new arrival, glad to see he made it safely.

Aw, Anna! He's just adorable (minus the slime of course) ;-)

I love the comments from the other animals! Congratulations!!

How exciting to have you share these wonderful photos with us!

They are all awesome and the pic of Betty/the goat...really tickled me!

Thank you ever so much!

Anna - Love that big ole 'one eye' of yours!

Awwwwww! Who wouldn't love this adorable face? Outstanding photography!

City Mouse, here, Anna, but I love all things Critter. Even spiders (sorry!)

Thanks for the heart-lightening!

He is very adorable. Thanks for posting their photos. I am loving your pics of all the babies.

He's Beautiful Anna!!

he is so adorable. Congrats all around!

How sweet!!! I'm such a sucker for babies of all kinds. I wouldn't even have minded the chute pictures, lol.

My mare is a sneaky deliver-er like Queenie. We realized her last baby was on the way only I happened to see her turning around and noticed a foot sticking out!

Wow... he is sooooo cute! Congrats to all the barnyard for the new addition...

What awesome photos, thanks so much for sharing them. I love to see the babies!

Ahhh!! What sweet pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Superb photos as ever and what a real cutie! I wouldn't have minded seeing him coming out of the chute (love the description - lol!). Your blog is the one thing I look forward to reading everyday. Just love the stories from the farm - and the cards!

Wow!! What a cutie!! And such amazing photos, as always!! Thanks for always sharing your never-a-dull-moment life on the farm with us!

Wow, thanks for sharing such a wonderful glimpse of farm life. What a handsome guy he is. Love the pic of Betty checking things out. Congrats.

Perfect job with the pics. Thanks for sharing. How about naming him Gunner, or Louie?! haha. :)

I think calves are cutest when they first come out because it means all the hard bits are over! :) I miss having cows. Thanks so much for sharing his birth photos, Anna!

Oh how fun...new babies! Anna I just love seeing all your critters and reading the wonderfully fun captions. It's like being on the farm without really being there. Congrats on all the new little ones. Oh and Crazy Boxcar Betty is hilarious!

Thank you for sharing...the pictures are amazing. Your comments add so much. It was like being there....thanks again Miss Farmer.


Thank you so much for sharing your farm experiences with a city girl like me. I enjoy your pictures and your stories. You do great work and I want you to know it is appreciated!!!

Congratulations! Another cutie on the farm. Love the photos and captions!

He's very handsome, all cleaned up. Loved the crazy eye photo of Betty.

How sweet! LOVING your captions on the photos (and thanks for no photos of the "chute!") LOL

Your photos are always so beautiful!

He is really sweet, Anna! Love the up close and personal photos! WOW! Baby time must be so exciting on the farm.

Awwwww, such a cutie!!! Love all your photos and your captions are hilarious.
P.S. I think your dad is a stitch! It's a good thing:)

Very nice! Sure makes me miss those farm days. Whatcha goin' to do with all the bovine testosterone around there???!!!! Runner sure has a funny 'cowlick', doesn't he?

By the way, love the goat collar. Great idea. It that one of your creations? We still have one that your made for our Annie!

Thanks for sharing the birth photos. :)
Another handsome dude! Maybe next year you'll be 4 for 4 in girls! HA...hugs...

4 for 4 in the bull calf department! At least this cutie is brown, though your black beauties are, well, beautiful! Can't wait to see what you name this one. Congratulations on healthy babies!

How bout that now brown cow? Sorta, huh, OH, I was vegging. Brown bulls are worth more than black bulls you know. To bad the other boys are already named. Harpo, Groucho, Cheako, Zepo.Or John, Paul, George and Ringo? T-bone, Porter house, Sir Loin,and the Barron of Beef of course.......... Love Dad

awww adorable!! Too bad its another boy! LOL But safe and beautiful little cow is all that we can ask for. The biology and sexes part is in gods hands or the Momma and Dad


Well congratulations again!! Wonderful pics and oh he's another CUTIE!! Something special about those little babes that just make you go aaawwwww! Your commentary is hilarious! You really crack me up! :)

Oh, he is SOOOO beautiful!!! And yes, he does look better DRY! lol He is just so gorgeous...why couldn't he have been a SHE??? Doggone it! Still, you must be terribly proud!
I don't know how the Momma cows get all that dirt off their babies! But Queenie surely did a great job of it! I hope she got a good drink of water after cleaning him! haha
So glad he's safely here, and Congrats on all the new babies! :D

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