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what a cute rug!! my little guy TJ (who's 3) would love to have this to 'drive' his cars on!! thanks for the chance!!

[email protected]

Oh,this is SO cute! My nephew would love it! Thanks for the chance to win it for him.

This is just what I need for my 15 month old. He has just found the fun of playing with little cars. I am usually the "road" for him - he runs the cars up and down my legs and arms. While that is great fun (mostly for him ;)) I think he would just have a great time for quite a few years playing with this rug.

So glad to have found your blog!

I would be giving this mat to my 2 year old grandson! Although I think my 1 year old granddaughter might want this as well!

Thnaks so much for offering this mat!

My son had one of these, very similar, when he was little. He played with his cars and his Thomas trains for hours. I know of a little boy who would love to have this, his parents work with me.
Thanks for the memories!

Just happened upon your Blog!!! Was reading my weekly Splitcoast Newsletter & clicked on one of the ads!! How cool!! LOVE the Apron card!!! Thanks for the template too!!! But a chance to win this AWESOME rug!!! WOWIE!!! I am hopin' it's me!!! LOL We have a farm here in Ohio.........and the Grandkiddo's would be Delighted to play with this rug!! Thanks for the chance! Have a super day too!! :)

I just stumbled upon your blog this a.m. and have been enjoying it tremendously. I started a little chicken blog about a year ago and it has turned out to be about more than just chickens. It's so much fun to just write and post pictures and I hope people actually read it. But Your blog is so beautifully set up and just a joy to experience. Thanks for sharing your part of the world with others.

My daughter teaches emotionally impaired children grades 1-3. This rug would be wonderful for her classroom. She has all boys in her class and this would be just the thing for them. Thank you for offering.

Lois Thomas
[email protected]

How nice of you to be so thoughtful. I have friends who's kids have these, and have just loved playing with their matchbox cars on them. It's such a great idea too!! Thanks for the opportunity.

Fist I came over from Melissa Bove's blog thank you for the chance to win this cute rug I see mostly everyone with boys want to win Well Little girls would like it too! and I know My grand daughter would love it. Hope we can win it for her.
~ God Bless ~
Hugs :o)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh wow..this is soooo cool. Both of my boys had boys a month apart..this would definitely be part of the room I have for them at my house! Thanks for sharing!

What a fun rug!!! My son would have hours of fun with this! Thanks for the chance to win it!

Oh my! My boys would love to have this rug! Thanks for the chance! I've linked to you on my blog. http://qtmomcreations.blogspot.com/

Oh how fun is this!! My 3 yr old son would love this!! Thank you so much for being so generous and giving this away! I will post this on my blog's Candy Corner!


I am having a giveaway too!

Thanks again!


You are so generous, Anna. Thanks for the chance to win such a cute rug!

You are so generous to do this! I would love to win this! Though I have no children or grandchildren, I would love to be able to donate it to the local Ronald McDonald House. It is a house that provides free room and board to families who have severely ill children in the hospital. The families stay at the Ronald McDonald house so that they can be near their child at the hospital. Thanks again for this great chance! Best, Curt

How nice of you to give us a chance to win! (I liked the chicken rug too) I would gift this to my nephew, who lives in Joshua, TX. He would love to come and see your chickens!

I am a kindergarten teacher and I love your blog. I never laughed so hard as when I read your post and watched the video of Tiny Tim and his coat that you made for him! Thanks for the entertainment!
My name is Kasie Hamman and my email is: [email protected]

There is a brand new, nonprofit preschool opening in our little town (pop. 600) this fall and I would love to be able to donate this cool rug to the school!! Thank you for a chance to win it!! [email protected]
Gail S.

Oh Anna that rug is just adorable! I would love to pass it on to my nephew - he has CP and spent much of last year in a wheel chair due to surgery - He is now out of the chair and back into his braces and is starting to walk much better - He has two older sisters and sometimes his room ends up being hand me downs from them... THIS would be wonderful for HIS boy room!


Oh I would love to give this rug to my grandson! He is 2 and all he play with is his match box cars..forget the other toys..

What a perfect rug this would be for him to play with his cars on!

It just spells Ollie!

Thanks for the giveaway and for sharing your stories and creativity with us. My three girls would love this.

[email protected]

How sweet! A fantastic idea, thank you so much for doing this. You are a keeper!

My 24 month old daughter would LOVE to play on this rug:) Thank for for the chance to win!
[email protected]

My niece is having her first baby this August and I know she would LOVE to have this...thanks for being so generous. :)

Konnie Jo

[email protected]

P.S. I love your site...especially all the farm news. :)

I love this rug and the rooster one is very classy. I will be checking out this site. Thanks for sharing.

Hello! I am loving all of your farm updates...and all of your wonderful photographs. Emily just turned one (7/7) and I would love this rug for her play area. I just bought her some cars for her birthday because that's what she always tries to "steal" from other children while playing. The rug would be a perfect compliment! Thanks for the opportunity.

this would be too fun in our playroom! My boys 6,4 would LOVE to add a farm to the city already adorning their room! Thanks.

I think my grandsons were born with cars in their hands. They would love this. I am sure my DIL would enjoy all the cars sounds also :)

Anna, you're so sweet to think of others. I thought the Rooster Rug was so darling and would have gone well at your house! The three year old boy we are caring for (plus his 1 year old twin sisters),while the parents serve in Afghanistan, would love to have a "town" to play his cars with. He is a huge car buff! I follow your blog diligently, I wish you would teach classes on your watercoloring technique, you're the best! Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win this fabulous rug...
Barb Hardeman
[email protected]

I can't believe this. The timing is too cool. My grandson's birthday is in August. He will be 2 and just loves his cars, trucks,and trains. He plays with these for hours and would just be one happy boy if he received this for his birthday. Thanks for thinking of a little one. Not to mention that I would be the coolest "Mimi" ever.

this rug would be perfect in my son's room! I love it! TFS such a great giveaway!

If I were to win the rug, I'd donate it to a homeless shelter. My hubby is very involved with a group that helps supports them. I'm sure the kids would love it! Debbie

Totally cool!!! thanks for sharing with us some awesome candy!


I´m surfing around and discover lots of new blogs. I just love to see how people use colours and designs different.

See you again.

My grandson and granddaughter would love this rug. They both play with matchbox cars and this would make a neat addition to the cars.
Thanks for offering this.
Debbie in Ohio

Hi! It is so nice of you to give this away. It's sooo adorable. My 3 yr old son Lenix has a transportation bedroom but I never found a rug to match. This is too cute. I love it. Best luck to everyone!

I would LOVE to win this rug!!! i have an 18 month old who is just getting into matchbox style cars... Plus, our 18 YEAR old is moving out (into the USMC) in August so the baby will finally have his own room, (in stead of sleeping in ours!) and this would be a great way to begin the decorating!!! thanks for the chance!!! I love your work!!!

Love the rug. When my sons were little I found a piece of material that I hemmed and they had a piece similar to the rug. What a find it was. My grandson would love to play with it along with my granddaughters.
Thanks for all your inspirations and stories.

What an awesome giveaway! I love that rooster rug but this one is cute, too!

Wow! My 2 year old nephew would love this rug! He loves to play with buses, trains, trucks and cars! Everything is "toot toot", "wroom vroom" and "honk, honk" right now!

I would love to give this rug to our daycare, they are always looking for something new and fun!!!! Thanks for the chance to win - you are the most awesome person (and blogger and crafter and farm mom ... etc.) EVER!!!!

What a cute rug!! Vrroom!! (Jus' makes you happy jus' lookin' at it!!)

What an awesome giveaway! I want to redo our guest bedroom into a playroom for my 3 young grandchildren. This rug would be the perfect focal point to work around.

Great choice Anna-
I too would have loved a rug like this one when I was a kid but played outside making my roads.

How adorable!! thanks for the chance to win!!

I LOVE this rug!!! and my daughter would love it even more than me :) I can just see hours and hours of pretend and make-believe coming to life on this rug!!

My grandson, who lives with us, would love this. He is obsessed with cars!
I looked at the website. They have some gorgeous rugs!

pick me pick me!
I love the rug. My Grandsons have tons of toy tractors and combines to drive on the rug what a perfect little farm town!

What a fabulous choice of rugs to give-away! I have young nieces having birthdays this month. This would make an unique present!

You are so sweet for thinking of us! We just moved into a new house and my two year old daughter has her own toy room now. I haven't purchased a rug for it yet and this would be perfect. Thanks for sharing!!!

I really want this rug for my grandson. After six granddaughters all we have are girl toys! This would be so fun for all of them!!!
Thank you

Love the rug...how fun! Thank you for the chance to win!

What a great giveaway! And what a great bunch of wonderful people wanting to win!
I would use the rug for my grandsons when they come to visit...and hopefully, there will be more grandchildren in future years to enjoy it, too! :D
Good luck everyone, you are so sweet to give your prize away...I, too, think the rooster rug is just ADORABLE!! :D You are TOO sweet...

what an adorable rug!! i am the assistant director of a preschool. . and i can just imagine all the fun the kids would have playing with cars and trucks while driving on the "roads"!!
Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

I love these rugs, too! My girls are grown, but I have nephews who would love this rug. I also work at a special education school and it would work there as well. Thanks for the chance to win.

That is such a cute rug, Anna! I have two little ones who would just love it. They drive their cars all over. lol

My son would love this rug! Thanks for the chance at such a great giveaway!

My toddler boy would LOVE a rug like this. We recently inherited my dad's old Matchbox-style cars (Dad died in 2000.), and he plays with his grandpa's cars everywhere... including in his crib.

Kelly in Ohio

My daughter loves playing with her toy cars and would really enjoy playing on this rug. My entire house is hardwood so I know her knees would appreciate it!

This rug will be perfect for my grandson. He loves moving all his little cars around. I think this rug will look smashing in his bedroom!

ANNA!!! HOW COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

[email protected]

Well count me in!! What a fabulous rug. Don't know exactly what I would do with it but it reminds me of my young days, making roads, and houses and towns in our yards. Wonderful days playing in the dirt!!! LOL!

Too funny, I also like the rooster rug but my little guys would LOVE this, lol. Enjoy your posts and cards. Nice thing to share with everyone!!!

Oh fooey! I left you a nice, long comment... On the wrong post! Dang! Any hoo, my little guys would love the rug! 8 and 2, they actually play well together!0

Sweet Anna, you are so generous to allow us the chance to have this rug! My boys (now adults) would have loved this. Now my baby boy has a baby boy of his own. BOTH of them would love to play with this, if Grandpa will not hog it!!! Not to mention my DIL has a daycare, I am sure would love to have this on the floor. :) Thanks for the chance to win.

What the heck! It's adorable and my 3 1/2 year old son would just LOVE it. I would have LOVED the rooster rug myself...I might be checking CSN rugs out!

I believe my 3 year old grandson who is a "Cars" addict, would LOVE that rug! Thanks for the chance to win, Anna!

We are setting up a Parent Volunteer room at my son's elementary school. We are planning a kid's corner to keep little ones entertained while their parents help out. This rug would be a perfect addition. Thanks for a chance to win!

I'm a teacher of 1st graders and also a new mom, so I'd have to decide if I share it with my school kids, or keep it for home! Thanks for sharing with us!

Oh very cool! I have 2 young boys (4 and 2) who would likely spend HOURS on this rug... giving me much needed scrapbook/stamping time! :-)

I work in an elementary school.. If I win this rug it would be given to our PPCD class at school. PPCD students are three and four year olds with disabilities. They make my day everyday..
Love the photos of all of your pets....:0)

thanks for sharing..
bk in fort worth

My 15 month old daughter recently started pushing toys cars around and loves them! She also blows raspberries for the engine noise everytime and makes me smile as she does it. She would love this rug to play with her cars on. Thank you for thinking of your readers!

WOW...what a great rug! My 22 month old son would love to push his tractors and fire trucks around on this rug. Thank you for the chance to win!


I have two boys (age 5 and 3) that would love to drive their trucks and cars on this rug. Thanks for the giveaway!

[email protected]

How sweet of you. The rug is adorable. We have some wonderful new neighbors. Their adult daughter & her little one year old boy live with them. I'm sure they would love this as times have been a little tight for them recently.

My grandson spends hours playing with trucks and cars, this would give him roads and a new city to learn about. No matter who wins, you are going to make some child very happy. Very cool giveaway.

My five year old son would love this rug! It would be perfect for his Hot Wheels. Thanks for the chance.

My nieces would have lots of fun with this rug at my house which also happens to my grandmas too. My youngest niece Macie would have the most fun playing with Grandpa's cars on this fun rug. Thanks for the chance to win.

Hi! I have two boys and they would love this rug to play with their trucks and cars. Thanks for letting me play and God bless.

How cute! My girls would love this too! Barbie could go visiting all her friends about town ;)
Thanks for your great blog!!-Michelle Wallace

my two boys would absolutely ADORE this!!

I'm a first time "Memaw", my grandson is now 18 months old and all boy! He loves to push trucks around and make the engine noise. This rug would be a great play piece for all his trucks and cars. Thank you for being so generous! Leslie

This is such a FUN rug. I'm thinking it would be perfect for Coleen to play on or even to donate to her Pre-School so all her little friends there could enjoy it too.

Oh your hand carved stamps are wonderful. I've always thought it would be fun to try carving a stamp but wouldn't have the first clue how to go about it. You are so talented and I just love seeing your creativity in action.

It is adorable and thanks so much for offering the chance to win something really cute!!! I love your site and have a particular fondness for Houdini....

Thanks so much for a chance to win, my boys 6 and 18 months would love this!

What a wonderful idea!! I would give this rug to my grandchildren. Our family recently increased. Our new daughter-in-law brought 4 children (two teens) 2 year old, and 7 year old and a brand new granddaughter so with our almost 4 year old grandson we now have 6 grandchildren. Yahoo I always wanted lots of grandkids!!! Thanks for the chance to win. I am going camping and will be away for 2 weeks. Ann Lind

Hi Anna,
What a great opportunity to win this awesome run. My grandchildren would love this and I would love to win it for them. Would make me the coolest Grandma!

Adorable! My nephew, Ash, would fall head-over-heels in love with it! He's three, and his very favorite things right now are fire engines. He's play with this all the time.

Thanks so much for the chance to win! :)

What a great prize! I know my 3yr old daughter would love such a rug, and in time her new baby brother would too. Thanks for the chance to win!
ps. love hearing about your chickens =^>

I would LOVE to win this rug!! My first grandbaby is due anyday and I know he would enjoy it. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

Oh I would LOVE this for my classroom. It would be the perfect place for children to read, do puzzles, or sit for shared reading! Thanks for thinking of your readers!

I keep my 2 grandsons 1 day a week. They play cars/trucks all day long and would love this rug. Would be perfect to leave at Nana's for them on their day! Thanks for the chance to win.

My three little grandsons would LOVE this rug--they are all "motor heads" like their Grandpa. Thanks for the chance to win. Love your blog!

Anna, I'm really loving the hand carved stamps. I think I'm going to have to try this! I like the rustic feel you get from the stamped images and I think the cute flower on your other post is my favorite so far. Ok, now, this rug is too cute also! My little grandman just turned two on Sunday (I think he thinks the fireworks on Saturday were just for his birthday!) and I know he would love this rug to vroom vroom his cars, so thank you for the chance to win such cuteness! My chickens say, "Hello Farmer Lady!" and they hope you have a lovely day :) ~ Cindy

Hi, hope I get it; I know it will be really loved by my baby!

I love this rug. I always wanted one as a kid too. We used to make huge "cities" of roads in our dirt parking lot. My son is just starting to get into the car thing, and is obsessed with motorcycles. He would definately get some use out of it. Awesome giveaway!

I have a granddaughter that could put a lot of boys to shame with her cars, trucks, tractors, animals, etc. and they are all laid out on her bedroom floor on a "make believe road and farm". She would love it. Thanks for the chance to win.

My boys 4 and 6 would have a ball playing with this rug with their match box cars!

I've seen rugs like this - and I love them! We also had only dirt to play in as kids, lol! My cousin, aged 45, has 11 - yes 11 - children, so I know who's going to get this if I win.

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