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Okay-how many times can you say "ooze" in a single post? I think I counted 4, but I know you can do better than that! Yuck-but yea for babies on the way!

Holy Cow(s)!!!! can't wait till the little ones get here...also..Princess is HUGE..wozer...she's big,,maybe there are 2 calves??? your pictures as always Anna are wonderful...keep us posted..


thanks so much for your funny stories. I just love to read them, thanks for putting a smile on my face again this morning;-)))

Hopefully the babies will all be healthy, cant wait to see your pictures from them!

Big hugs from over the ocean,

Inge xOx

Geez o pete!! Portly is a word that comes to mind!! :) Chubby is another! Wow, come on cows, lets have some babies!! :) Can't wait to see you baby pics!!
Jenni King

Hey Miss Anna .... you are so fortunate to have these amazing creatures be part of your daily life ~~ I'm ohh soo jealous :)

I just had to let you know, when I saw the photo of Princess, I let out a laugh, as I swear I thought she was a Hippo at quick glance =) [look at her back & bum, before focussing on her head ROFL]

Good luck on the impending births ~ when are we ever going to get the full-on XRated versions of these bum pics?!@ How in the world do you think I'm ever going to learn what to "look" for if I ever have a cow in my backyard?

Honestly, I don't know which I enjoy most...your cards or your barnyard posts! I've never been more interested in cattle, chickens, roosters, and goats until reading your blog! Of course the beautiful photography surely has something to do with my interest! Great post! Can't wait to see the babies, and keep the coyotes away from those cute chicks!

Oh man, the waiting (weighting?) game begins! They're all looking round and uncomfortable. I'll bet their feet get tired and swollen after a long day of standing and munching grass. Maybe they need belly slings. :)

Bless their big pregnant bellies!!!
I hope all goes well with their deliveries. It will be so exciting to have new bovine babies!!! :D
Hope you are staying cool...take care! I know how awful that heat is :(

As always, I look forward to seeing pix of the new babies. I can't believe it about the coyotes. Bleepin coyotes is right! We even have them near our home because we live above a canyon. I hate it when I wake up at night and hear them screaming over an animal... probably someone's pet. Boo hoo!

I could google this of course, but how long is the gestation for a cow? And do you do artificial insemination or the real thing?

Can't wait to see the new arrivals - the girls must be miserable with all that massive weight.

Poor Princess and Queenie look sooo big! I bet they're uncomfortable in your heat! Here's hoping they all have little girls real soon!!

Anna, you are such a hoot with your 'Censored' editing! LOL What a sweetheart you are!

I love your perspective on your many critters .. every time I read, I always smile.


So sorry to hear about the chickens. Those are some round ladies! I'll be waiting for new baby photos! Hope they all have a smooth time of it.

Oh my I feel for those poor cows. Hope their little ones arrive soon. So sorry to hear that you lost some chickens to the coyotes.

Love your pics of life on the farm. Send those coyotes our way....have a HUGE amount of rabbits/ground squirrels that need thinning here (not sure where our resident coyotes have been....haven't "heard" from them lately...maybe there are too many dogs sleeping outside in the cooler night air than usual)

Holy Cow! Is that anything like three blind mice? Man those cows really are quite rotund. Hey! I resemble that remark!Love the censoring (and I thank you because you know my little girl reads your blog). Hee-Hee.

Thanks for posting the Momma's to Be photos. Poor things pregnant in this heat! I remember all too well and that was 25 & 28 years ago! I am looking forward to seeing the babies as they arrive and willbe rooting for GIRLS. LOL. Hapy Monday...HUGS

Ooooh, more babies!! How wonderful! Lol, I love your censored sign - too funny.

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