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Anna, you must tell me how you do it. I am always trying to take pictures of our calves, but cant stand all the Ranch "stuff" in the background. Your cow patties are "almost" unrecognizeable. Do you shoot on Aperature priority to get that effect? If so what settings are you using? I LOVE your photographs!


Anna you are too funny. The picture is quite nice!

He is absolutely beautiful! ADORABLE!! Don't you just want to kiss his soft little nose? Too bad about Mama...maybe she'll soften a little! Silly Dixie! xoxo Jeanne in HOT Idaho xoxo

He's a looker alright (and I'm not much of a farm type gal). Love his dark shiny coat. Now if momma would just let you closer.

Well I guess I don't blame Dixie as he is so darned handsome! Thanks for the beautiful pic.

He's so cute, you could squeeze the stuffing right out of him! I wouldn't try it however ~ especially with momma nearby! Great picture of him :)

Great pic what a beautiful shiney coat he has .

Handsome Fella, I do hope Dixie calms down.
Because we all want to see more of the babies :) Hugs...TGIF

What a great shot of a beautiful black animal - not easy to do, in my experience!

He is so gorgeous!!!!!! I hope that his momma calms down a bit so he can be the friendly guy he's trying to be ;) But then again I remember wanting to keep my newborn all to myself too....if only I had big pointy horns to keep the inlaws away ;)

Oh, he's gorgeous!! Thanks for the chuckle, too:)

What a handsome fellow! Hopefully Mommy will calm down in a few days. Maybe if you tell her how gorgeous her baby is she'll let you in without trying to kill you?

Beautiful calf - Beautiful photograph! I love the way the light shines blue on his shiny coat.

You always make me smile Anna with your stories...:) He is a beauty and sounds like Dixie is not ready to share him with anyone just yet. Thank you sharing your life with all of us.

Bwahahaha, you are too funny...I can just see Dixie preparing to come stab you and Alan with her horns! LOL Hopefully her baby will suckle some more of that milk outta her and she'll feel better! :D Didn't Alan have to express some of the milk the last time she calved??? One of your gals had some HUGE teats, I remember...UGH! Poor Momma!

Such a handsome boy!!!

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