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He's a beauty! I can't resist dark hair with blue eyes. (grin)

yet another handsome fella!

Awwwww, aren't they cute, even if they're just boys! Can't add to herd or get milk out of them, but they're still special.

Congrats! So thrilled to see all your pics, they are all so special. I really adore the last one - captioned Mmmm milk!
The side view of their eyelashes is so interesting!

Thank you for sharing with us, Anna!

Oops! SOmehow I missed the pictures before. I was hoping that you would post pictures but you had already beat me to it! Thrilled that both little boys are out and about. I just love to know what's up on your farm! Thanks for the smile and all the warm fuzzy feelings that seeing your brood provide...

Awww, another cutie pie!!!

Oh my gosh, sooooooo darn cute!

Congrats on the 2 new babies. They are just adorable.

TWO BOYS... oh Well, maybe next time you will get girls! Midnight Runner is certainly dark. He is gonna fell real warm in the sun shine. I think Princess has a handle on that, as she looks pretty protective of him. Good Girl :) TFS...Hugs...

Aww, what a cutie!

Both of them are adorable!! Thanks for sharing these FANTASTIC pictures!

Congrats!! Two babies in 24 hours, wow! They're both beautiful...even if they are boys :)

Thanks for sharing the babies - I love them!

Thought of you today when I read today's Garfield. Reminded me of the chicken coat you made!


So cute! Congratulations.

Ahhhhh, so sweet.

One of my favorite bands!!!!!! Send him to me!!!! :)))) He'd fit right in with the dogs, cats, and tank critters. :)

Oh my gosh they are just so darn cute, I love babies!

Wow! He's absolutely gorgeous, and from what I can see in the top photo, beautiful eyes. It amazes me how quickly they are up & about ~ what fun to watch!

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