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Love the card, I like simple ideas, and it looks so good! I have to remind myself to keep it simple, don't thinks so hard...I'd get more cards made and have more fun doing it! I love the flower stamp you carved too! It reminds me of the chamomile (mini coneflower style) I have growing wild in my garden that I was taking pics of today.

Your hand carved stamps are getting better and better!

All I can say is wow...you are beyond talented! Seriously!!!! Your hand carved stamps are sooo cool!!! I love the daisy...great job and thanks for the inspiration!

You are doing such a beautiful job on hand carving stamps! This one is really cute!! Great job, Anna!!

Your hand carved stamps are fabulous! I've looked at these blocks several times over the year at the local Artist Warehouse in town. I've ever bought it though... I looks so fun! I would have a hard time trying what to carve... One of these days I'll be brave! I expecially love this one you did

I just love your coneflower stamps! Can you make this one into a stamp that all of us can buy? This one is definitely my fave of all the hand-carved stamps you've shown.

Your flower is adorable! I love the fresh look of white ink on kraft! This is beautiful!

I'm am loving your hand-carved images! I carved a few stamps several years ago. Thanks for the inspiration to pull them out of a drawer soon.

I totally KWUM about working in 12x12" of space! Hee hee! I am exactly the same way! I have about 18x24" of space to work in normally. My table is larger but I like a lot of tools within reach so the table is mostly covered by those! Then as I work, I seem to leave my tools on my workspace and it gets smaller and smaller until I don't have a single space left to set aside something with paint or glue that needs to dry! I have to force myself to stop and put away tools at least once per card and then after too! If I leave stuff out you can be sure the baby will get it!

Love your hand carved stamps and I would kill to learn your watercolour techniques! Your chicken and animal stories leave me in stitches! Thanks for the inspiration and fun! BTW, I have 8 and 2 yo boys who would love that mat! Rebeccacell at gmail dot com

Wow! I LOVE this!! I love the brown, kraft, yellow and white color combo. But your craftsmanship on your handmade stamp is awesome!!!

What a fantastic stamp, and your card is just lovely - I think it was worth digging out your heat gun. Happy Day.

You never cease to amaze me! I LOVE this stamp, and the card you made with it! You really should have your own stamp line!;)

Your card is so beautiful and your carving is awesome!! It's always so inspirational to see your art. You've inspired me to get out my carving materials again. I'm currently working on an image to send a congratulations card to my niece who just passed her state nursing test.

Stunning! So simple, yet packing big impact!

Beautiful card and exquisite carving!

You are so gifted- your stamp is great and I absolutely love this card made with it! The white flowers are perfect with the colors in this card- so pretty!

Anna your carved stamps are wonderful... This card is so lovely. The white ink on the kraft paper is classic!!

WOW!! LOVE this image and you carved it so perfectly - it looks like it was stamped with rubbah!

I know what you mean about the work space - I'm lucky enough to have a ton of countertop area in my craft room, but I generally only have 5 square inches of free space at any given time!

You are amazingly talented, but I guess you already know that. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with the rest of us!

Super cool stamp! I love how the center goes up and the petals go down--it always makes me think the flower is sticking its face up to catch the sunshine. Your experiences with white pigment ink made me laugh. If you want to up the ante of difficulty, try heat setting with detail white embossing powder. Every stray kernel of embossing powder springs to life and messes up your image (growl)!

I was gonna say...12x12 is GINORMOUS compared to what I have on a normal day! LOL

This is cute, Anna! Very cool!

Love this coneflower! You are ROCKing with these stamps of yours!

WoW! This is gorgeous, simply gorgeous!! Love the flower and once again the repeated pattern with white on kraft. So primitive, but so stunning. And the apron is the cutest thing ever too :0)

Love this flower and card! I really wish you were givin' in away and I was at the top of your gifty list! :)

This is such a beautiful card Anna!!

LOVE the card, great looking coneflower. LOL, I can relate to small work spaces but my table is TWICE as big as yours!!

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