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Ultra cute! What I'd really like is a fairy godmother...

Wait-aren't you already a fairy princess?! This is so sweet! What a great gift for a little girl!

Can I be your friend too? *wink* Your fairy set is adorable and I'm positive your 'young friend' will totally flip when she sees it! Lucky Duck :0)

I was totally surprised when I saw the colours you picked ~ so 'unlike' you! It's nice to step outside of your boundaries every now and then. BTW, where is this fairy image from? It kinda reminds me of one of your drawings ... I MUST know!!!!
~Robbi~ xo

Too cute - my niece would love it - I want to be a fairy princess!

Too sweet!! I am sure she will love it!! And, yes, I would be a fairy princess if I could!! Guess I will just have to settle with just being a Princess!! LOL

What a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your young friend. It's just so sweet and "girly" and just as adorable as can be.

Adorable, Anna! I actually had to scroll back up on my Feedblitz email to make sure I was on your blog when I saw these colors, though! This proves that your work looks great in any color! I'll bet she loved this, and the clear stamp holder is both cute & clever!

This is adorable!! Who wouldn't love to get this as a gift?

Wow, this is gorgeous!! And how fun to include all the stamping stuff! You're always thinkin'!!

Super cute, Anna!! Love the colors and what fun...a whole bunch of stamps for her journal!

Adorable. You come up with the best gift ideas. That is one (only one of many) of the reasons I check in to see what fun thing you will have for us each day! Hope you are staying cool. Hugs..

This is really darling Anna! I love that madras paper, so girly and fun! Great job, I'm certain she loved, Loved, LOVED it!

Oh my - my - my! You really ARE the Princess of Quite a Lot! But just look out for the Queen of Everything! Your gift set is royally charming!

What a wonderful person you are!!! This is totally the best!!

Yes, oh yes!
My Fairy Princess time of life has long-escaped me. But hey! I've got a nearly-3-month-old GDaughter to make up for those times!! hee hee hee!
Love your idea, Anna .. as always.


Oh, I would have LOVED this as a girl! (And as an adult girl too.) It doesn't get any more girly and fun than that!

How totally adorable!!! Very cute set...you are a sweetie! :D

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