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Oh Anna.... I just love all the new photos and especially the ones of my girl Tipsy! She has turned into quite the looker hasn't she? Simply amazing!

A big Thank you for these wonderful pictures, Anna. It's so much fun looking at them. I love chicken sooo much and my favourite picture is definitely the one of the Golden Comet hen !


Send booze...hahahaha.

Great pix, Anna. I think Tipsy and Curly Que look like Elvis impersonators. Wiley is the cutest thing... very photogenic. Speaking of small roosters, how is Tiny Tim?

Love your chicken portraits! You need to do a chicken calendar for sale.

I love visiting your blog and seeing your gorgeous chickens! Your photos are amazing, but the chickens - well, they are so darn cute I can't stand it! I love the frizzles and silkies . . . and I do understand about having favorites. It's natural. Thanks so much for sharing (my neighborhood wouldn't allow me to have chickens so I'll live vicariously through you, for now).

You and Alan certainly have some beautiful chickens! Their feathers and personalities are wonderful! I'm dreaming about all the beautiful, yummy fresh eggs................ ummmmmmm

I always look forward to your blog posts everyday, it's always a fun surprise to see what you've posted each day! I love everything you post but I always enjoy seeing your farm life. Your chickens are all so fun, I love Curly Que, and I can just imagine seeing Wiley running to you or flying to you! Love the uniqueness of all your chickens. Thanks for sparing us your recent spider stories, I always get the creepy crawlies when I read about your encounters!

W*O*N*D*E*R*F*U*L*!!! I love each and every picture, and was happy to read about your chicken "babies"!!! I know they are like your kids, and it's GREAT to see them! Thanks for the fantastic pictures, and the notes about the chickens/roosters! HOW FUN! (and I'm still jealous, as I don't have any chickens!) :D

Thanks for sharing these great photos. I think Wiley DESERVES to be a favorite--what a handsome little roo he is! Your comment about having a bad hair day but realizing it might be worse cracks me up! Those frizzled girls really grow the crazy feathers, don't they?

Sorry about the spiders. They give me the creeps too, especially the big ones!

I love each and every one of your chickens. Your pictures are brilliant. They show the best colors. I would love to see your animals in person. I love to hear about their personalities. They are no different than any other animal who is well loved.

The chickens are growing so fast! Great pictures!

Love your chicken pics. They sound like lots of fun. So happy Lefty had chicks to carry on his legacy. I agree w/you about spiders, but I don't have any easy solutions. Have a great day.

They're all gorgeous!

Love seeing the pictures and reading stories about the chickens.

Wonderful photo's of your chickens. I love seeing them and learning about them.

As always, I'm totally loving your chicken photos. I'm cracking up at Wiley and trying to imagine him running out to you when you make your happy chicken noises. You have to get that on video and post it. Thanks for sharing your fun life :-).

Oh, and question about your hand carved stamps. When I was in elementary school we used to carve out linoleum blocks (i think that's what they were called). Are these like the same thing? You use little scooping tools? We'd ink them up and make calendars for the parents.

What superb portraiture! My Alan and daughter couldn't resist and had to come look over my shoulder to see your precious poultry.

Another great blog!!
Thanks for sharing & making my morning.
D.C. ~

They are all my FAVORITES !!! How could you only chose one? I love your cards, but especially love seeing you menagerie!!
TFS, Hugs...

That little Goldie Comet looks like she has atttitude! You have the prettiest animals at your place Anna!

I love looking at your pictures! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous poultry with us!!

OMgoodness, you have a whole bunch of new and cute chickens and roosters. I for one would be following Wiley around in case he dropped any of his gorgeous feathers. I'd be collecting them to use in my card making:) tfs

I think Curly Que looks like Elvis!
Thanks for sharing - I loving hearing about life on the farm and checking out your photos!

I read about 10 blogs every morning and I have to say yours is my favorite - especially when it's about the farm animals! I've learned more about chickens in the last six months than I'll ever need to know! Love it!!! By the way, spiders are my BIGGEST fear - thanks for NOT sharing those stories!!

Ok, back from vacation and you got way too much going on! Hope Mister Farley is much better. Chickens look good, especially young "Lefty". Your hand carving is REALLY cool. Do ya got one of dem der cattle prods??? Maybe you could "zap" the spiders?? I bet the creepy crawlers are much smaller and more civilized in Wahsinton State, aren't they? Take care and thanks for the info about Creative Pals ~ very nice store!

I was just talking to someone tonight about bugs and the person was telling me about Texas water bugs. I cannot for the life of me imagine! Think I'll stay in S. Indiana where the bugs can still be swatted with a shoe if need be!

Oh, I love frizzles and sizzles! That name Tipsy Frizzlewinkle is just a crack up!

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