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Ooooh, I am looking forward to seeing this set! Adorable. thanks for the sneak peek. :)

What a great Dad you have! Not only does he leave fun comments on your blog, but he inspired a darling set of stamps!! Hope he has a Happy Fathers Day. Stay Cool, Anna & Alan! R.I.P. Lefty, especially since it looks like that studmuffin, Tiny Tim, is in fine form to take over...

I love how you combined these stamps into one great scene. And they're perfect for my dad, husband, and brother too. (But I have to say this is torture waiting around!)

Adorable!! Love the ribbon(ish)/button treatment.

This is so cute! I can't wait to see what everyone has planned for your new sets. Your creativity continues to blow me away!

adorable. thanks for staying up so late to post it!

Adorable card! I definitely missed your wonderful stories about what's going on at the farm!

Cute as can be Anna! I got the email today from Whipper Snapper showing all three of your new sets. Winners, as always!!!

Okay! I'm happy to be able to comment again - not sure what happened the other day. Love this illustration & card Anna - it's soooo cute!!

Oooo! You are a wascally wabbit wevealing eawly!!!! Hee! What an adorable chicken fisherman or is that fisherman chicken? In any event, total CUTENESS!

I hope you're getting rested and some relief from the heat!

Anna, these sets are just way too fun. I just ordered 2 of the 3, and may need to get the third one. We love fishing & camping & your adorable stamps are just perfect. Love your card. Enjoy your 2 days off.


I got my WS email today, with all three sets in full view! WHAT A TREAT!!! They are just wonderful, and they DO go well together! WHAT FUN!!! You have outdone yourself this month...and I can never wait to see what's coming up EVERY month...it's like Christmas! Thanks for being so talented, and bringing us such great stamps to enjoy!!! :D

I love how the frog is eyeing that fish! Also love the other "sneak". Ü

This is superb art Anna! I love it, esp. his overalls!! SO CUTE! I thought at first glance this was watercolored. Markers! Cool! Love the shiny highlights on the bucket and fish! Love the easy swirly fishing line too. Your art is GREAT!

the more i look at this card, the better i like it. i have also done some low-down things to catch fish, but not putting them in a bucket! :) ho ho ho to your Dad!

OMG this is just too cute for words!!! That chicken fly fishing is priceless. My dad loved fishing too and I can remember him trying to teach me to fly fish (never could get the hang of it) and even though he's been gone for 11 years I still thinking of him every time I see a fishing related card. Thanks for bringing me some happy memories with this great card.

I have never stooped to putting fish in a bucket just to catch later.Hey,that's not a bad idea! the observant frog is nice too. I keep my fish in a stock tank in the grove,It is bigger and easier to hit with a cast. Love, Dad

Super adorable card!

Oh this is just delightful! I just received the WS newsletter and I'm in LOVE with your new sets! :)

I'm gonna go broke that is just to cute Anna..it fits the lifestyle of where I live and we are on vacation starting tomorrow for 10 days and guess what? yeah we are going Salmon Fishing next week I've wanted to go for years so finally DH is taking me..I am so wanting these stamps now..lol..love they are able to be used for him or her to..oh the wait will kill me even if it's only a few more days..Way cute...

Darling! Can't wait to see the new sets!!!

Super cute! And is that a boat I see in the background?! Can't wait for the release! I have a family of fisherman to create for.

I like it when you break the rules...This is so cute! I'm glad you have Alan to keep you on your toes. :)

Can I tell you how much I love this illustration? How you drew the fishing line? Just brilliant. Looks like a great release!

This is sooooo cute! I love your work, Anna!

Wake up sleepy-head! You've got mail! Your fishin chicken is sensational and I can tell the camping set is going to be quite the hit. Thanks for the sneak preview - I've started saving my pennies.

How cute is this?!!!! LOVE it!

How do they keep getting cuter?! Your coloring and card design are fabulous! And the extra sneak peek...oh, I am so flipping over that already! I know what it is and I must have it! Get some rest and have some fun! Have a great weekend!

Oh WOW!!! I am loving this one Anna!!

OMG!! Anna, this is absolutely fabulous!! I can't wait to see all the new sets! Only a few more days to wait and then "SWOOSH" goes my credit card ~ I can already tell I'm going to order all 3! You certainly know how to spend my money :) tee hee! Oh, and be sure to Thank "Dad" for the inspiration :)

Such a great chicken, Anna! I love the swirly line, the surprised look on the frog :), and the bucket o'fish!

Darling card!!!

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