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I had so much fun reading about Tiny Tim and his story. His little coat and video were a big hit here at my house. TFS,

Oh my goodness! A "man" has sprung! He is very handsome!

Oh my... he's just the cutest chicken I've ever seen Anna, I want to touch that curly hair, LOL!

What a handsome "man"!!

He is so pretty. I love his curly red feathers and his little butt feathers that are in ringlets. I hope the ladies don't pick him bald again.

Tiny Tim is just so handsome! does he still have the hick-up when he crows? That was such a crack up ( sorry Tim)my kids and I had quite the laugh with his crowing!

Oh wow Anna...he is gorgeous! He's so red and shiny and handsome! Oh how nice!

i believe tiny tim will be quite the stud when the time is right. he reminds me of all those young boys back in high school when summer break was over and school started back in the fall. they came back to school all tan, taller, muscles and mustaches! where did all of that come from over a few short months? i love to hear of your life on the farm, it always makes me smile. keep the stories coming!

Wow, he's so cute now! What an amazing looking rooster!

He is remarkable! My husband just cracked up when I showed him the baby rooster in the little coat and now could hardly believe his transformation. Your updates on all the farm friends are priceless - I so look forward to them!

I'm so sorry to hear about Lefty. He was beautiful! I can't believe this is Tiny Tim. He's so cute with his new do!

Just shows you what a little love from Mamma can do ;0) He is a handsome devil!

it's a relief to see him looking so much better.

Sorry, that was supposed to be a "snuggle". What the heck is a nuggle?

Thanks for the update. Will you please give Tiny Tim a nuggle from me? He is so sweet and georgous!!

What a handsome boy he is, so nice to know he is growing up, just lovely! It is also nice to know that he has grown out of, what seemed to be a handicap! I'm sure, Momma Anna would have continued to make cute little coats, but whew, Anna, you are free from making Tiny Tim coats! Sorry to hear about Lefty, he was quite a looked as well.

Oh my gosh - Tiny Tim looks so handsome. So sorry about your Lefty.

I'm one of the ones who wanted an update on Tiny Tim, so thanks for sharing! He's so cute with his curly hair. He still looks tiny, though... especially compared to Lefty... but irrisistable!

He's definitely getting his groove on so to speak!

Well any person who would put a coat on a poor feather challenged rooster is a good person in my book! That is the sweetest thing I have seen. I stumbled on your blog while researching information on pregnant donkeys and now I'm hooked. :)

WOW what a handsome rooster love his feathers after yofuve bathed him:0)

No way! Who knew he would turn into such a gloriously curly feathered rooster?! What a cute thought of him all clean and snuggled up in towels in your lap. :) You're so good to all your animals and birds!

Ah, I see Tiny Tim is no longer the little, bald, boy (chick?) he once was! He is gorgeous! And I can tell he is VERY well taken care of. God bless us, every one! :)

What a handsome man he is.

He really is a handsome rooster!

Amazing what a little love will do!! He is now such a handsome fellow. Ann Lind

Tiny Tim looks great. He's lucky to have such great parents!

lol, he looks like a toupee!

OMG! What a difference a year or so can make! I just love all the curled feathers on Tiny Tim! So handsome!

OH Anna, what a great update! Tiny Tim is definitely a ladies man now (Alan may not agree that Apple scent is the most manly scent mind you!). I love that evil eye he is giving you after his shower!

Thanks for the smile! He's adorable.

I agree with Dotty, I am coming back in my next life to be an one of Anna's critters. They have it GOOD ! Tiny Tim is *Looking Good* ;o) I LOVE those feathers.

Wow! Who would have thought he'd be such a looker! He was cute in his coat, to be sure, but now he's DASHING! =D

OMGosh, now I may be able to sleep after all! Tiny Tim is SO handsome, he just looks GREAT! I love his very curly feathers, they are SO very handsome! I can't believe how he's grown and "blossomed"...he's quite the man of the coop now, huh??!! I'm sure he LOVED all the attention he got after his bath...haha...that was too funny. I hope the hens don't pull too many of his feathers this year...hopefully he'll not give in to that attention! :D
Thanks again for the happy post...you are so sweet to think about us!

Well...isn't he the cock on the walk?!!!

Oh wow, look at that handsome man! No one would ever guess it is the same bird.

He's SO cute! Glad to see that he doesn't seem to need the little coat anymore. Thanks for the update.

Oh Tiny Tim is looking wonderful! I bet he LOVED his bath! I have wondered about him! He has grown too! Glad he's doing so well.

Wow! What time and a bachelor pad will do! He looks incredible. I wouldn't have guessed it was Tiny Tim at all - nice to see he's doing well. I bet the ladies are really wanting to groom him now ~ tee hee! I'd have to say that the last photo is my fav, his feathers and their colors are just gorgeous! Caramel, coffee, chocolate yummy-ness! I may or may not have mentioned to you, that in my next life I'm coming back as a critter to live at your place ~ what a life! :)

He's really lookin' good! Glad he's doing well!

He is beautiful! But I am thinking he may be the only chicken who gets "Dawn" bathes and who gets to sit on the sofa and watch tv while he dries. LOL

OK, inquiring minds want to know...how do you manage to have such great looking guys on your farm? And ones that like to snuggle too? ;-D

Glad Tiny Tim is doing better, I've never personaly given a rooster a bath but it's intresting to see how you both managed.

Thanks for the pictures.

I got something for you and your readers that are into or just getting into chicken care; A free 10 Lessons on how to care for chickens, you can find it here

Hi Anna ~~ Thank you for the updated news on "Hen-Pecked" Tiny Tim :0) Such a major difference between last winter and now, especially since he is strutting his stuff, MINUS his Anna-Made coats ! LOL

In the 4th and final pic you posted here, it looks like he's standing purposely displaying his fine butt! ha ha As if he's saying in the "Joey tone" [via *Friends* show], "Hey, how 'ya doing?" Check out the stance on the young man, with the legs wide apart and the bum to the sun :)

P.S. Is it 'normal' for a chicken (young or old) to enjoy snuggling with humans?

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