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Oh Anna, I'm so sorry! How handsome he was. I'm glad his passing was peaceful at least. Big hugs to you!

What a handsome rooster he was!

He was a fine looking rooster. Quite a character by the looks of him. I'm so sorry he's gone.


My, he was such a beauty (or should I say handsome?)! And his name was perfect, in my left-handed opinion. Thank you for sharing him with us, and I'm so sorry about his loss. (That picture of him sleeping when he was little is sooooo cute!)

So sorry to hear about Lefty. He was so very handsome!! Love his baby picture :)

Anna, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize he was so sick. He was such a beautiful rooster. Yes, he will be missed very much.

That is such a darling picture of Lefty sleeping when he was a baby. I'm sorry Lefty is not with us anymore.

So sorry about Lefty. He had a great life with you taking care of him. Enjoy his babies.

Oh, Anna, I am so very sorry! I can't stop crying, because I know the heartbreak that you are feeling. I wish I could give you a big, big hug...
So sorry that Lefty is gone; I hope one of his offspring will look and act just like him. That's the most I can hope for right now...Bless you, for being such a wonderful chicken Mom...he was lucky to have had you...

So very sorry about your loss of Lefty. I love all your pictures and stories about all your critters on the farm. The picture of Lefty on his back as a baby is priceless. I've never seen a chicken do that! I hope you find comfort in your memories of him.

So sad. :( I hope that his babies grow up to be great roosters like Dad. You'll have to let us know if any of his babies sleep on their backs like he did. :D

Oh my goodness, was he a beautiful rooster and darling chick! I've never seen a chick sleep on his back before! TFS! So sorry about Lefty's passing. Hugs

So sorry about Lefty; he was a handsome rooster. Always sad to loose a pet. My youngest Son has chicken and he is attached to all of them.

Rest in Peace Lefty. I know you had a good life, how could it be anything but with your wonderful human Mamma?

Here's to Lefty's offspring!

Thanks for sharing anna..sorry for your loss...we had a great dane who slept on her back...snored as loud as my husband too..so had to kick one of them out of bed...hubby won, got to stay! ha

Lefty was a very HANDSOME guy! I am sure his ladies miss him, too. I can't wait to meet his offspring. With luck there will be a Lefty Jr. HUGS...

So sorry about Lefty! What a beautiful young man he was! Well, chickens come and chickens go, and I know you get attached to each one...but like someone said, now he's in chicken heaven! Bless you...Jeanne in Idaho xoxoxo

Sorry sorry about your loss...we all live on a farm through you and we will miss him too. I am sure his offspring will do him proud!

Oh! I'm sorry, Anna! I'm glad you have some of his babies. What a big rooster he appeared to be.

Sorry to hear that you lost your pet. I've been through that before and you really miss them. Memories help - especially when they do cute things like Lefty laying on his back. Hugs to you.

Sorry to hear about Lefty what a smasher he was and as you say hes left a good line of chicks:0)

I'm so sorry, Anna! It's never easy to loose a pet. Big hugs :-)

oh, how depressing! he was so young! hugs to you, Anna.

Sorry to hear about Lefty. The picture of him lying on his back is just precious.

So sorry to hear about Lefty! I've always loved reading about all the animals and it's always so sad when you lose one!

I remember you posting that photo of Lefty sleeping on his back. I showed it to my Dad (he grew up on a chicken farm) and he laughed so hard he had tears coming down his eyes. He had NEVER seen a chicken sleep that way! I am so sorry he has passed but what a blessing he went peacefully. He was a lucky rooster to have been able to live on your farm. And, he will be remembered forever with your photos.
{{Big Hugs}} to you and Alan for your loss.
Wishing you all the best, Manetta

I'm so sad! He was such a pretty rooster.

Oh Anna I am so sorry about the loss of Lefty. He was a gorgeous (or rather "Handsome") Rooster. I hope his legacy will live on in his babies.

oh, how sad. He had quite the life with you- overcoming his traumatic entrance into the world and all. I know you'll miss him. He was so cool. xoxoxo

I saw this on FB and had to come look. the picture of him sleping looked like he was a sandwich. The towel looked like bread and the edging looked like bacon. I just couldn't figure it out.

I guess it is lunch time and I should get this image out of my mind and go feed the kids. Sorry about Lefty.

Awww! He was a beauty! That sleeping picture is too funny! Did you think he was dead then? I would have! I am so glad you have beautiful pictures and fond memories of him!

I'm so sorry Anna....I'm always in tears when I read about a death on the farm....hugs to you!!

Sorry to hear about Lefty. {{{BIG HUGS}}}

Awww.... we'll miss you, Lefty!

So sorry to hear about Lefty's passing. Lefty was such a handsome rooster!

Sorry about Lefty Anna!!! BIG HUGS from Minnesota!

So sorry to hear this, so sad too! Thanks for sharing the beautiful picture of him, and when he was a wee little one as well. I've never seen a rooster sleep like that before - how cute!

So sorry to hear about Lefty - he really was a pretty bird! I'm sure the chickens will be sad as well.
Chicken love and hugs!

Never thought I'd be sad to hear about a passing rooster. Thanks to you, farm animals are so much more personal now. BTW, what's Bad Betty been up to lately?

Oh I am so sorry to hear about Lefty xxx

So sad for you, Anna. Big hugs.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you are already missed, Lefty. Crow loudly in Roosters Heaven!


Oh Anna... That is so sad!!

Oh, so sorry, Anna! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures and memories!

oh, poor Lefty. I am sad to hear that he is gone. Maybe there will be a Lefty Junior in the batch.

Hi Anna. No one knows how sad it is to lose a pet until it happens, even a pet chicken! Lefty was beautiful, love the picture of him lying on his back. I have a sick duck that we have been nursing for 2 months, vet trips, and plenty of meds...but no improvement. We've had her for 2 years and I hate to see anything happen to her. I'm afraid she's not going to make it though. Have you ever been to www.thepoultrysite.com . It's an amazing place and they have a great forum full of smart poultry people with great advice.

I'm so sorry to hear this. He was a beautiful bird.

Dear Anna ~ I'm so sad to read your post about losing one of your precious babies on the farm.

I know everyone will miss Lefty but at least you have some of his wonderful off-spring, that you'll be able to watch grow and mature, and hopefully drive all the lady chics nuts, just like his Dad did :)

I hope you're feeling better soon Anna ....sending you a HUGE HUG =)
xxoo Robyn xxoo

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