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beautiful card! but, gosh, now wishing I had a little baby chick to hold!!

Your new sets are great and so is this card! Love the coloring! Love the pics of the little chicks...so cute!!

I'm now caught up with all your blog posts that I missed while caught up in life's demands. I hate it when that happens! LOL

It's always a pleasure to visit you on the farm. The chicks are precious. Your art is fabulous. It's all great!

I don't blame you for wanting to get away from the heat, though.


Oh my gosh, Anna! Those baby chicks are just the cutest things!!! You're *almost* making me wish we raised chickens again...*almost*. ;) Love, love, love the scene on your fabulous card! The chicken with the inner tube is a RIOT!

Oh my! That scene is just too funny! Love your style!! And the chicks, ah, just can't get enough! Thanks for sharing!

Oh my! These babies are just adorable. Your blog and regular chicken posts have made me want my own chickens. I never knew there were so many kinds. Thanks for the education!!!

Love the baby chicks pics!!!!! Especially the cute little chicken butt shot. Your photos are fabulous. The little chicks look so soft, I would love to hold one.

Those chicks are too cute!

OMG I just love seeing your wonderful cards and then to top it off some adorable chick pics!! - Great way to start the morning off.

CALL A DENTIST...another cavity from all the sweetness on your blog today, Anna! The card, the chicks, the sleeping model....too much, thanks for sharing! PS...Love your close-up card photo, very helpful!

There's nothing sweeter than baby chicks ... just something about them that makes you realize how awesome nature can be.

OMG Anna, I laughed so hard here. I see your comment about needing Glue Dots ASAP, then the next picture I just looked real quick and thought " well I guess glue dots would work to put that poor chickens head back on roflmao *snort* not until reading others comments did I realize it was a chicken bum lmao.

I love your cards, your coloring is amazing.
- sirpa

Utterly delightful, both babies and card! I can hear your delighted giggle at the chicks. My, how very cute they are, and what adorable poses you catch them in! And the card . . . well, the card is totally wonderful, as usual. We were in Sunriver, OR last weekend, and it looked very similar to this. Ahhhh. Have a great 4th!

Anna, thanks to you and a good friend who also loves chickens, I am now the proud owner of 11 chickens. The first four came from our friend...1 Silkie, 1 Nanking cross, and 2 Silkie cross. Then came chick day at the feed store and eight little cuties followed me home...2 Leghorns, 2 Americanas, 2 Barred Rock and 2 Buff Orpingtons. Hopefully all female. The adult Silkie has been laying her tiny eggs for us and 7 or 8 make a good serving scrambled for me and the hubby! Love your chicken stories and your cards! Hugs!

Oh BABIES!!!!!!!!!! how cute...

love the card!!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful card - love the scene you created!! And the chicks are so sweet!

Anna your card is beautiful and I love the details! Those chicks are totally adorable!

Your card is FANTASTIC, and the little chicks are just adorable!
I had a very cool experience this weekend...our cat caught a young wild turkey (they feed in our yard) and I got it away from him (unharmed~~whew!). I got to hold it, talk to it softly, and stroke it before I took it back to its Mom. I was SO excited to get to touch it! It was about 10" long~~probably the reason the cat was unable to hurt it (I'm sure he was getting pecked~~YAY for the turkey!) He flew over to his Mom when we took him to the field. I'm so thankful for a happy ending...
Now~~Back to the card~! I just love everything you do, and the babies too! Thanks so much for bringing so much joy to my very mundane life!!! :D

Oh my heck, I wanna baby chick! I just love your card and your new stamp sets, over the top cute as always! I have to stop looking at your blog, my husband has got to be getting tired of me saying "let's sell our house and move to the country and raise animals"! LOL! I just love coming to your blog everyday I adore the animal pics as much as your cards! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Hi Anna,
Your card is fabulous! I wanna go with your parents, too, after your delicious description! The chicks are just precious - I want to hold them all! I agree, the black one looks like it's been glittered and the sleeping one made me say "ahhhhh" out loud!
Thanks. I love your blog!

I thought my craft table was crowded, but at least my things don't move around. Be interesting to see the lines that come out of a SCORPAL with a baby chick sleeping on it... speed bumps!!

I love those chicks! The first one made me giggle out loud. . .at work. It reminded me of sitting in the back of the station wagon as a kid saying "Guess what? Chicken butt!" over and over and over and over with my cousins. :D

I love your card - too cute!!
Your chicks are just darling! They all made me chuckle.

What a great post! Fabulous chick photos and narrative, and your card is TO - DIE - FOR. It's safe to say I'm head over heels over this card. Fantastic work, Anna! {{Hugs}}

Your card is great of course.
These chicks are just so cute, I think I could look at these little cuties all day. The newest one is so darn adorable! :)

Thanks for sharing.

Great post, Going up to Brown's Lake this morning for a bit of Cutthroat fishin. Yes it would be great if you were here for the trip to Georgetown Lake. The weather is perfect and everything is still so lush and green. I'll try and take some photos and fight my way through the process of getting some to you. Chicken butt? Ha Ha, Love, Dad PS. Moms' latest new Singer works like a charm.

These babies are soo cute. I bought a pair of Finches so hopefully I will have babies of my own sometime soon. TFS Ann Lind

Oh my WORD those chicks are the cutest!! How do you get anything done? I would be staring at them ALL DAY LONG!!! Just adorable...the black one looks like he has glitter on him, lol!

You do the cutest little accents with your buttons and ribbon - I need to catalog all of those :0) Love the little chicken butt!!

Love this card!!! The paper is perfect, love the detail with the button and just the entire scene!!!

I don't often comment, Anna, but I always look at your great photos of your farm animals! I'm always calling my DH over to oohh and aahh over them! Keep 'em coming! Love looking at them (and your cards, too, of course!)! ;-)

The camping card is so much fun, wish I was there too! We got a great cool down here in IA. Hope it is a bit less *Toasty* where you are. The chic pics are so cute, especially the chicken butt!!! LOL
Have a wonderful day...Hugs...

Your card make me smile. Gotta love the little chicks too.

OMG! Chicken Butt! The cutest picture ever!

The new chicks are sweet as can be!
Love your camp card, and how you double layered the chicken.
I imagine it is very difficult for you and Allen to get away together because of all the animals, but I hope you find some time to rest and recharge occasionally.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
My Mom used to raise chickens & chicks when I was growing up on the farm, Anna. This was a "slow, savoring" read for me. Yes ... I had a couple of chicks that were pets "until" my parents came up with some story for me. argggghhhh! I love these pics to pieces!


Awwww - those little chickies are too cute, especially sleeping! Love your card too!

Oh Anna, That little sleeping chick is the cutest thing ever!! Love your card too of course - your work is always stunning :)

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