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Look how your babies have grown! I do think the little fella in front is going ot be as handsome as his Pa!

:) I truly can't believe how I so look forward to your awesome posts! This is like "as the world turns" in the chicken coop! Makes my day-to-day life seem pretty blah. That Lefty, his legacy(s) will live on to take the place in our hearts! lol

I think you're on to something with the animation....very cool! :)


Sooo pretty. I never thought I would say that about chickens, but they really are.

Mr first thought was oh my gosh, there's junior! All three of them are so cute!! Out of curiosity, how many of these little darlings reside on the farm?

I'm happy that Leftie left such cuties for us to admire.

I love all your chicks and the adorable photos you take of them all!

Our local fair's theme this year is "Poultry in Motion". Of course, I thought of you immediately. http://www.idahofair.com/competitive_exhibitors.php

Lefty would be proud! They are precious, TFS!

Well, Lefty did leave a legacy, that's for sure. And I agree... that one in the front is going to be a chip off the ole block. So Lefty and Crazy Dark Brown Hen had a thing for each other, eh?

How cute!!!!

C'mon .... only one 'spoiled' one??
I'm sure there's more than one!!
They're all worthy of cuddles ....
*spoken by a keeper of the occasional chick indoors* .... Okay ,.... many, many moons ago ...

Oh, they are all just precious! I'm so happy to see Lefty's legacy right up front! He is just SO handsome...
Thanks for sharing your little ones with us! They are just awesome! :D

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