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Please send some of that heat and sunshine our way to Wyoming! Its been raining (which is rare in itself) for the past 2 weeks, almost solid. AND it snowed on Sunday. Trees and grass are loving it, any flowers planted are dead by now (should have seen the frost this morning). Mountains were absolutely beautiful, so not all was lost :) But Id like it above 50, seeing as its June already :)

lol!! we were in the high 80s today and it was HUMID!! I don't mind the heat, but humidity is the killer! we had to turn on the A/C tonight - heck it is 80 in my house!!

Sorry you're not a fan of the heat. Feel free to send some North since it's only in the 40's here again today. Cold and rainy - YUCK!

Love the chick image. I'm totally ready for it to be warm so I can lounge at the cabin!

Make sure chicken puts on her sunscreen or you know what might happen...I'm just sayin'!

Love this image! And I feel for ya...as soon as it gets over 80 I start whining. I hate the heat!

Way to HOT for me...I'd like to send you some of our recent rain. Love that bathing chicken - she's a beauty!

oh my gosh that two piece bathing suit is a hoot. Thanks for the good belly laugh this day!

Nothin' says "summer" like a . . . chicken in a bikini? Too funny! I wish we could add up our temps and divide by 2 -- we've been unseasonably cool -- 38 degrees on Saturday night, 41 degrees last night.

I say, join this chickie in the pool--QUICK! If you don't have your own float tube, steal hers. Oh, and take her fruity drink too. She's adorable--love her bikini. :)

Omigosh! Did I give you permission to use my body as a model for this darling chicken? What a hoot! I just chuckled at her red bikini and stick legs hanging over the edge of the tube. Is this a stamp or one of your drawings? She is adorable!

We're having beautiful weather here in southern Michigan; a mild 75 degrees with just the right breeze.

Hope you and all the animals are staying cool!

I agree. I hate hot weather too.

I love this sunbathing beautie!!! I can't stand humidity and high heat, either. Too much for me. Love our generally nice, cool PNW summers!

Hi Anna,

I hope the heat go away soon and you can enjoy a better weather. I know how is living in a hot weather everyday. I live in Miami, so we have just one season..summer!! LOL..
I want to ask you which tool do you use for your faux stitching around the edges. I know do you mention this before but I can't find it. Sorry.

Your pictures and cards are as always AMAZING...


i LOVE this chicken - too, tooooo cute! i like the tx summer sunshine, but i could do without the crazy heat. and i'm even a native! *wink* definitely time to go soak in the lake!

Pike fishin on the river today. A bit to breezy but we made the best of it one 30 incher in the boat and several severely mauled flys. Lost a realy big one, dang, The hook pulled out. Come see us here in Washington State. 72 and the lilacs are blooming! Love, Dad

Well, it wasn't even 60 here today!!! June 6th, & we are freezing!! We even came close to a frost the other night!! In June!! Crazy!!

This sunbathing chicken is just too cute. Love her.

What a sexy bikini on that hot chick of yours! Yeah, I don't do hot and humid either. Just move real slowly if you go outside.

What a cute chicken illustration!! I love her fire engine red bikini and inner-tube and her little legs hanging over it - too cute!!! Our temps in Mass. are unseasonally cool and expected to stay that way all week.

Come and see me! We've been having 50's & 60's weather here.

I don't like hot either!! It's been fairly nice here in mid-Michigan. Your little chicken in the floaty is adorable! Great job!!!

Im with you anna...i hate hot...id like it spring all year long...a constant 70-75..And its to be in the 8o today and then 70s for the rest of next week...so life will be good here in Kansas...want to come visit??? (so that is 700 here...better then 950!) ha ha

You are too funny. You're just like me, but I live in Toronto, not Texas, - what's a girl like you doing there?? LOL! Try to keep cool.

We're only in the 50s here in upper Michigan..cooler for this time of year..should be a few degrees warmer. Tired of the cold/wind/rain we've been having..
send some of your hot this way. I don't like it real hot either, but I'd take some 70ish...

We're getting unusually cool weather right now in So Cal. I hope when it finally leaves us (which I'm NOT looking forward to), it blows some cool air your way. I'm with you... summer is not my best time of year in this climate. But your chicken has the right idea... if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! LOL


My car already registered 98 degree on wednesday!! This week the forecast for "sunny" Jacksonville, it RAIN...and lots of us...not so "sunny" :-(

Too cute Anna. I bet you drew that yourself. You are wonderful!!

That is one of the best ways to calculate how hot it is, that I've run across!!! I hate hot heat, give me cool mountain air anytime. Love the chickie in the pool!!! I hope it's one of your new releases?!

Is that cutie sunbathing hen a stamp! Love it! You can keep the heat. My dd keeps wanted me to move to Houston to be by her. I like winter too much and not so much heat!
Keep cool!

This cracked me up!! Too cute. Love her little stick legs coming out of her bikini!

LOL, Temps in Wisconsin today are suppose to be in the high 50's. I'll keep it, don't like the heat either. When are you going to come back to WI? Would love to see at Creative Pals in Brookfield again!!

OMGosh, that is the cutest chicken EVER!!! I love it! You MUST make that into a stamp, or a photo to buy, or SOMETHING!!!
I'm with you, I HATE the heat...my hubby could have gone back to A&M for good jobs, but I told him NO WAY! I CAN'T live in TX ever again! (too hot)...so sorry you are going to suffer. Get a sheet out, soak it in water, and lay it over you. It will help cool you off! (that and a tub of cold water to stick your feet in!) :D

You can keep the heat! Keep those chick cool...love the darling hen in inner tube!

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