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Congratulations!! I love all the Stampington publications but haven't seen this one! Your softies are so sweet!!!

How exciting! Are those some of the wool felt ornaments you were working on at Christmas? Congratulations to talented YOU!

Well deserved, indeed! Congratulations!

¤ª"˜¨*¨˜"ª¤*¤ª"˜¨*¨˜"ª¤* Congratulations Anna *¤ª"˜¨*¨˜"ª¤*¤ª"˜¨*¨˜"ª¤

Wow, is there anything you can't do? LOL I adored those stuffies you created while being at home with your Mom over the Holidays :)

Maybe your next publication will be in 'GQ Magazine', or 'Esquire', highlighting your design talents and sewing, for those male chickens we all seem to have in our lives. You know the ones who are missing feathers here and there, [male-chicken baldness] which they all "claim" is from being pecked-on, picked-on & pulled from their ladies in Da'Coop :) hehehehee

Congrats again Anna ~ Brilliant job =)

EXCELLENT!!! Congrats Anna!

HURRAY for ANNA!!! I'm so glad your ornaments made it in the magazine...I just LOVED what you and your Mom made last year! They were FABULOUS!!!
CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!! I will have to go order one of these right now...I'm way far away from any store that would have it! ha
Have a great week!!! :D

What's the big deal people? I get stuffed every Thanksgiving and nobody gets a bit excited about it. I went fishing on Grande Ronde this Weekend for some excellent Smallmouth Bass action, now that's Exciting! Love, Dad......PS I really liked the Foghorn Leghorn Rooster Felty

Anna: Congrats on being published in Stuffed. Love your ornaments. I really enjoyed the first issue of this mag & will be heading out to get the second one soon. Got your new stamps sets this weekend - what fun they are. Hugs!

Congratulations! Your stuffed items always caught my eye - they're adorable!!

Congratulations!! Very cute ornaments!!

congratulations! How cool! I will have to look for this magazine.

Congrats. Your talent is endless!

What FUN!! Congratulations Anna!

Whoo Hoo Anna! Congratulations!! How very blessed your are to be sooo creative in so many different ways!! Happy happy Day to you :0)

How totally fabulous for you Anna! I'll have to look for the magazine.

Congrats Anna!! You deserve to be published, I'm so happy for you! tfs :)

I'm so excited for you! Yeah Anna!

That is to cool Anna...cant wait to see what you "stuff" next!

Congrats Anna,
Way too fun!

YaHoo ... Way to GO! Those felties are adorable. I am going to have to look into getting a copy. Have a Great weekend. Hugs...

So cute! Congratulations!

How COOL! Congrats! Those are super cute stuffed softies. :)

Congratulations Anna! I just loved your little felt ornaments when you made them for Christmas and it's so nice that other crafters (non papercrafters) will get to oogle them too :O) *sigh* Such a talented lady!



Congrats Anna!!!

Congratulations Anna! What an awesome feeling to be published.

Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing the news and the name of the publication. I must go out and pick myself up a copy and a few extras for some friends too. Huge congratulations. Damn, you make me proud.

Anna!! Congratulations!! Are the ones you made with your Mom last Christmas? (I've never forgotten the sparkly skates - but I think they were wood, right?). Anyway, whenever you made them - so exciting to see that you have been published. You go girl!!

Anna, congratulations! You are so talented I bet you and your mom could do an entire book on your feltie's.

Congrats, Anna - I always thought you should write a book - this is even better, since you don't have to take time from your crafting to write the thing :) Although I went crazy buying craft books with 40%-off coupons, I may just have to buy these as well!

Congrats! I'll have to look for it. Love your felted critters.

Excellent! I did find your owl especially adorable! I almost went out and bought felt (I can't sew for beans!)

Awesome! You need to be featured....your creativity is endless!

Congratulations! That's so fun. I loved those ornaments when you showed them.

Can I come live with you? :O)

Very cool :)

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