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too cute - not sure I'd want to see a bear, but heck if he's a cookin' up dinner...just maybe!! lol looks to be another super cute set!!

ACK! I already know this MUST be a part of my collection! This card is fantastic! I love the images and your coloring! Wow...I can hardly wait!!

Oh my is that cute! Can't wait to see the rest of the set! Happy Stamping.

What a hoot! I suppose it would be hard to be scared of a bear wearing green shorts and hiking boots. LOL

Your images are always fun and whimsical. I'm telling you, you should write and illustrate children's books!


Oh! I love it! Your watercoloring is beyond amazing. I wish I had ALL your sets, and then actually had time to use them. They make me so happy!

Fab card hun, love the scene that you have created! Can't wait to have a go with these, they are so much fun!
Hugs Tab xxx

Gorgeous Anna!!

I really dig your design style! Great for coloring!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

I'm dying! I'm placing an order today (4 of your sets - yay me!) but I just know I'm going to want the new ones too...

This scene is really a masterpiece, although it looks deceivingly simple!

I'm trying to figure out how you created that third tall peak in the middle of the mountains. If you stamped it, you must have masked off both the other sets of mountains plus covered the second smaller mountain and the shrubbery before inking your stamp.

Then there's the matter of the marshmallow roasting stick. You must have stamped it first, masked off the stick, and then stamped the bear to perfectly match his paw with the stick.

Your watercoloring is sensational! I love your purple mountains, the fire, the shadows right where they should be, everything.


Very cute card......makes me hungry for smores!!!!

How's Bad Betty these days? I just love hearing about her antics!

That is REALLY adorable! SO SO cute!

I can't wait for this release. This card is darling. Love it. I love National Parks but am still waiting to go to the Tetons and Yellowstone. I am hoping for next summer.

Oh, this is just waaay toooo cute! Can't wait to see what else is in store!!!

Can't wait to see the stamp set in its full glory!

Anna: I agree about how fast this year has flown. But, I sure enjoy your new releases each month - this one is just as cute as can be. Can't wait to see all of it. Love your watercoloring! XOX

This is really cute! Love that little bear in his shorts and roasting a marshmallow!!

Anna, your sets are always so fun! That bear is so cute! I'm sittin' here waitin' for the UPS man to bring me your May release. He's late... and I'm about to send out a search party! ;)

Oh my goodness this is just so cute! Your Bear looks adorable in this fun little camping scene.

Cute card. Will these stamps be a clear set with each design separate? Thanks.

Hi Anna, we have bears here see them a lot but the wolves are coming in now to. we saw them hunting for our Christmas Tree. big to but they are not common to attack humans I've been told but sure they will if the feel need to defend their pack. I have question for you it's sort of dumb but I have to ask..what is a re-inker? And thank you for designing such fun camp things men and camp things are so hard to find. and it's my area and I need more to scrapbook and card for this area..Thank YOu!!

I can hardly wait for this release. I adore the toasted corners. Great job!

I so love your work and photography, Anna, as do many thousands of others. This is such an adorable scene---so wonderfully colored----and I just had to crack up at the bear's chest hair!

So cute! I'll admit the puff of chest hair on the bear is a little unnerving, but outweighed by his adorableness. Love the shorts!

So very cute!!

We're planning a trip to Yellowstone in September. We'll watch out for bears :)

OMG this is ADORABLE, a MUST have. I also must find some of that great paper! All those bugs, gnats or mosquitos, just too cute. :)

Have you heard this :
When hiking in bear country it is good to carry pepper spray and wear bells so you do not startle the bears by coming up on them quietly.
Also know the signs of bears in the area. Look for scat (poop) Black bear scat will have twigs and berries in it. Grizzly bear scat will smell like pepper spray and have bells in it!! *grin*

Have a great week...HUGS

So glad you didn't meet up with a bear on your hike, since it probably would have been a grizzly. We have black bears in our neck of the woods, but they're more docile. The Tetons are breathtaking, aren't they!

LOVE IT!! I want it, I need it...that's it. I MUST have it! =) Excellent illustrations as always, oh queen of stamps designers!

Holy moly Anna! How fun is that!

I can't wait!! This looks like a really fun set! Thanks for the peek!

So this is what bears really do in the woods!! What a FUN card! Beautifully done & love the stitching!

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