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Too cute!

Love it! Your coloring is, of course, impeccable, but the sense of humor with this card is an extra treat!

This is so cute!!! I ordered two of the new sets and can hardly wait to get them!

Anna, I love this! Don't be alarmed when you see something very similar on Monday. I promise I didn't know . . . . :)

Hey! you'll never guess what I got in the mail today! The fish in a bucket card, Youza! Way Cool, Happy Fathers Day to Me! It looks just as nifty in the "flesh" as in Blogosphere. Love, Dad

Your cute creations always bring a smile to my face, Anna! I love the look on this fish's face. Your coloring is fabulous, and I had to crack up at your dad's (I assume, anyway) comment!

Haha that is so cute! What an imagination!
I like Debbie's idea above too! That background paper is so rich too!

OMG, how funny is this! I love the set. LOL. So much fun !!!

*sigh* This makes me happy. Loooove how you colored the water and Mr Chicken! I think your Mojo likes the wee hours of the morning! :)

The look on the fish's face is priceless! I just love love love what you've done with this card. Your paper, stitching, wahter coloring, shading, it's all marvelous! I'm waiting for the June release with "baited" breath.

So totally adorable!! Love the look on the fish's face and the poor chicken who is oblivious to the worm's shenanigans :)

Ooohhh I can't wait to get these sets! Totally adorable!!

Well I never! That is sooo cute, Anna! I really really really want this set (and about all of your others!)...but this might need to swim into my cart SOON! LOVE it!

Hey, Someone is liable to think you were influenced by a "worm dunker" My moto is "save a worms life, fish with flys" I can see the worms of the world picketing in protest. Love, Dad....... PS Nice boat.

this is so funny! I don't know why, but I just got this idea in my head....
fish puts a heavy box on the hook...fisherman thinks he's caught a fish....reels in to read message "you've got mail"

okay, weird I know, but the picture was in my head, so thought I'd share anyway.

This is so funny, I love the look on the fish's face. I will have to get this set!

This is wonderful -can't wait to see more!!

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