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The sign is beautiful! I think it might be nice if you painted the top surface of the letters with gold or gold leaf. The raised sides stay black but the gold on the top would really shine, like your lovely chickens shine. :)

Anna, You have to go submit Tiny Tim in his jacket to this site.

Love your blog1

add your painted polka dot chicken to the bottom of the sign

very cute...makes me want chickens even more

Well, this may have already been said, but I think grapevine would add a lovely touch.....

How about some speckling on the letters. Also a chicken and some wire.

im thinking...a chcken (yours are adorable)..at the top..(instead of eggs)..and then take 4 eggs.and nest them in the bottom "crook" of the E G G and S

no matter what you choose..youll make it wonderful..as you always do!

Anna all it needs is one of your cute hens in a nest peeking out of one of the letters. The sign is darling as is. Love your blog.

Yep, I'd add a chicken - either standing near the eggs or by the letter E or S.

I always think that gingham fixes anything!

Who would have thought there would be so many decisions to be made with the new hen house, chickens, and the sign! Fun peeking in every day to see what comes up next. Love your blog and stamps.

Chicken wire and straw. and a chicken image rather than eggs at the top.

Well i was not sure about the small eggs lol but did think may be you could cut out larger eggs and hang them from the bottom, and also like the polka dot idea xxxx

I would use eye hooks and hang the eggs across the bottom of the sign. Hey, you could change the eggs and only hang the type of eggs you are selling that day! :) Then at the top I would either add a cute raffia type nest with an egg in it or a chicken sitting on a nest? I thought your sign was adorable already!

Love the sign..... not sure about the eggs on top, maybe a more random design using the eggs. I had a chicken coop a few years back (approx 60 chicken) I painted signs to hang aroung the outside too... I found different funny ways to say 'chicken coop':
Hen House, Poulet Chalet, etc.... everyone would just walk around the coop and laugh!!!!

We also had pigs and I did there sty the same way, it was way to fun!!!!

I vote for a chicken on the sign as well. It's very cute as it is though.

How about adding some black ink or paint around the edges of the edges of the sign.

Anna, when I first saw your sign, I thought of fingernails at the top and wondered why. I never thought of eggs! Big dummy!! I like the ideas of a chicken in a nest in place of the "eggs" or one of your fat chicken images. I love the colors though and polka dots might look cute on the letters.

You do amazing work and I think the sign already looks great. But, if you are looking to add something, how about a faux "chicken wire" paint technique on the sign boards. You could lay actual chicken wire over the top of the boards and spray paint them. Then remove the chicken wire and voila!
Thanks for the continued inspiration!

Oh I love the polka dot idea! And how about some raffia...you know, hay under the eggs? I didn't read all the comments so that might already be a suggestion...but it's wonderful now and I'm sure you will embellish it perfectly!

Ooh, a chicken peeking out from behind the letters! Oh I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Great sign, fun suggestions. How about adding small tin stars to flank "Eggs"? One on each side. I can't wait to see the final project. Have a great weekend!

Okay. So I'm not the first to think polka dots.
Since you are planning to have dots on your building I would say to mix textures and stripe your letters. Yes, stripes!

I'd maybe mix it up a little bit and but some patterns on the eggs, too. Lots of pattern on the sign would be awesome.

How about some of your cute little chicks peeking out from behind the letters. Oh and some polka dots for sure.

First thing I thought of was polka dots, too. Also, not a fan of the egg placement but one of your chickens would be cute up there.

It is very nice, but you are right it is missing something. I would lighten up the letters with white spots, and exchange the eggs for a fat little chicken.

Oh some chicken wire and straw poking out here and there! I love this though, and I just dont see the 'fingernails' that everybody keeps saying, lol! Looks like eggs to me!!

It needs an Anna Wight chicken of course!

I think the eggs at the top are too small. Not sure what you should put there, but definitely something that is bigger and stands above the sign. If you use hooks (for appearance sake), I would still mount it to the door so it will not swing and slam against the door everytime you open it. It is very nice by the way!

Polka dots, or speckles, on the eggs. Love it.

I think it needs some white polka dots, either across the sign background or on the letters themselves! Cute though!
Anette (snowmom13)

It could just be me, but those eggs at the top look like a bad manicure. I think I'd rather see a nest with eggs in it snuggled into the gg's or something. Don't distress it too much, as that Texas sun will take its toll soon enough and that sign has to look as awesome as the coop for as long as possible. NO polka dots, but checks or chicken wire touches would be ok in moderation. Well, that was fun! I was really opinionated with YOUR work. And nah, nah, you can't ban me cause you asked for it! Happy weekend!

It's strange giving you hints, but here goes. I would put only three eggs on top and would put one to the left of the large E and one to the right of the large S. Something (a larger egg?) dangling from the bottom might balance it off nicely.

You have enough suggestions for 100 signs, so I'll just say I can't wait to see it hung on the coop! Anything you do will be AWESOME! Hugs, Diane :D

POLKA DOTTIES and a lil roughin up..... :)

How cute is this???? I like the idea with the eye hooks & chain to connect them. How about some hay sticking into the curve of the "g"s in the word "egg" - similar to a nest???

I love that you dad leaves comments on your blog!!! That's wonderful!

The letters need something. They are don't pop. Don't know if sanding to make them look weathered would help or some dots or my favorite would be checkerboard but I know how much work that would be. Glad it's you and not me! lol


I think a runny, cracked egg dripping down any of the large letters would be fun! That's what I call "fresh"!! You could also place some little chicks between the large letters.

Hey, Dolly Parton was in a movie with Burt Renolds, they had a Chicken Ranch in that movie as I recall it was pretty Frilly too, and I never saw any Polka Dots anywhere. I'll dig the movie poster out of Moms sewing room! Gimmy a call Chickie, You can paint a picture of Burt Renolds on the side of the Hen House. Youza! Love Dad, again

Talk about opening Pandora's box! Nice sign hang it from an angle bracket like in an old time business above the sidewalk AKA Charlie Russel, you know or the local Bordelo. There is no way to please EVERYONE, so better please yourself, and the girls of course. Ask wiley, that Rooster looks like he's got good taste or is that tastes good? Love, Dad.....

MY GOODNESS!!!---So many suggestions!!---What's a girl to do????

Barbara in Bellflower

I see you have loads of suggestions already :) The only thing I think is missing, is one of your chicken characters that you draw all the time ~ maybe have one or two poking their heads out at odd angles on either side of the sign.

Geeesh these chicks are certainly getting treated like the Royal Family =) Can't wait to see the Coop all finished and decorated!! !!

i would put some chicken wire behind the letters, i would speckle the letters and i would add some straw/hay under or behind the word eggs. you know how you like to add that antique aged look to things? a little rustic look? can you nest the eggs a bit? it is cute already!!

I love the eggs, boards and words. Maybe add a little nest somehow in the inner part of one of the 'g's! Maybe repaint the black egg lighter. I love it and I didn't think the eggs looked like fingernails.

How's about mounted on a square piece of chicken wire that's also been framed? I also like the idea of one of your chickens on the sign as well. :)) Good Luck!

I'm with Leigh! I was thinking about using a toothbrush or something and spattering it with a contrasting color/s. Your biddies have the most stylin' coop in the land! :-)

I am assuming that this sign will be exposed to the weather. I agree with the checkered board background, but maybe just a rectangle of it like a mat on a card. It would add a touch, but not overwhelming. I was also thinking that something in gingham would add a country/farm touch to it. Do they even make outdoor safe gingham ribbon? Black and white ribbon somewhere on the bottom sign in the form of a bow with some more egg accents. Or a nice flower with a gingham ribbon on it? Or put the large bow or flower spray on the top where the eggs are and accent the ends of the bottom sign with eggs. Just a thought. (You wouldn't have to add a thing - looks fine as is, too!)

Great job Anna - love it!!
Carla (SCS/cardsbycarla)

i think it needs a hen sitting on a nest in one of the G's. very cute!

Hey....anna, the eggs kind of look like nails...love the red and black look and I like the ideas of ginham, and one of your illustrated chickens or two and a nest of eggs.... Can't wait to see what you do.

I think a subtle checkerboard behind the letters and definitely needs at least one chicken.

How 'bout a hen sitting on top of the "E"

... a little one, right before the "E." :o)

An Anna Wight chicken of course!! That's what's needed

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

I would paint the back ground of the boards in a red and white check! It will stand out from your coop more AND the letters will stand out too! Maybe you could get the whole eggs and dangle them off of bottom of the bottom board or like ive read, a chicken would be fab too. The half eggs do look like fingernails (not your fault) I love the shape of the letters!! And it will look cute on the side of the coop!

DOTS, the 1st thing that came to my mind was ....DOTS!

I also was going to suggest white dots with the end of the paint brush handle to make the letters pop. The letter and the background are both dark. Other than that I would leave it alone!

~*WOW!*~Lots of creative chicken folks out there to give you ideas!

How about a cute grinning fox with a sign that says "Laid Daily!"?

it may be the picture but the letters and their background both seem dark. The letters don't really 'Pop'. If you did the polka dot thing on the letters that may work but for some reason I envision red and white gingham style plaid on the bottom background.
As for the eggs I think they are fine except the black one which doesn't look egg-like to me because of it's color. I think one of your chickens &/or nest would be darling there too but it's fine as is.

A little nest for the eggs somehow (as someone else put it, they look like finger nails to me too!), and an Anna white chicken of course!

Great sign. I'm thinking though that you need a "Chicken" somewhere on this sign since that's where you get the eggs from (they deserve some recognition too!) Polka Dots sound good as well & I like the Eye Hooks idea and someone suggested straw which would also be cute.

Of course I think it's great the way it is, but since you asked, and I subscribe to the theory of excess, how about glitter all over, and dots on the eggs? I know the glitter would eventually wear off, but just think how pretty it would be out there sparkling in the sun. I'm going into a fugue just thinking about it!

LOL... ok really chuckled at all of the fingernail comments.. didn't get it at first and really had to go back to the photo and look - now I see it - LOL

I love the idea of one of your chick drawings in a nest at the top .... but it is Texas girl!! you need some bluebonnets, and other flowers... Indian Paintbrushes?


Well, I didn't think fingernails, but I did think I didn't like the look of the eggs. I think a cute chicken up at the top would be better and a nest with eggs nestled in the bottom of the first G would look better. And I like the idea of some chicken wire and ribbon stuck somewhere. Like the way you painted it.

Is it me or is the "S" upside down? Love all the ideas.

I love the sign! My only suggestion is lose the fingernails (eggs) on the top and add a cute little chick to the top. Can't wait to see what you decide to do.

Happy Farming/Stamping!

A lady bug or two crawling across the sign.

I think it needs straw sticking out here and there! It is a little too clean looking, needs to be a little more rustic.

Hmm, I'm not sure what else it needs but when I first saw it the eggs they looked like finger nails to me. Then I realized they were eggs. Sorry about that!

I think the eye hook idea is great. I also think (geez, twice in one day ~ whew! my head might explode) the polka dots would be cuter on the eggs as opposed to the letters, I like the letters just as they are and polka dots might be too busy, taking away from the look. A cute little nest (made with rafia or excelsior)with a small egg tucked in the second "G" would be adorable and maybe one of your illustrated chicks in a nest propped up above the "e" in fresh, looking down towards the word Eggs would be cute, as if she's watching over the business in the coop. :)
Ok, back to your regularly scheduled program.....

I think some splattering of black, Anna. You know, like that spritzer thing used to do...

Chicken feathers. I also lilke the idea of chicken wire.

Hmmm...I'm thinking some chicken wire or gingham somewhere....that's all I've got. LOL

The sign is great! Maybe it could use some speckles on the letters?

How about mounting them on a nice big bright sun? ~chris

I Love it but think if it was me Id be adding a couple of little chicks somewhere.
Cant wait to see what you decide:0)

perhaps a nest & a sitting chicken somewhere? oh how i love your chicken illustrations!!! otherwise, it's pickawwww-fect!

I agree with the polka dots, you thought about it with the trim of the coop, why not the sign :0) And I think a little wooden chicken standing above the "S" in eggs and the "f" in fresh. Or maybe just nesting in one of the "g"s. Too cute!

I think (of course that's not worth a damn) you need some white polka dots on the word Eggs. The bottom panel looks a little plain. I love your idea to attach them with eye hooks and I would use wire to join them together so that you could twist and/or curl the wire. AND maybe the same wire for the hanger.

okay I'm done!

This is soooo cute! My mom raises chickens and something like this would be perfect for her.

I could make this for her for her birthday...

How 'bout some wire intermittently curled, gingham ribbon (brown/ivory), some rafffia or straw looking hay stuff. How big is this wooden sign? Does it need a stake? Maybe a large plaid bow in barn red and ivory at the "neck" of the stake below the word "EGGS". No, wait! how about a little wooden polka dotted chicken wired onto some curly wire bouncing out at an angle from either one of the two plaques. Yeah, that's it. Like that!

Love the eye hook idea. Maybe paint a wooden chicken and use another eye hook to attach it to the bottom. The sign is cute!

I like the hooking them together idea. Maybe it needs some screening to mimic the new door you put on the coop. And something a little flighty like raffia that flutters in the wind like feathers.

what about some straw or greens peeking out the back of the sign

Very cute! I stumbled on your blog and have enjoyed reading all about your chickens. :) In regards to the Fresh Eggs sign, perhaps some speckles/dots on the eggs themselves? Perhaps another egg on top of one of the letters in "eggs"? I'm quite impressed with the chicken coop's new window too. Happy hatching days!

Not sure that it really needs anything, although, you could always put some polka-dots on the letters :-)

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