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OMG... the skunk is so darn cute !! Great card.

This is too stinkin' cute!

Hope things have cooled off for ya'....we are having Eternal Spring here in Illinois....rain, rain, over cast, thunder boomers, more rain and not much sun... and hardly any temp above 75.

I love what you've done with this little skunk! And of course the pun is wonderful. :)

Ack! I love this card! So so cute! I love how you have him sitting on the trunk.

You can take my rain. This is usually our driest month in Utah, and we have had NON-STOP thunderstorms for a few weeks now. It's crazy! I'll try to send them your way! ;)

So CUTE, love this image!

LOL, this set showed up in my mail today. Too funny!!! :)

What a cute card, Anna. I love that skunk!

I think all the rainclouds are hanging out above Colorado. I've never seen so much rain here. It's very nice - I feel like I'm back in Oregon/Washington. The plants and flowers are sure happy too! I'll pass on the hailstorms though. I'm willing to share the rain.

I just love this little stinker! How cute is that. If we get more rain I will try my best to send down to you. :D

TOO CUTE! Great card...love the entire thing! Very funny sentiment...I'll have to check out that set! :D Can't wait to see your June releases... !!!


Sounds like where we live! But in our case its the Kansas/Colorado line...a storm will be heading our way out of colorado...and it hits this "line" and it splits and goes to Nebraska! Its ok with bad storms, nebraska can have them, but rain is always welcome!

Aww, that's adorable!

Love the skunk card, very err.... sweet!

You are welcome to all the darn rain we have been getting, can't get a thing done outside. We are about 50% done with the coop and have to keep running inside, the roof isn't quite finished.

Sooo stinkin' cute! Love it, Anna!

Adorable card! I'm so tempted to get that stamp set... I've seen so many cute cards with it.

Definitely weird weather all over this country lately, including right here in So Cal. Very cool, gray and overcast, but no rain. Bah! If we're going to have the former, we desperately need the latter!


We got the same thing...NOTHING! All that work up for NOTHING! HMPH.

Love your card, girl!

OMGoodness!! This is totally adorable...too stinkin' cute (as they say!) I love the sentiment too! You really are such an enabler... :)

That is the cutest little stinker ever, good thing the actual stink part is missing ......... Whew! Wish we would get alittle rain down here I'm Houston too, though I can do without the hurricanes which sometimes come with that rain! Have a nice weekend my dear!!!!! Kiss Truman for me:)

AB-FAB! You've worked your magic on Alma's images, Anna!

ps: got my stamps today...so pretty. Thanks!

Anna, this is the sweetest!!! errr or should I say so STINKIN' cute.............hehhe!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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