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Oh clever Anna, if only you could store it up and sell it to me when it's 20 up here in January. You could buy A LOT of neat-o quarter wooden buttons. Have Creative Pals on the "stop" list for next week. Thanks for your input and I hope it gets back down into the 80s for you and the frizzles.

I feel for the chickens - our A/C went out last week and it was a long, miserable night! I'm scared to see what July and August bring!! We stopped & got an slurpee on the way home the other day and I swear it gave me the shivers. I told my husband we needed to look at getting a machine set up in the house :)

Oh wow!!! That's some heat! Around my part of the world, we felt hot today at a whopping 74 degrees...

I am so laughing about your 'math'. It has been hotter than Hades in N. FL too. The heat index over the past weekend was 105!

Hope your little chickens fare well and you stay with some cold lemonade in one hand and an ice cream bar in the other! We are off to Disney tomorrow (Lord, help us) for a few days - I am sure it will be sweltering! I grew up in Ft. Worth, so I am pretty used to heat! (As much as you can 'get used' to it) LOL!

Stay cool,

I definately feel your pain it was 108 here in Phx. With no end in sight till Nov. The calculations for us the 10 days is about 1045, at least ours is a "dry heat" :) I just hope the chickens survive for you!!!!

It's tremendously hot here in Georgia and to think I wished for it to warm up.

I'm packing my bags and heading to your folks' place.

Hang in there - and my husband thinks mid-80s is hot - he'd never survive down there. (Of course, if he ever put on some shorts it would make a difference!) Hugs to all.

G'day out there! Here in the mountains of Northeastern Washington at the moment it's a scorching 64 cloudless and a very lite breeze, delightful! We still have that empty guest room and the trailer is in the Aspen grove relaxing. A little flycasting for Bass this weekend and floating the river, someone has to do it, right? Love, Dad PS. Can we come visit the Nice lady in Vancouver BC for a change of scenery

WOW weve been hot here today but nothing like that dont think I could stand it now.
Hope at least your nights are c ooler;))

I was so happy to leave TX and come back to the east coast. Not only are the temps more reasonable, we actually have seasons out here! I'll send cool, rainy thoughts your way!

Has anyone notified the weather that it's being redundant? I guess at least you're not having those terrible lightning/thunder/wind storms . . . yet. Good luck with the chickens and other poor boiling animals.

I just got back from Florida yesterday where I was "priviledged" to experience their record breaking heat! NO THANK YOU! OMG!I couldn't breathe the whole time I was there (a week). Back to the mild temperatures of sunny California. I told my hubby that if I ever complain of it being too hot here to remind mind me of the week I spent in Vero Beach. Yes, I said BEACH where it's suppose to be cooler...NOT!

Yes, I feel your pain... the burning pain. The heat index (and what does that mean any way---why don't they just admit that it's the temp!!!) was 112 degrees!!!

are you coming to CHA???

Sandra and Christina

Yeah...this sucks!! At least we have the beach and our pools to cool us off! But I don't dare try to do anything else in this horrible Florida heat. And I hate to say that Orlando is probably the worst city in the whole state! It's too far in to get a "sea breeze". Are you coming to CHA? I am only a few hours away.

Hot, hot Houston is no better- this is the beginning of the hottest summer since we moved here in 2000 and that was just flat-out ugly! I was the "cool" mom last night and gave the kids waffles with ice cream, peaches and a dab of chocolate sauce as their 2nd dinner after swim team practice- sometimes you just have to go with it!

I HATE the HEAT, it is going to miserable here all week. Most days in the mid to upper 90's then factor in the HUMIDITY, Yucky and Stinky... Iowa~

Stay as cool as possible, hugs...

Isn't life funny. I'd do anything for some warmth right now, it's been raining for almost 10 days straight here in maine with more coming. Temps are unseasonably cold and strawberry season is at risk. So I'll try to send a little cooling relief your way, he-he. We bought popsicles for the kids (trying to gear up for summer vacation) and they haven't been touched. Can those be shipped, lol. Take care and try to keep cool.

When it rains, it pours. We have had almost a solid week of rain and drizzle here in New England. We are on track for the coolest and cloudiest June ever. Gardens and flowers are not happy, but lettuce is thriving. I'll take a few degrees of your heat. Going to meet some goats today - I'll be thinking of you.

I am NOT a hot weather person, and living here in Kansas....HUMIDITY...I know I know...its not like TEXAS...but hey its still wet and nasty and makes you fell all sticky none the less! I just stay inside in the air conditioning , i have no a animals to deal with but i do have a good size garden, and when it get hot...that is when i decide i have gone "organic" and let the weeds grow...! ha When it cools off i will spend time zoning out and picking the weeds by hand......its so theraputic..ha
"a" popsiscle isnt going to cut it...nor will an ice cream bar, i think you should freeze your bra and big girl panties and "armour up" next time you have to go out! hahaha...ok its late and im a bit goofy at this hour! ha

Time to grab your DH and move back north to the Pacific NorthWest, lotus-land of North America! Alright, you can stop gagging now. But it IS cool and lovely here in Vancouver, BC this week, with the thermometer just nudging 75 (or 22 Celsius as we Canucks would say.) My kinda weather!
I send you COOOL thoughts.

I love it-any day over 85 is my kinda weather no matter the humidity or the dryness. Bring it on!

I feel ya, girl. I've had 3 popsicles today. Ugh.

So sorry to hear this.

I soooo understand what you are talking about. It was 101 here today - Hubby has been out of town fishing, so feeding all the donkeys has been up to me - not my job usually to haul bales of hay to all the pens.... it is soooo hot out there! Both myself and the donkeys will be happy that Daddy will be here to feed in the morning... (I do lovings while he feeds and they don't get as much of that when I feed LOL to tired by the time I am done I just wave good bye!) For just one day of rain to cool us off and water the pastures!!!

HUGS - and I wish you an ice cream bar!

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