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TOO hot for me! I just spent a week in CO. and came home to miserably hot house.
Try to stay cool.

That would be TOO DANG HOT for this Oregonian!! Stay hydrated my friend and in the AC.

I hear your pain, Girlie! Those temps, coupled with lots of humidity, make for misery in my book! It cracks me up that you add up all the predicted temps to reach the final total. :) This chicken and her (or should I say 'his'?) frozen fruit bar are so cute!

You can try to blow some of that warm weather over to Europe! I would love to get some summer over here in the Netherlands...

LOVE the animation.
i live in New England. it has rained everyday for the last two weeks, lawns are lush, flowers are bright. i am crabby.

I think you and Alan should pack up all the animals (I know that's unrealistic) and move back to Oregon. I couldn't live in Texas, I'd melt!! I don't like it above 70*

I wonder if those frozen drinks are back at Taco Bell this summer - you got me hooked on them last year!

After ready all the comments and looking out the door this morning and feeling the searing heat of 65 degrees, 9:30 am PST here in Washington State.with a withering High of 72 forcast for the day. I can only say,We do have a guest room and I am going fishing on a beautiful moutain lake this afternoon and wish I had a partner for the day that did not hate mosquitos as bad as my wife !!!!!!! Love, Dad

This heat is brutal, I'm in Houston and it's bad!! Took my dogs for a walk last night and wow, we were all happy to get back home and in the ac!!! I feel for all your critters, just nowhere to really get away from the heat! Take care Anna, Alan too......I bet Truman and Betty would like a fruit bar:)

If you care to send 10 or 15 degrees up here to Michigan I'm sure our boaters, swimmers, campers would be grateful. It is now mid June and we are having our first summer days

Yowzers! That IS awfully hot! Please, Please, PLEASE do not send your heat up north :-) I'm really enjoying our cool summer thus far in Nebraska!

Love your "new" math. It is hot here in Texas! Beautiful spring, super hot summer.

Oh Anna I wish you would send a bit of that to the NorthEast!! rain rain rain . . . sun coming Wednesday!! Your cute little chicken made me smile! :)

Cute popsicle and chicken!! :) Enjoy those!! :) Hope you survive the heat/humidty!! Don't know how you do it!! I could never!! A balmy 80' here in NoCal. I am beginning to think that summer isn't coming.

OMG! I hope you are making that chick with the frozen fruit bar into a stamp ~ I LOVE it!! Sorry to hear you are heading into the "oven" this week, I know I'd be planting my rear in a bucket of ice sitting in front of the a/c, humidity and I are not friends. I hope the week passes quickly for you, Alan and all the critters!

It's only just beginning in Georgia but I am grateful to say that at least we are not currently in a drought anymore.

Oh, I hate the heat - so sorry for you and all your little animals!

Sorry to say this, but I spend all winter wishing for those kind of temps. I live in VA and absolutely HATE winter. I will take the heat any time over the cold, dark days of winter. Another great thing about those temps is that they make the pool water warmer! I love going to the pool, but you won't see me in the water until the water is in the high 80s.

We had abit of sun and heat today but nothing like that and must admit you can keep it lol Hope you manage to keep get the fans and air conditioning going :0)

I feel for ya, girl. At least out here it's "dry heat," which is supposed to somehow make it easier to take... and it does... but any kind of searing heat is NOT my cup of tea!

I live in a mild climate...it's extra chilly today too...about 48 F/8 C and the humidity is at 76%...yesterday was 64 F/18 C. I don't know if I'd last a day in a hot climate! (thought I'm not enjoying the chilly day here today!)

OMGosh, I know just how you feel...I know how AWFUL it is...just stay INSIDE in the A/C, and you MIGHT survive!!! I hated the heat in TX so much...I'd be drenched in sweat after getting all the boys in car seats and seat belts (after having JUST taken a shower)...SO frustrating! I love those strawberry fruit bars...you DO need lots of those! And frozen blueberries and grapes...those are good, too! :D

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