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Whoa! I love your site and top of the list you are a "goat woman" too! We have La Mancha's. We decided to put bells on them so we can hear them. You know, if they become excited but so much for that... in the middle of the night--coyote time.... No, play time! Gotcha' human bean.

Man, those goats are characters! Love your stories! Thanks for sharing!

Hey Anna .... I adore all the goat's expressions and their dental work! LOL And I think I've figured out why *BAD BAD Boxcar Betty's* horns are all broken and ripped up *wink*.

Awww, I love ALL your animals and stories, but these goats and your narrative were really a hoot! Thank you so much for sharing!

Anna, you ROCK!

Oh my goodness, you sure do have your hands full with Boxcar Betty. She seems to love getting into mischief, lol.

Your goats are just so funny!

Funny that you posted about goats today. I had my 4yr. old niece w/me today, and out visiting garage sales...one place had goats..so we went over to the pen to pet them...there was: Stevie/Abby/Magic and a few others. We did the major scratchin' thing to them...it was sooo cool..I was masasaging one of the goats heads/face..he loved it..like I used to do to my dog, just rubbing their face on both sides, heaven to them..so funny to watch them play on the climbing equipment that they had..playing king of the mountain or something close to it..they were much fun to watch..

Can I just say that I love, love, love hearing about all the animals. I have told many a person about your blog and they are hooked. Keep it up. I can't wait for tomorrow!


Silly Goats... It looks like Maggie is Queen of the Hay Bale :) Thanks again for sharing the fun on the farm.

My Border Collie want to spend a day with you! She is also asking us to get "goaties" to come live with us.

Love your posts - every single one of them.

Loved the tales of your goats' antics...how fun! What characters they are! I wish we were neighbors...if only you weren't in TX where it's so hot, I can't take it! :P
Thanks for the great goat post, I enjoyed every line!!! (and the photos are great, as always!!!) :D

Naughty Box Car Betty.....she is just keeping you on your toes, as well as giving you reasons to keep the camera handy! I love it:)

Love your goat babies. Years ago when I was married, we had a automotive junkyard that was constantly over-run with weeds. So we thought...goats! We got Mama and Baby, 2 pygmy mountain goats. They had lots of fun in the junkyard playing tag with my 90 lb German Shepherd, Max. They would run back and forth and the goats would leap up on the old cars. As for the weeds, NOT, vinyl roofs were much more delicious, also the felt padding that lined the truck floor boards and of course the dogs food as well as the chicken feed. They were very affectionate and a lot of fun. Oh, and as you know, goats are very inquisitive. We came home one day to find Baby with her head stuck through the taillight lens hole of one of the cars in the yard. Who knows how long she had been standing there looking into the trunk of that car!! We were able to get her out with no damage to her or the car! Thanks so much for sharing your farm life with us, I am truly enjoying it.

rotfl!!!!!!!!!!!! "king of the hill" on the hay bale! what a great game. :)))

I love Boxcar Betty!!! She is quite a character. Thanks for the stories of your farm! They make me smile. Your stories are the next best thing to being there. I am excited I am getting out of the city jungle this summer and going to my aunt's farm in South Dakota to detox. I am really looking forward to it.

Hi Anna,

I have been a blog follower of yours for sometime...I use bloglines so it tells me when you post, ANYHOO, What I was getting at is I am in the market for a new camera and love the way yours takes photo's, could you tell me what your using so I can check them out? Thanks so much! YOu can leave me a message on my blog:


great pics, Anna! Your goat stories always make me LOL! Betty seems a lot like a goat I know! They always think the grass is greener on the other side. This adage has literal meaning for goats. hahahaha

Your adorable pictures and charming tales of the farm, just bring a smile to my face and warm my heart! I can't imagine anyone more perfect to live on a farm. I'm so happy to know that your animals are part of the family and have a real home and aren't just animals on a farm like they would be to most farmers.

Really, when are you going to start booking farm animal/stamping get aways?

That's it! It's settled. I'm packing up and moving in. You can't talk me out of it. I'm on my way. P.S. If I'm good, will you please get me a cute little turquoise October Afternoon "Sweater Weather" collar?

Ahhh...the photos of Betty reminded me of a driving trip in Ireland. We were in Kerry on a long lonely road with little traffic. There were sheep scattered over the hills and we passed one very close to the road and I shouted to my hubby to pull over (it was not like there was any traffic coming along that road) as one sheep appeared to be caught in the fence. I jumped out...got a hold of his horns (a ram) and wiggled him out of the wire. He had apparently been there for a little while as the grass was all eaten within his reach LOL. He ran away a few steps to a little grassy mound and turned around and Baaaa'ed at us as if to say Thanks! LOL

Love all the photos!

I love the 3rd picture of Betty - she looks like she's trying make it look as though she meant to stick her head through there: "No no, I don't need help, I meant to put my head through there. . this is all going according to my plan." She may be 'bad' but for goats, it's all relative - what a girl! BTW - very cute collars for goats, not that I am surprised, everything you touch looks wonderful.

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