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AWESOME pictures!

Ahhh....lovely photos!

beau T ful! they must not have squirrels -- we had two plants last year -- and they were demolished by the squirrels (little raschals!!) Sandy in VA

Oh my word! Stunning!
Great photography too Anna!

Just breathtaking!

Sunflowers are my favorite! They are sucha Happy flower, just makes me smile when i see one and boy, are these beautiful!! Nice job on the photography....stunning! I might have to have some prints of these :)

Stunning photos, Anna! The light is glorious. Thanks for the little bit of heaven.

Wow! Such amazing photos!! Those are some perfect sunflowers! And you captured their spirit!

WOW When are you going to have an online photo class? I wanna set of those pics. Are you selling them? come on say yes....

[email protected]

These photographs are simply amazing...so bright and cheery. The detail you captured is beautiful...you have a true talent!!! Thanks for sharing.

these photos are GORGEOUS! thank you so much for sharing them with all of us. (they really perk up my desktop! ;p)

I'm especially fond of sunflowers since my Stamping Tower has a sunflower border along the top. Not only did you capture them beautifully in your photos, but you highlighted the fact that the Lord's handiwork is truly magnificent!

I just subscribed to your blog, I had saw it once before (the crazy chicken name post) and showed my boys, now I found you again, so I stuck you in reader, your posts are a lot of fun, I'm really enjoying it!

Thank YOu!

Girlfriend, you are a genius with that camera! What a study of sunflowers - and your lighting was perfect.
So enjoyable - so uplifting.

Georgia O'Keefe's got nothing on you, lady!

Awesome pictures of the sunflowers!

Fields of sunflowers are one of my favorite things to see!!! The funny thing is~~we'll have them here in NE, but it will be a couple of months before they are blooming!!! Y'all are WAY ahead of us weather-wise!!! :D
Have a GREAT Memorial Day! Hugs to the chickens! ! !

You just take the most amazing photos!

Those are GORGEOUS pictures Anna!!!! I LOVE Sunflowers and these are no exception...BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

W-O-W! Gem indeed!!!! And your photography skills are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G(right along with everything else you do)!

your photography is amazing. great pics!

Wow, Anna, this is some awesome photography!!! I love all the sunflower pictures but especially the ones where it's only a partial image. One in particular, no. 11, looks like a sunrise - so gorgeous!!

OHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are just stunning!! I love all the different looks you got!

How absolutely gorgeous!!

Beautiful pictures, Anna!

Your sunflower pictures are awesome. Will they be avilable for purchase on your photo gallery? Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

Stunning pictures. Rarely, have I seen fields of sunflowers.

huh????????????? ours aren't even out of the ground yet!!!!!

These are stunning!! What joyful little faces they have, and the sky is just so intense. Your blog is always the first thing I check because of the stunning photos (oh, and the great cards, too.)

I only have one itty bitty question on all the Sunflower stuff......... Where were all the BEES?? Love, Dad

Anna! These photos are fabulous!! I love, love, love sunflowers and you have captured them so beautifully!!! Thank you for sharing! I'm inspired to create some cards from your photos!!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

How inspirational! I just created a painting with handmade sunflowers! Thanks for sharing the beauty:)

Oh, my! These are gorgeous pictures. I love sunflowers. I have never seen a field of them before.

Absolutely gorgeous!

Wow, just beautiful Anna! Thanks for sharing!

oh, how much delight I take in your camera. What glorious pictures. thanks so much for sharing all that you do. be it the cutest farm animals in the world, natures wonders or even putting up a chicken coop. you give us al a time to pause and say thanks. MaryAnn

Beautiful pics, Anna!! A few years ago we were lucky enough to live in SE CO during a once in a lifetime sunflower extravaganza. The earth was covered in sunflowers for more than 50 miles in every direction. On some parts of the highway it was like driving in a tunnel. It was crazy beautiful and a real privilege to experience. Thanks for the gorgeous trip down memory lane!

Holy moley, Anna, you have captured some outstanding shots of these gorgeous flowers. I share your love for sunflowers, not only because of their beauty, but because of the imagery of what they represent. We always keep our faces turned toward the sun, and if we are faithful to that, we bear many good seeds. Thanks for sharing your awesome photography skills with us.

I smile and enjoy all the antics of your animals-so cute-but the sunflowers are just gorgeous! You have great talents-tfs.

Glorious! What a find! The warm glow of daylight was perfect at the time you shot this sunflower series. Did you shoot in the mid-to-late afternoon? I've always wondered about the camera and lens(es) you use and which are your favorites.

OH MY WORD!! A gem, indeed!

These are simply gorgeous! I've been following your blog for some time.. love all your photos! envious of you being surrounded by all your wonderful animals!

WOW! beautiful!
Can't wait for my little plants to grow up and bloom! LOL TFS. But now I wish I had planted hundreds of them!!

Beautiful pictures Anna it must of been a spectacular sight and youve kept it forever Thanks for sharing it a great start to my day:0)

Incredible. You are one amazing photographer too...I love to open your blogs in my e-mail to see what you have captured most recently through your magic camera lens. Well done, Anna.

These photos made me smile from ear to ear. Sunflowers are my favorite flower out there and you took Perfect pictures of them. Thanks for the huge smiles and warm fuzzies Anna *hugs*

I have been following your blog for probably more than a year now and I have to let you know yours is one of my very favorites. I get on my laptop and go to your blog thinking "I wonder what is going on at the farm today?" I wouldn't say that I am fond of chickens but I love seeing your pictures of both the baby chicks and the adults too. I never know 'who' I will see each time I log on but I am never disappointed with whoever it turns out to be, even Bad Betty. Ha! Ha! She's a laugh riot! Your other photo subjects whether buildings, plants or anything are always amazing and stunningly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your farm world/family and bringing back great childhood memories for me of my grandparents farm. I love your projects too, but your photography has to be my fav.


Barbara in Bellflower

Wow your photogrphy is amazing!!! I can imagine a whole wall of Sunflower photos so sunny and bright, and they would be even more appreciated in winter. TFS Ann Lind

WOW !!!! I want to take photos like that. You really have a TALENT. If I lived close by I would be begging you to teach me some tricks to getting such great photos. TFS :)

Love these pics! Gorgeous sunflowers! I'd love to find a field like that!! My 5 yr old and I planted some sunflowers at our house, but they aren't anywhere close to as big as those sunflowers are.

Your photography is amazing! I love all these beautiful sunflower photos.

I've been following your blog for sometime. Started following because of your stamp stuff. But then got addicted to the cows and chickens. And now, OHMIGOD, I think these photos are awesome!!!!

You are very talented, in so many ways.

-Mary in Saint Louis

Oh my god, those are absolutely beautiful. You are alot more into Summer where you live than we are here in Minnesota. Right now the only things blooming are my Lilac bushes, Lily of the Valleys and my bleeding hearts. Everything else is still in the growing stages and we won't have sunflower fields until July.

WOW - you are right, what an amazing find. Even more impressive is how you've managed to take us all there with you through these gorgeous images. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent with the world.

Gorgeous floral photography, Anna. Isn't it amazing the beauty our Creator has made for us to enjoy.

Incredible photography Anna. The centers of the flowers are so intriquing and the sharpness of your photos just brings it all to life. Beautiful, awesome, amazing!

These are stunning photos!! I LOVE sunflowers. . .my living room is decorated with sunflower pictures. I keep hoping to see a field like that myself, but no luck yet. Thanks for sharing!

Holy Sunshine!! These sunflowers are gorgeous and your photo's are phenomenal!! They are one of my favorite flowers, I would LOVE to see a field filled with these. Any chance a few of these beauties will end up in your etsy shop???? :) Thanks for sharing, they just make me smile!

Oh goodness - gorgeous photos. I just love sunflowers.

OMGosh, Anna, how wonderful! I'd give anything to see something like that in person. You are one lucky girl! Sunflowers are one of my faves. Thanks so much for sharing these pix with us.


Wow, wow, WOW!!!!!!!

I have always wanted to find a field of sunflowers and take photos! I love these!


You have such amazing talent

GORGEOUS photos! What a great find!

Gorgeous Flowers!!!!! Hey left you an Award on my blog! Go see!!!

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