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I'm so loving the chick pictures!

What precious little furbabies, and another interesting lesson about farm animals! Spectacular photography!

Hi Anna ~ The new babies are adorable :) It's totally neat how different each one is with and all the different feathers, crowns, toes, etc. And I also LOVE how you edit your photos with arrows .....

Is there a chance you can "display" what a milk beak looks like ~ I know you've talked about it, and referred to it falling off after a certain amount of time?? Ya know, I have to understand all these things now, THANKS to you =)

Well, this is just so much fun! These little chicks are just so cute and I'm learning such interesting things about them:)

The closest I can get to the excitement you are having is that the Chickadees that have nested in a birdhouse in our back yard have hatched and should be ready to fledge very soon. Actually, one did yesterday but I think he was a bit premature on his escape. I'm hoping he survives. The parents are still diligently feeding and cleaning up after the others still in the nest. They're so fun to watch.

They are so sweet! I had no idea about differences in toes on chickens! Very interesting!!

Hi! I am a off and on visitor of your blog. I come to look at your cards (which are awesome) and I stay to hear all about your farm animals!! Heheheh!! I love all your stories and pictures so much! I'm not much of a farm girl (lived in towns and cities my whole life) so you've taught me SO much about chicks and farm life!! I was first taken with your little frizzle guy - when you made him the coat to keep warm!! I laughed so hard!!! I will continue to drop in to hear how everyone is doing!! I feel like your animals are friends!!!

Are those toes interesting?! I had no idea that there were so many structural differences in varieties of chickens. Love the soft feathers down the side of their legs.

You are so lucky to live on a farm. They would all be lap sitters if I lived there. You will have to post pictures of the new hatches. TFS Ann Lind

So cute! Love these fuzzy little critters!

How Fun and Exciting it is to wait and watch as the babies hatch! Have a great weekend. We can't wait to see what else you will be adding to you menagerie !

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