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LOVE IT!! www.whatupduck.com

Great name! It fits her. :)

Very fun! Love her new name.

Tipsy . . . love it! Thanks for the laughs!

I scanned many of the entries and missed Tipsy Frizzy Winkle. The name fits perfectly.

Hi Tipsy!! This is so much fun.

OH fab we still came in second!! we were close! to fun! Renee'

Tipsy is a great name :) Let's hope she shares some of her 'featherage' with poor bald old Tiny Tim !!!

Thanks everyone for the warm congrats! That was really fun!

Perfect name!!!

Oh how I would love to have a Frizzle Chick! It really does look like a pine cone, just amazing. I'm sure my other chicks would just love one. And the baby donkey is too cute. When our miniature donkey had her baby it was such a special experience, and I can't believe what long legs and ears the baby donkey's have! They are adorable...ours name is Freddy:)

Perfect name for one hot little chick!

Perfect name - congrats to Mary Ann

Too cute! Great name! Perfect for her!

What a bummer Miss Tipsy can't STAY looking like this she is TOOO stinkin cute!!!! I LOVE that lil chickie!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER NAME!!!! The closest I have come to owning a farm is on my Facebook...lol

Congrats Mary Ann, and welcome to the world Tipsy!

Great name and it does suit her to a T.

I love it...and yes, it was fun for ALL of us! I'm glad Tipsy has her name now...can't wait to see what she looks like when she's fully grown!
Have a great weekend! :D

Love her name ~ super cute and quite fitting! Congrats Mary Ann! :)

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