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Too darn cute~~~~~~~

Hurray!!!I received this card for my B-day! Thank you, Anna. It is more adorable in person--love the coloring and you sewing skills are remarkable...Thanks mucho

OMG Anna, I can't let you outta my sight this long again! lol Your animal pics had me reading & laughing instead of posting my own blog, then...I get to this amazing card!! I love, LOVE those colors you used. This dragon is such a cutie. I gotta go over and check him out and see about a little mother's day present for myself! High Hopes, here I come!

Great card Anna! Love the colour combo and the stitching looks awesome! Thanks too for sharing your wonderful photography--love all those baby animals--especially the chickens!

Your colors just pop Anna! I love the stark contrasts you achieved in the deep shadows and brighter highlighted areas. Its really a pleasure to look at! The ribbon is gorgeous too, with the cute little button in the center. You're Anna-mazing artist girlfriend!

Ahhhh, I've been missing your watercoloring. Here's my fix for the week. Super cute stamp too.

What a sweet dragon! Love his colors!!

Awww!! This is so sweet Anna!! And your coloring is outta this world fabulous!! WOW!!

A gorgeous card!!

adorable!!! I need to know where you get your dotted PP...you use it a lot and I LOVE it...This card is fantastic.

Such a gorgeous card!

Anna, such a sweet card. I am always amazed by what you create and only wish I could color my images and have them turn out like yours.

Love this card! The colors and all that stitching are fabulous!

Awwww, so cute!!

He is so CUTE!!!

Very Nice! Did you make one for Pastor Michael Wayne Sundin? Mikey is 40 tomorrow! It's all down hill after 40 you know. Love, Dad

super wonderful! I love your coloring on this cutie and his friend! and the 'crazy' sewing is perfect!!! :)

High Hopes has the cutest dragons, I like his shiny spots.

this is an adorable stamp. . . it reminds me of a tv show my daughter watches all the time, "Dragontales". . .thanks for sharing!

Fabulous Anna! Love the colors!

Oh wow Anna - I love it! Wish I didn't have to go to work right now.... you always make me feel like colouring!! 8)

Carla (cardsbycarla)

I'm glad to see your artistic ~Mojo~ is back in full-swing :)

This card using High Hopes' dino image is pretty amazing ... your embossing, colouring and shading is what makes you the wonderful artist that you are.

...... even if you didn't pick my suggestion as the new name for Little Miss Pullet Tipsy :)~~~~

An adorable card! I just love it.

OMGosh, that is SO cute! And I love the colors of the dragon~~such great shades of blues and greens! Beautiful!

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