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ok, this one is bugging me. in one photo, she looks like a hen, in another photo, he looks like a rooster! i gotta go with rooster.
sure, you get the cuddly chicks. i get a grumpy bull snake!

Chainsaw is so adorable. No wonder you sit and hold him/her through DWTS. Anything that cute needs to be cuddled and held. I loved Ty Murray as well. I'm sorry he got eliminated last night.

What a cute chick! She (think positively) does look like a bald eagle in the last photo. Not too sure I like the name Chainsaw for a sweet chick that likes dancing :)

Sorry Chainsaws fave didn't make it... Enjoy the rest of them though! What a lovely colour he is! Thanks for sharing your chickens with us Anna!

Sorry Chainsaw, I heard on the radio that Ty didn't make it last night. Bummer.

You are one Crazy Chick Miss Anna :) Ha! But I do appreciate all the lessons you are teaching me when it comes to the wide-wide world of Chickens. I never realized how many varieties there were and all the different feathers and colours. I wish I could have a few of my own here in the City :)

So tell me, do you think "Chainsaw" has any *normal* features and/or behaviors? Or is he//she lining up with the rest of the cluck group for psycho analysis? *wink*

And do I dare ask, where in the world the name Chainsaw came from? Are you a fan of horror flicks like "Texas Chainsaw Masacer"?

Great photos but I do have one request, PLEASE, can we see an updated picture of Tiny Tim and his sexy bald body? [[Note: Everytime you are in Tiny Tim's presence, you and Alan should break out in song to ...
"I'M TO SEXY FOR MY SHIRT, TO SEXY FOR MY SHIRT, SO SEXY IT HURTS....." Afterall, this wouldn't be far from the truth would it? LOL

Love your chickens. They are all SO different and just looking at them have such personalities.

Chainsaw, huh? That is one funky name for a chicken! LOL

Love the name Chainsaw. Ü

Chainsaw is adorable!

Bwa Ha Ha love that name!

The last pic he looks like a little bald eagle, O.K. maybe not but kinda . . .you did it, you made me smile :0)

Just love visiting your blog to see the farm animals and your creative side.

Oh, Chainsaw is a beauty. Truley he/she will be the best ballroom dancer when grown up. It's a favorite around our house too...

What a sweet little chick! I like the name, too!

I'm always amazed at your pictures Anna....they are top notch & always fun to look at!! Chainsaw is a cutie!

That is one cute chick! Another Ty fan here too though I am not a DWTS fan. I record it so I can fast forward through all the fluff!

What a cutie! I've got my whole family voting for Ty! Who knows, maybe he'll just win the whole thing? Have you read his blog?

Just how are you getting them to stand so still...are they sedated!?! Just received my 100mm macro lens in the mail yesterday...can't wait to play. Your pics are always so inspiring.

Oh my - such CUTENESS!

Oh, he/she is just adorable! You are such a good chick Mommy! But I think you need to make Chainsaw a dancing costume...wouldn't that just be the cutest?! And then he/she could dance on your lap for the finale! :D

OMG, Anna! Pure preciousness! What a lovely little chicken. it's easy to see why you and "it" like cuddling so much.

Isn't chainsaw adorable. I like the last photo where he/she is looking back over the shoulder, kinda looking like an littel bald eagle!

Hey , Chainsaw, I am rooting for Ty, too!
Love them Cowboys, LOL.

Yes, Chainsaw does not want to miss the big finale! And you never know who might be practicing dancing moves in the coop...

Another adorable chicken! I have to live vicariously through you, because if I bring home a chicken I will be the one in the coop!

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