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Wow, what a lot of chicks you have. As for the lovely lady that needs a name. There is Grace or Pearl. Or how about Thumbelina since she is so tiny. Or what about Lady Grey(Gray)? She almost looks like a dove.

OMG they are so cute and funny! That Curly Que is fabulous!!

Gosh - these chickens are all gorgeous! it has been awhile since I have visited your blog and boy do I miss it. I even had to hit the link to view older posts - gasp - I don't think that has ever happened to me before.

I will try to do better in the future. I really enjoy all your farm pictures along with your cards!

I think Lacey is a beautiful name for your delicate sweet little girl! Do you have them all written down somewhere! HOw the heck do you remember all those names?!?! I guess if the Duggers can do it, so can you :0) I left you a little lemonade stand award on my blog for being such an inspiration :) Toodles . . .

Anna your photos are just beautiful as are all your feathered friends. Please keep them coming.

Wild and wonderful babies. Your Blue Dutch Bantum looks like a dove the names that came to mind were Dutchess or Dovey. TFS your wonderful pictures. Ann Lind

Jeeper Creepers Miss Anna! Ha! How many chickens are we planning to have take over your farm? *snicker* There certainly are a huge-wide variety of names, coloured feathers, shapes, and I'm sure attitudes :)

So tell me, is the purpose of these chickens to lay eggs? Or do you use any for eating? (eek sorry, but I had to know) Or maybe just for pest control?

I've come to really admire all these beauties, especially their vibrant and wild frizzy feathers (or lack of) as well as the huge variety of shape, size, and colour of their eggs :)

Great shots of the ladies Anna =) Can you send me one in an overnight box?!?! LOL

SQUEAL...so cute. The Blue Dutch is adorable..I think you should call her Lacey in homage to her beautiful lacy feathers.

My DH is still saying NO to chickies....but I am working on him...is it true they lay for 2 years and live about 15? Hmmm...can we have them work for the last 13 of their lives...maybe as little insect eaters for the garden..do they eat slugs too? I could convince him on that point alone I think.

Lovely pictures of the chicks - DH again said "NO!"

What a privilege to have such beautiful animals all around you. The Blue Bantam looks so sweet and petite. Her feathers look very lacy, and remind me of a doily. Curly Que looks really chic--is that French for "chicken????"

Curly Que is wearing a feather boa! Adorable. And I love the opal-like eyes of your Blue Dutch Bantam. Thanks for sharing these baby pictures. :)

Curly Que is one amazingly dressed pullet! She looks like she has on a very stylish vest. :) Your Blue Dutch Bantam has a real dovelike appearance. And what a darling baby (well, 12 hours later anyway)! Thanks for the fun photos!

Thanks for sharing the fun on the farm with all of us wanna-be country gals. Those little chicks are so sweet. I, too, can't wait to see what new and fun thing I will see on your blog each day, Wether it is an animal or a new card!!! Both are great coming from you. :)

Two-by-two, oh my, the Blue Dutch Bantam must be really, really tiny. I love looking at all your sweet animals - it's so much fun. They're all adorable!

That Blue Dutch Bantam is exquisite. To me she looks more like a pigeon than she does a chicken!

I really really enjoy your photos of life on the farm (and personally, I like the yellow background behind Curley Que (I think it matches her feather boa perfectly!!)
How about Lady Blue (or Lacey Blue?) for that pretty little Bantam? When you said she needed a pretty name it reminded me of the move Lady and the Tramp when "Darling" says, "oh, she's a perfect little lady"

Exquisite photos, Anna. Just lovely. As far as a suitable name for the elegant Blue Dutch Bantam, how about Serenity? Or Felicity? My first instinct however, was to suggest "Blue Girl" because she reminded me of Gainsborough's painting entitled Blue Boy.

My first reaction "Ohhhhhhhhhh" ( hi pitch word of joy. I so love your blog!! I can not wait til each morning comes so I can meet another of your animals or see your latest artistic creation. Thank you!!!!!

great photos!! They are adorable chickens

It's official: you have the funniest looking chickens I've ever seen. :)

So, so cute. Makes me miss growing up on the ranch.

The Blue Dutch Bantam looks like a Dahlia to me. Her lovely feathers immediately reminded me of that beautiful flower.

Have fun with your new babies, and thanks for sharing them.

Beautiful chicks. How are the older ones liking the new coop?

Anna, your critters are so cute. It makes me want to just come to your house and play.

Oh, so beautiful babies! (and what a difference 12 hours makes! haha) Great pictures of your precious brood! Thanks! :D

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