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Unbelievable!! Can I come stay on your farm??

What a warm and fuzzy story - with a little mystery and the perfect ending! Crazy Brown Hen's plummage is just so gorgeous and those chicks are just the cutest :) I know all this stuff is work for you but you sure do make it sound like fun. You are quite a wonderful storyteller! I love visiting your blog!

The chicks are absolutely adorable! Congrats to Crazy Brown Hen for having so many little babies!

What cuties!!! I just love baby chicks. Crazy Dark Brown Hen did good! :)

Been enjoying all the farm stories-keep sharing. I think the pictures look just fine-love the momma's color. tfs

Anna ~~ They are so beyond adorable :0) I can't believe all those baby chicks were hiding under the feathers and wings of their Mom!

BTW, what is a "brooder"? And doesn't it bother the hen if you move her while she's sitting on her nest or take the eggs away?

Great story Anna, and LOVE the pictures! Those chicks are so so so cute! Thanks so much for always sharing your stories with us, and please continue to do so! I love your animal stories (and pictures) just as much as your cards!

I love broody hens, I so identify with their needs!

Crazy Brown Hen must be a good Mamma. Love the photos of her and babies. Looking forward to meeting the rest of the brood.

What a sweet story and a good ending to it! She's a very pretty mama!

Never a dull moment on the farm! I'm glad the story had a happy ending. Maybe she's not Crazy after all!

This is just amazing! Incredible story - incredible farmer lady!

Crazy Momma chicken is very pretty! Wow.......wish my hair color was as pretty as her feather color! Glad you found her nest and took a chance that there were more babies to come!!! Ok, show us those chicks in a few days :)

Anna, Momma chicken is a beauty, and wow, thats a lot of lucky babies.
BTW, our chicks will be picked up this afternoon, so excited!!

First of all Crazy Dark Brown Hen is absolutely gorgeous!! Sure sounds like her name fits her too!! LOL!! I can't believe she had 9 babies! Is that the most you've ever hatched from one hen? I don't remember reading anything about more than 9. I would also love to see her nest out in the "wild". I've never seen a hen's nest. Yes, I'm a city girl. Can't wait to see the other babies. Thanks for our story!

I just so look forward to your posts about life on the farm, your chickens, Houdini and all the other animals. I'm going through a really tough time family and health-wise at the moment and these posts and photos are a little ray of sunshine in my life and make me realise that, no matter what is going on in my life, there are good and beautiful things going on elsewhere in the world. I look forward to the next little story and stunning photographs ....

Such a cute tale...silly Crazy Dark Brown Hen. Hope you'll be taking photos of the new babies you hatched in the incubator. Hey, did you forget to attach the card you mentioned? ;)

Wow! So Crazy Dark Brown Hen had 9 babies! Very industrious mamma. Thanks for sharing!

Miracles take place all the time. What darling babies. Glad you didn't throw out the other eggs. I love every single story you tell and am so glad you have pictures to go with it.

Just a quick story from Spokane, WA. We were on national news two nights in a row because of a mama duck who hatched babies on a roof top and a banker from the same building stood to the side of the roof and caught the babies as they each jumped from the roof to be with their mama. The mama flew down to the ground, but the babies were to young to fly yet. It was the cutest thing ever and this is the same mama duck who had babies in the same place last year. Same story both times.

Those babies sure are cute!!! I can see why you wanted to photograph that adorable moment in time. That's so neat that more of the babies hatched later, too. How fun!

OMGosh, AMAZING story! I was spellbound! That is TOO AWESOME, that you rescued the "extra" eggs, and that so many of them hatched! TOO COOL! (can you tell I'm excited?!) You are SUCH a good Mommy! (and the crazy hen and her babies are BEAUTIFUL!!!) You have me wanting chickens SO badly, but with my knees keeping me from moving about well, I'll have to wait...but maybe someday! (after knee replacements)...For the time being, I'll live thru you, the ultimate fantastic CHICKEN MOMMA!!! :D
(have a great day!)

I think your photo's are great and aren't they just the cutest little chicklit's!! I don't know how you do it, I'd want to be carrying them around with me all day! Love Crazy Dark Brown Hen's coloring ~ she's very pretty.

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