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I LOVE your blog too...I would never have the chance to see the things I do if it wasn't for you..Hugs from a friendly face in Southern California....

Amazing! Thanks for sharing these wonderful things with us!

These chicks are so adorable and the candling pics are fantastic! I have to ask tho, what do you do with so many chicks/chickens? We have 12 hens, 21 mail order chicks, 1 feed store chick, and 6 newly hatched babies. I am totally overwhelmed with them all! You seem to have far more than that. I'm wondering how you integrate them all?

Wonderful - I've tried candling before and wasn't very successful - love the pictures.

Wow! This is like sonograms for chicks! Very cool. You amaze me with your knowledge of chickens. How many do you have now?


Wow! That is just amazing! However, I am not sure I can eat an egg now!

Oh Anna, they are so sweet. Thank you for showing us the candling process. I actually could see the legs and I think I even saw a head and beak on the second picture. Every photo I see of yours just makes me want to become a country girl (I really am one at heart). I could just hug every single one of your farm animals.

Opps, I forgot to mention grandfather never made snap decisions either. Since he was in the egg business he was very careful to follow procedure. So talk to the as yet unnamed shipper and they may cut a deal for a special person. Love, Dad

That is so cool! Thank you for sharing. I love reading about your farm!

Yes, they are lovely, and the great pics too. Since you have a "nack" with words. I'm betting that you have or will in the near future place a "strategic" complaint with the shipper of the very poor crop of eggs? Grandfather Wight would usually get the point across with English "precision" surgicaly worded of course. Love as always, Dad P.S. his replacements usually arrived soon after,hatched

Thank you for sharing this with us. I've learned so much, and had so many good laughs along the way with all your critters.

WOW! This is the first time I have seen an 'ultrasound' of your babies! Thank you so much for sharing.

Anna, I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the antics the animals get into. I also learn something new almost every time I visit. thank you for what you do. Mari

How sad that all those eggs didn't produce chicks. The ones you did get are adorable. I had heard of "candling" but had never seen the process. Cool, very cool!!!! tfs

Thank you Anna! I love posts about chickens because I have 5 little Banties that I just adore!

Oh, that's so sad that you only got 2 babies out of all of those eggs. Can you hold the carrier responsible? Anyway, these are adorable and it's amazing to see the pics of the candling!

You are so much fun! Thanks for sharing this with everyone. We have hatched ducks, chickens, and quail. Candeling is always "egg-citing" ! :) I bet you won't order from those breeders again :(

It's like little egg ultrasounds! So cute. And you got better pics than I did with my real ultrasound. Ha!

Oh what fun to see Anna! God has done an amazing job and i am always in awwwww!!! Now keep those babies warm:)

Anna, I LOVE visiting your blog. I always learn something new. Thanks for always sharing with us. I can't wait to show this to my daughter.

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