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I'm a little behind (LITTLE?!!) with my birthday wishes, but hope Lori, a/k/a Mrs. Wright, a/k/a Anna's Mom, had a good one. Seeing the Chronicle bag was a blast from the past. I get soooo homesick for Spokane.

OMW, what a fun picture!
Happy Birthday!

Just getting to my emails..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA's Momma!!!!!

I LOVE this photo! VERY Precious Memory!!!!

Great photos. Thanks for the education...who says you can't learn lots blogging. Happy Birthday to you Mom.

That is so thoughtful. You know what even makes it memorable? Using an online backup system. I backup all my pictures. I also share them with my families around the world. I'm very happy with it and you should check it out and make sure you keep these priceless pics safe.

Happy Birthday, Ms Wight, Senior :) I was born in 1953, so I guess we're pretty close to the same age.

What an adorable picture of both David and your mom! It makes me want to squeeze her! (And she probably received plenty of hugs from her older siblings.) On the 'Mrs. Wight' issue, my husband still calls my parents Mr. and Mrs., and we've been married for 18 years. He just can't help himself. :) Hope your mom had a fabulous birthday. May is the BEST birthday month!

Happy 'Belated' Birthday to Anna's Mom! It is always so much fun to celebrate a birthday! LOVE the photo! Why is it that we seem to loose those great old photos? We should all challenge ourselves to find one or two a month and get caught up on who is who in them!! A great way to make memories or keep extisting ones alive!

Anna, I love this picture of your mom in the newspaper delivery bag - sooooo cute!! Love the story behind the picture, your mom's take on it and your dad's comments (he's always so funny:)) Happy Birthday, Anna's Mom!! May you have many, many more!

What an awesome picture. Happy Birthday to your mom.

This is such a sweet picture capturing a precious moment in time! I love the story too and reading all the comments! Happy Birthday Mrs. Wight! We love Anna!!!
Anna, I could see you scanning this and using a copy for a very unique and creative card! Just an idea!

Yes, she still looks just like that! A source of pride and wonder every day,but a bit taller. That's my story and I'm stickin tttto it! Love, Dad

What a wonderful picture to have of your Mom and her brother :0)

•.¸(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANNA'S MOM •.¸(¯`'•.¸(¯`'•.¸

Wishing you a wonderful day full of Love & Happiness, as well as Friends & Family :)

Thank you Anna for sharing that precious photo of your Mom =)

What a great photo! I loved reading what your mom said. And I had the same thought... why does Alan call her Mrs. Wight?

Happy Birthday Lori!

Lisa (one of Anna's biggest fans)

Yes, Happy Birthday Anna's Mom...we are nearly neighbors...I live in Coeur d'Alene. Actually, my husband carried the Spokane Daily Chronicle in the late '50's! You raised a great daughter - I want to meet her sometime when she here up north!!! Also, my birthday is coming up - Mt. St. Helen's Day!!! Have a great day!!! Jeanne in Idaho

Thank You everyone for the birthday wishes! This was one of my many cute days! David must be l5, if John is right. I think I look younger-haha.Funny thing, I still have the same hairdo, just shorter! I had a great childhood with all my 4 brothers & 3 sisters. There was always something to do & they packed me everywhere they went. It made geat memories. Lori aka Mrs. Wight (Alan seems to need to call me that--hugs to you! It makes me sound so old)

happy birthday to Mrs Wight!!! Your daughter is a gift from above; so without a doubt you are a big part of why!!
Hope you have a great day!!

Happy Birthday Mrs. Wight - hope your day has been filled with all the things that make you happy! What an adorable picture! Thanks for sharing it with us Anna!

Hope your mom's special day was grand!

Oh, this photo is just tooooo precious. My twins are 11 months old and they look just like you, maybe a bit more hair, so I figure it's about 11-12 months old. Maybe you were a precocious baby and the picture is when your were 9 months old. In any case, it's adorable, and Happy Birthday Mrs. Anna's mom. May you be blessed with many more...

silly computer...sent it before I was finished!
I hope you have a fabulous day...and the picture is SO adorable! What a classic '50s picture! I was born in 1954 myself!
Hugs to all of you!!! :D

omigosh! your mom is so YOUNG!!!!!!! I'm 43 and Steve is 55, so that would make you, about oh, 9...
Happy Birthday Anna's Mom!


What a great photo! Best wishes to Mrs. Wight on her birthday.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Wight. I love the photo. You and your brother look to be about the same age apart as my older brother and I. He adored me then! :O)
Thanks Anna for the woderful trip down memory lane.

ha ha - I hadn't even noticed that there was someone in the bag until you said so!! Happy Birthday to your Mum!!!


Cute picture. Happy Birthday Mrs. Wight.

Happy birthday, Lori!!! What an adorable picture! What a treasure!!

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