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You make cows eating grass mesmerizing with your photos and stories!!

I enjoy seeing your animals then think about all the daily chores that need to be done for the animals. Thank you for taking the time to share pictures of your barnyard friends.

Wow Anna, I love your blog, your farm pictures, your creations!! You always make me smile even when I have the most terrible days.
You are awesome!!

God bless

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your farm with us!

My goodness, Houdini is getting big, and he is a handsome guy! Let's see, another story to tell about growing up around my grandparents farm.....my grandparents really didn't know what i did around the farm all day, i mean, i could go anywhere i wanted as long as i checked back in from time to time! My grandpa had about 35 head of angus and herefords, and the babies which arrived every spring, and they were not pets to him. They weren't really pets for me either, but i would go out in the field (grandpa couldn't see me) and sit down and wait. They would begin to gather around me, closer, closer still, and actually touching me with their noses. I, as a not thinking kid, thought it was great, and i loved doing it. My grandparents would have kicked my butt if they knew what i was doing! And now that i'm older, in thinking back on it, if something had spooked them....well, i guess they would have flattened me.........but i was a kid and not thinking!! It was so cool though and i really loved being in the middle of them!

Look at those little wee horns............awwwwwww.....your pictures always give me such a warm feeling Anna!!!!

Hugs and Love!


Breath taking photos. I love the cows. The field intrigues me even more. All those beautiful wild flowers. I just love the way that field sets the mood for the photos. I come to your site on a regular basis to check out your photos and cards. You are so gifted.

Well, thank you for that documentation of your day. I have a big happy smile on my face now! I really needed that! I love your animals and I promise one of these days when I'm in your neck of the woods I'm coming over to see all my favorite cyber animals! Thanks again Anna! Still lovin' your blog, EVERYTHING on it!!

I love the second photo of this post!!

His conformation looks great, strait back and long to boot, I notice that the horn bosses are really taking off. that may not be the best for a friendly head butting competition tho. If you hurry up a bit you can get the harness ready for Santas' Donkey sled team. On Fitz on Eddy and Hillary! and Truman. All with elfs hats. Only 6 more months, get crackin,I can aready see the illustration as a stamp. Youza! Love Dad

What sweet faces, everyday I check for more beautiful faces. Love this blog. Makes me long for the the farm I grew up on. We had a lot of different kinds of chickens, but not like yours. Love the pictures.

I am allergic to critters but I do LOVE them so much. Keep the pics and your sense of humor coming our way. Bless you and Alan.

My cats are jealous - they don't get nearly as much photographic attention as your animals do! Glad to hear it wasn't "too hot". I was going to send you some cool MN spring air when all of a sudden it hit 97 today!! What a shock...and I do NIT like hot weather, but it looks like 70s are back soon.

Great post today. Loved learning about the cow's habits. Great photos.

I love the pictures!

Nice pictures as always! Don't worry that your plans didn't go the way you wanted them to, because we not only got to see the animals, but we can also see the pretty flowers in the pics you took.
Thanks for sharing them with us!

Houdini is pretty cute..looks like he's going to turn out to be pretty darn big..hope he's a nice cow..

I can see that it is difficult to photograph your animals when they love you so much! I can just imagine you snapping pictures with one hand while rubbing Houdini's head with the other. That picture of Houdini and Truman is adorable! They're about the same height, although I believe the little Houdini tank weighs more. Beautiful flowers in your pasture, by the way!

*wiping tears from my eyes!* oh, ho ho ho ho ho!!!!!!!! *snicker*
check out the one that is the side of his nose. don't you think it looks like the beak of an octopus? freaky!
saw some donkeys yesterday, but they were big donkeys. :)

I absolutely love seeing pictures and reading your stories about the farm! I can't wait until we build our house so that I can finally get my chickens! I raised chickens with my dad all of my youth and now that I am married my hubby and I are excited to start raising them again!

What fun! I did see some wildflowers mixed in with the grass...

You're reminding me more and more of Back at the Barnyard, the cartoon on Nickelodeon. Have you seen it? http://www.nick.com/shows/back_at_the_barnyard/index.jhtml

It bothers me that the male cows have udders, but apparently the creator thinks it's funny, so I have to overlook that part, but it's actually a pretty good show. (I have a 12 y/o, so we still have a lot of Nick on at home... that's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it!)

Your farm animals are so unbelievably lucky to live the life they do. So many others are locked up in cages and stalls and never see daylight.

You (and Alan) take such good care of your animals, it makes me feel so grateful and happy to see this.

Thanks for doing what you do.

Lisa R.

Houdini is adorable!!

How come everybody else gets long lashes and we ladies have to use mascara!


Your pictures are awesome and the captions are so funny. Have you ever thought of putting together a book? "Life on the Farm" .... seriously!!!! I love animals and really envy your life. Have you always been around animals like this ?????

simmy :-)

Too funny! Thanks for a little piece of your world!

Awwwww, they are all so darn adorable. I love all the close up action shots of you and Houdini. I just want to throw my arms around his neck and give him a big ole squeeze. Thank you so much for sharing your animals with us.

Oh, Anna - you are so stinkin' funny!! I love these pictures...and the chickens the other day(s)...It's so neat to see Fitz all grown up - I remember when he was born - I wanted to fly right down there and kiss all over him! Houdini is looking pretty good, too! They're all adorable, that's for sure. Looks like we'll have some more babies pretty soon, huh? Keep those pictures coming! Love to you Farmer Lady! xoxo Jeanne in Idaho

I love seeing your animals, they always bring a huge smile to this city girl's face! They're all so sweet and beautiful, I love the extreme close-ups!

Omgosh, Anna, if you keep posting such cute photos of cows and chickens, I'm gonna have to become a vegetarian and I don't even really like vegetables! The photo of Houdini and Fitz did it for me. Who knew that donkeys and baby bulls could be friends? If I lived on your farm, I could never eat a burger again.

Wow!! loved these photos Anna..totally made me smile!!..Houdini is just the Cutest and what a character!!

LOVE the photos and the comentary!!! Thanks for the giggle!

I'm grinning ear to ear...LOVE the pics...and of course you know I'm a bovine lover from WAY back!!! I loved my cows so much!
Thanks for the great reminder of how awesome critters are... :D

I just love your blog! Thanks for sharing a small part of your farm life with all us city folk.

I have to say, I found myself just smiling by the end of your post. I'm trapped indoors working and really enjoyed your flowers and farmlife photos. Thanks! :)

Maybe not exciting, but beautiful photos!

Fab photo's as always, and I absolutely LOVE your comments!

TFS the fun on the farm. Gotta love them cows, and Donkeys and chickens and YOU!

WOW! Your photos are awesome!

Well, at least you didn't tell me that you went out to watch the grass grow. Superb photography and aptly narrated.

Hey Farmer Lady :) That adorable Houdini is sooooo precious even though he constantly has this ~look~ that he's wanting to get into some trouble! ha! You know, typical male :)

How big is Houdini now? Has he grown at all or is he just compact and adorable? See he already has a female following ((Us! lol)) and I'm sure has tonns on the farm too.

Okay, I'm not sure who the REAL mess is - the animals or YOU! ::grin::

I gotta say, Houdini is a real looker. If I were a cow, I'd definitely be interested in him!

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