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I tell ya, those chickens have the best digs in Texas!

besides being childhood friends, we also have our beloved chickens in common. I have two hens and a chick in my suburanite back yard. Which I "think" I am keping a secret from my HOA, although no one has complained so far. My lovelies are named "Princess-Diamond" "Mary-Kate" (Ashley had an unfortunate accident with a raccoon) and baby "Mochi"
Oh, the sweet life of a hen

someday i'll send you some pics of our chicken coop. ugh! yours, on the other hand, looks like it needs someone like me to come and live in it! :) cluck?

It's is funny to hear you talk about the personality's of your chickens, for instance your comments on Chatty! When i was about 8, i had a chicken i carried around in a baby buggy and i remember now, in thinking about it, she didn't seem to mind too much.....she stayed right in the buggy while i pushed her all over! So again your comments bring back sweet memories! I really need to have my Momma scan a picture of my brother and i and our baby calf "Coffee", who's mama didn't want him and send it to you.

Poor Chatty. Sometimes talking too much can get you into real trouble. Cheeks has beautiful feathers! Chickens sound like cats as far as getting used to one another is concerned. Their coop and runs and 'patio' are wonderful. Lucky clucks!

What sweet chicks! I've never seen one with blue legs...pretty neat! Their coop is coming along great!!

I'm so glad you're doing updates on the chickens and their coop!

so cute. I didn't know chickens could be cute! What does Easter egger mean??

Wonderful photos!

One of my lasting memories of high school was watching a filmstrip called "The Pecking Order of Chickens" in Biology 2. It was a little shocking to me then. Your story is a real-life reminder of that old filmstrip! (Do they even use filmstrips anymore? I doubt it!)

I think those older *bossier* hens need to be shown a stew pot -- that might shake them out of those nasty moods! These gals are sooooo stinking cute! How could anyone pick on them? I am so glad you check on the clucks daily so that you can catch those injuries before they become severe.
I must tease you just a little -- we have rain today (trying to erase our 12" deficit in one month right now!). We are supposed to get some sun this weekend but those crazy weather men have been wrong before! I don't envy you that 90 degree weather -- way too hot for this Oregonian!
Love the coop, love the photos! Thanks for sharing,

Anna, just wanted to let you know I get the biggest kick out of your stories. They just make my day! And I LOVE that Cheeks has blue LEGS!!!! Now, if you'll 'scuse me, I have to go stamp a chicken (blue legs and all)!! haha Thanks for sharing.

Wow, it looks fantastic so far! What lucky chickens you have! Can't wait to see more pics!

NICE coop! And beautiful chickens ;-)

No wonder they call it "The Pecking Order!" Poor Chatty and Cheeks - they did nothing to deserve such brutality. Glad you have a safe place to let them loose. Your Coop is looking fantastic. My goodness, I should have such a crafting space!!!!!

Anna - you should fashion little helmets for them! If Tiny Tim can have a coat, these gorgeous girls deserve helmets - maybe out of a half of a colored plastic easter egg. . . oh, think of how stylish they would be. ;)

Poor chickies getting picked er, pecked on! Chatty is so regal looking with her neck feathers and Cheeks, with her cute little blue legs, looks like she is about to start dancing, lol.

Looks like you've accomplished quite a bit of work on the coop. Looking good!!!

Thank you for sharing updates on your beautiful chickens and that awesome coop.

It's so nice to read how much you care for your feathered friends. "Head Injury Duo"...reminds me of that SNL skit years ago, "Head Wound Harry!"

Very nice post!

Cheeky and Chatty are pretty. Glad you where their to help them out. The coop is looking good. (Good enough for human habitation!) Looking forward to seeing the other chicks:)
Happy Thursday, Hugs...

Cheeks and Chatty are both as cute as can be. I so enjoy reading about your chickens. Keep the pictures coming.

Love those blue legs! Glad their head wounds are on the mend.

I am so enjoying your chicken stories and updates. A sweet little distraction when life gets challenging. Thank you!

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