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I love your chicken pics!

As usual, fantastic pics and such a joy to see. They always make me smile. Thank you so much.

Oh Anna... these are just TOO great! The golden comet girl looks like she's posing for one of your stamps... except she's in a pot. I was glad to read it was a feed container!! And ya just gotta love the butt!!! Thanks ever so much for sharing.

Those are some wild lookin feathers! LOL

I agree that Wiley will be a handsome fella. Which reminds me... how is Tiny Tim?

those pictures are amazing! thanks for sharing :)

My girl Tipsy is still stylin! Great photos, Anna.

They are all cuties for sure! I love the little butt in the last picture! Too cute!!

Ahhh...so adorable. Love the little teeny rooster..he does not look like he realizes that he is teeny..check out that strut!!!

I am so glad it is just not my chicks who sit in their feed, and the side of the feed container...

Ooh, I like Linda C's idea of a chicken calendar. These chicken photos just crack me up. The cute butt looks like a deluxe feather duster!! I really enjoy your farm life stories and photos.

These are some fabulous pictures!

Oh my gosh I just love these photos of the chickens. Who knew there were so many different kinds and they all have names that looks like they match their personalities. Tipsy Frizzywinkle has got some kinda doo going with those feathers.

What a cute little ruffled butt *smile* and just love Curly Que's mohawk!

Tisk, Tisk, all those pretty feathers for fly tying and they are all in Texas and not at my house! Dont be mad folks, I only use naturaly shed feathers, yeah right. The colors are lovely too. Love, Dad

OMG, cute pictures, all. I too chuckled at Curly Que's cute chicken butt - too funny :) tfs

OMG how do you ever get any work done! I'd want to spend all my time in the chicken coop with these darlings. TFS. Have a great day. TGIF and Hugs...

Hi Anna ~~ Thanks for my daily feed of, "On The Farm With Anna & Her Wacked-Out-Looking Chickens!" LOL *smile*

There is such a variety in their shapes, colours, sizes, and the freaked-out hair-do's most of YOUR chickens have :)

But what I really want to know is what brand of Hair Gel do your chickens prefer? L'Oreal's Wet & Spikey, or maybe Pantene's Full & Feathery? heheheee

Can't get enough of these crazy characters Anna :D

their personalities really come through in your photos. Until I started reading your blog I thought a chicken was jsut a chicken, how wrong can a person be, lol.

Oh my goodness your chicken photos are just wonderful. It's always a pleasure to see your critters.

Great pictures as always Anna! Love your sense of humore. Also love your loving heart!!

Oh what cute chickens in such cute poses! I had no idea that chickens came in such interesting feathers until I started reading your blog. That little rooster is a looker. By the way, has Tiny Tim grown any more feathers?

I LOVE to see posts of your chickens (and other assorted animals)! BTW- Did you ever name the pretty gray Bantam hen? Curious minds want to know. :D

Cute chicken butt?? O.K. You should consider making a chicken calender out of these amazing photos.

You think my husband will understand if I ask for chickens for my birthday??

Pure preciousness, ANna. That's what this is.

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