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Mine is off having a party somewhere too, and I wish it would come home. I've got work to do! Seems that the more I stress about nothing coming together the worse it gets. eeks!

Love the new chicken coop, have fun getting it fixed up! Somehow I know that even things you feel are mojo free are still pretty amazing!

have a great weekend!

I can't find mine either. Maybe ours are out there partying together somewhere. I hope they are having a good time!

Dear Anna,

Cancun is just gorgeous this time of year! I'm having a blast getting to know some of the locals and learning all about the night life here. Some very nice people just informed me that Spring Break is over (say it isn't so) so I'm catching the next flight home. Be home soon.

Your Mojo

Somewhere with mine. :) Send out the scouts!

I'm feeling the same, but I got a swap deadline coming up real quick, so have to get my thinking cap on... :-(

There is something going around because my mojo is sick as all get out right now! I hate it when this happens. Best of luck on yours returning. -Molly B

If you find your's can you ask where mine is?
I've had several requests for items by my co-workers. How many excuses can you give before they get upset? I have the time, but when I try to put something together nothing matches....looks odd....etc...

Perhaps you should go shopping!???!?!?!?

Oops! My spelling ability has gone on vacation. Make that 'stamping duel' not 'dual.'

Don't ya hate that?! Sometimes it helps me to go on a crafting run for some new pretty papers or embellishments. At other times, I can browse through other stampers' lovely galleries (such as yours) and that gets me going again. Or perhaps you need to challenge another stamper to a stamping dual. :)

Mine goes AWOL too often. It usually is when I have a list a mile long of birthday cards to be done.

I love all your chick pictures. I had a pet chicken when I was little named Henny Penny. She would ride around on my shoulder all the time. She was so cute. I loved her. I think you used all your mojo for your interview in Scap & Stamp.. I was so excited to get my new issue and she you featured. off to read it... Congrats.

If you find mine, can you send it home?? LOL!!

Mine went on spring break a couple weeks ago - it will return! :D

you without stamping mojo is still more creative than me on my BEST day!! ;)

have a great weekend!

p.s. you know that your chickens inspire you - go hang out with them for a while.

I'll send some your way! Even mojo needs a vacation, I guess. I'm glad to have mine back after 2 weeks of cold/allergy.

No photos of any kind? I'm worried now!!!!

Maybe we need to put out an "All Points Bulletin" and see what happens.
Seriously we all need some "step-away" time and I'm sure it will return soon.
In the mean time I've been enjoying the chicken talk and photos. Hugs

Wherever it is, it will be back...that's a certainty! We all need a break sometimes! Haha...always love hearing from you.

Oh no! Anna's normal! :)

you create sassy beauty every day, pure eye candy for us lurkers. Your Mojo needed a vaca. Debra

it needed a little vacation..plus you got new babies how much more fun?

Did you check the chicken coop? Probably out there catching a peep show. :)

Oh no Anna, has your mojo gone missing? Hope it finds its way back to you soon. Maybe if you bake some banana bread you can bribe it with some yummies and back it will be.

Ok - guilty as charged. It ran away with mine!

Maybe yours is hanging out with mine.....gettin' a beer or somethin! LOL!

Maybe this will help:


Maybe Houdini took it?? He's sneaky like that! :)

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