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I love how you make building a chicken coop seem like fun. It can be a lot of fun building you own backyard chicken coop. There are so many designs to choose from and you can get creative! Here is a site that allows you to download chicken coop plans:

How about Fowl Playce or Henny Harem...don't let me get started.....I love the Coop! I want one for my husbands' overflow.

Peep Inn

Coop D'Jour

I like the previous suggestion of "Huevos Rancheros". My suggestion is "Pollos, Inc." I can't think of anything more creative.

Coupe de Ville

Wow. I have never seen a timber Bird Aviary delivered already installed like that before. What happens if you cant get a trailer in your backyard?

I thought of "Clucking-ham Palace" right away - but I see some others had the same idea :)

With your stamping and crafting, I thought the name could be:

Shabby Chic Shack
Shabby Chic House

Wow Anna...just went to the Backyard Chickens site....love it. I am getting so many of my questions answered. I will send pics of the chicks(LOL) as soon as I figure out how to take them without the head lamp whiting them out!

What a beauteous new coop!!!

Hmmmm......first thing that popped to mind was Huevos Ranchero........LOL *wink*

What a GREAT coop it will be!!!!! Lucky girls!

I am cracking up at all the clever names people have come up with! Blue Bonnett Inn sounds so elegant!

Nice custom digs for the chicks! I think flower boxes are an egg-cellent idea! I am loving the field too...can't wait to see photos-gorgeous!!

What a cute palace for the chicks! We too are building a coop for our new chicks! We have a united nations of them, like you and Alan. I can't wait to see them grow up! They are so tiny and so funny!! Who ever knew chickens could be so funny? They are already coming to me when I yell "chick, chick"!!!! I can't wait to see what else you have in store for their new home! TFS!

how about 'Chick Chalet'

WOWEE - that's quite the pad! I am not creative enough to think of anything of my own, but I love Lori's suggestions:

Peckington Place is definately my favorite (with all the drama in the hen house, who's eggs were fathered by who, it definately seems fitting).

But, I also love:

Too, too creative.

well that's a pretty cool idea! CAn't wait to see the finished product..I'm sure the girls will just love their new home when its finished...

Anna, come build a house for me!!!!!!! Wow, that is a neat chicken coop! I was wondering when I saw the pics why there weren't more windows, but glad to see you are going to put more in. We got to go egg hunting at a farm yesterday and I was getting pretty emotional over the darling little ducks they had there. I miss ducks! They had some really pretty chickens. You know the ones with the fluffy heads? HAPPY EASTER!

I was asked to paint 'Ye Olde Cluckin' Club' on a guys coop! It was also his silly name for a small group of us ladies at work!

The Chicken Shed. And if you say it fast enough, it sounds like what will be all over the floor in no time. :o Cathy

I have a good one. "Never a dull moment farm." What do you think of that. Happy Easter and hope you have a blessed day. Hugs, Nellie.

Awesome, I think the Sassy Shack has a nice ring to it! LOL

Thanks for sharing pics of the new coop. How about Fleu de Coop for a name.
It's amazing how they bring those sheds in and place them just so, brilliant!

We will begin modification on our shed soon, as the babies will be here mid May, lots to do.

AAAACCCKKK - I can't think of a single name! Please just shoot me now! Congratulations on your new chicken coop - it's wonderful!

You have the luckiest chickens. Their house is going to be grand!!! What other chickens can boast flower pots under their windows? You crack me up. :)

I love all the name suggestions so far. So funny! My two:
The Egg-Spurt House
Poultry In Motion

I would love to see some photos of the blue bonnets up close.

Happy Easter! Hugs.

What a great idea for a coop! How about "The Hens Nest" it sounds like a nice cozy gathering place.

This is awesome, Anna!! Have fun!!

Coop da ville

Cant wait to see the end reult....

Congrats Anna and the ladies! What a beautiful new home! I can't possible come up with any more names than those that are already suggested! Have fun narrowing them down, some of those are hilarious!

You ahve very lucky chickens! This will be a palace to them. Have fun with it!

What a great set-up! It would be wonderful if you get a chance to post the transformation of the shed into a coop! Looks wonderful! I have thought of doing the same thing and would love to see what you do with it!

I thought of Chez Poulet then saw Ali suggested the same name.
The Wight Chicken House.
the Wight Place.
Texas Spa.
Pec n Roost.
Ova here.
HenLay Inn.
Tiny Tim's, Place, Cabin, Hotel, Inn.
Poultry Lounge.

The shed is the type of building I had wanted for my DD's playhouse. The building is so cute and the perfect size for sleepovers. You have a lot of work preparing the building for the ladies.

OK, one last time now, LOL....I really mean it this time, LOL.,......so far I have in two previous comments areas:
Lay-chicchick condo
peckington palace
Now I am adding:
Cassa de Pallo (House of chicken)
Hen Den
Happy Hen Hut
Cluck House
Egg Emporium
Hen Haven

Ok, that's it no......can't wait to see your project cmpleted and see what YOU come up with for a name for it.

OK, now I can't help myself here, this is so fun to think up names and have a good laugh.....how about "Peckingham- Palace"....or, "Taj-ma-coop".....or "Chick-Inn".....OK, now I will stop, I just had to add these since I already sent you a previous email.

My family has some land in Carthage when my great granddad settled there, and I really miss seeing the bluebonnets and honeysuckle. Your picture sure brings back some great memories!

"Off the Cluck", "Chickie Chalet", or "Rooster's Harem"?

Wow, what a gorgeous "Nest"......how about calling it the "Coop-a-doodle-do"....or "chic-a-doodle-do".....or "nest-abilities"....or "Lay-chic".....or "Chick-Pad"....or "Chick-Condo"......oh my, now I will be dreaming of names, LOL.....Have a Happy Easter and thanks for the visit to the Farm, wonderful growing up memories are now in my thoughts.

"Chick-Inn", "Baawwk! B & B", "Chicken Coop & Cafe".

It could be named " S & S Chicks" = Sweet and Sassy Chicks. I think that would be cute.

I love the bluebonnets in the background. That is so beautiful.

So Fun! Definitely should be called "Chez Poulet"! Can't wait to see the finished masterpiece.

Wow, that would make a dandy garden shed for me. Your girls will be so proud! Check out two of our new calves on my blog, if you can find the time.

Anna's Clucking Chickens Castle

How about" Henny Penny's Blue Bonnet Inn" the girls should roost and set in style in their new digs. Have a Happy Easter. Hugs Ann Lind

What a fun chicken house! Wow! Those girls will be living in style! Explain to me why the coop is above the ground so that you have to 'fence' in the bottom. Be sure to post pictures when it's all finished . . . can't wait to see the flower box! :)

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