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That's my favorite time for the chicks too. Sweet little things, they look so "U-gly" at that stage, don't they .

And guineas are even worse, hahaha....

I love the little black with the feathers sticking up. We have a little hen that's half Silkie and half Buff Orpington. She's a beautiful little, golden, silky soft hen with extra toes, black legs and a major attitude. Nobody messes with Fuzzy! :)

I just finished reading through the last several posts... I'd fallen behind on my blog reading... and thoroughly enjoyed following your chicken buying and chicken coop adventures. I actually think the polka dot trim and red door has possibilities... in the right shades of course! No doubt whatever you do it will be totally cute and wonderful!

Thanks for letting us see your "babies". Since living on the farm is the farthest thing from me...more of a beach person...I find all of this very interesting! And that chick sitting on Alan's foot reminds me of my son clinging to my leg when he wants to be shy!

Every single one of them are adorable. I really am loving the one standing on Alan's foot, like no, I'm not getting off. You do such a phenominal job of capturing the moment with all of your adorable animals.

I love all the pictures of the chicks, they are each so special in their own way! Thanks for sharing - you always know how to make me smile!

My they grow up so fast! Love the pics.

Oh, cute, cute, cute, cute!!! I'm so enjoying all your new babies - they're just the cutest :) Thanks for sharing.

Wow! They are so gawky right now, they make me laugh. My little grandson thinks their wonderful and wanted to look at them again and again...anything to avoid bedtime...
You Coop is amazing and looks so roomy and spacious. I'm sure no 'coons will ever penetrate this might fortress!

How lucky your chicks are to have a home with you and Alan! I love the photos! They make me grin and giggle!

Great pictures Anna! The first thing I thought of when I say the little Frizzle was Phyllis Diller. Ha!

I love your chick pics! They are all so cute!

Goodness - I love all the pictures of the chickies! They look like they're trying to adust to their new home.

I love the mohawk look on the one black one. You should name that one Moe. ;-)

I like what you wrote about the in-between stage too. As a middle school teacher, I know exactly what you mean. They are growing and changing so much at this stage. (Do chickens' voices change? ;-D)

Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

Kelly in Ohio

Anna, I just love your chicken escapades. It makes me want to convert my greenhouse to a chicken coop and get a bunch of babies. I think the little half frizzle/silkie lady looks like an Egyptian Queen with those feathers sticking straight up on top. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us.

Look at those babies GROW ! They are going to love the coop. (Lucky little chickies)

Hey Anna!

I love your blog! Your art is always inspiring, your photography amazing, and your stories endearing. Thanks!

You are in my top ten nominations for a blog badge! Come check it out here:


Keep Smiling! ~ Sonya

Wow - can't believe that folks didn't like the polka dots! Loved them with the red door and they reminded me of your wooden rooster from the day before. I really like the idea of interjecting some of your personality into the coop with decorative painting ~ I'm sure you'll choose something you'll love ;)

I love these pictures! They are so cute! i especially love the mohawked one! Adorable! They are such lucky chicks to have you.

I love your hen house! We will hopefully building ours soon and I am going to show my husband your ideas. Thank you!

OMGosh, they are all SOOOO precious! Bless their hearts, they are at such a "teenager" sort of stage with the feathers and such...too cute! Love the green legs, too...haha.... :D
Thanks for the great pics, even if you think they aren't! I love seeing your "babies"...nothing better than farm life!!!

Dang, these chicks are all so CUTE!! I can just imagine all the little personalities. Quite cute to see them checking out the new homestead, and the one on Alan's boot - just cracks me up!

I've followed your blog for sooo long (I actually live in Madison, WI and "shop" at the Creative Pals/Whipper Snapper store quite often!) I just had to take this opportunity, as someone with "Polish" blood...(don't admit that to everyone...way tooo many jokes around) to suggest that at least one of the "un-named" part-Polish chicks should be named either a Kowal-SKI, Zelin-SKI, Nowakow-SKI, Garbow-SKI...I think you get my point!) :)

Just my 2 cents! Love your blog AND your awesome designs!

OMG they are just the cutest!!!

What cute little chickies!! Love the ones with them on the boots!! Too cute!

For some reason the dark one with few feathers on her head reminds me of Nell Carter from that 80*s sitcom! I love the chicks, and the one on Alans boot is the same chick from the first picture. Looks like she found her perch!

The little chicks look so cute in their new home! Since you decided against the polka dot trim. Maybe you should paint the whole thing in a McKenzie-Childs style! Now wouldn't that stand out!!

Suggested name for the Half silkie half fizzle - Curly Cue


Isn't that cute . . . standing on Alan's boot to stay out of the wood chips! This is the nicest chicken house! I hope you can take some pictures of the chickens roosting on their perch. That frizzle/silkie looks like she's in a photo shoot with fans going on her feathers! Thanks for posting photos.

I love looking at all these pics Anna... The chicks are gorgeous!!

Love the PunkRock Chick! They're all so cute!

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