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I'm sorry to hear the sad news. I know how much you love all your animals and what good care you give them. In my next life (if there is one) I am coming back as anyone of your critters to live on your farm.

Oh, I'm so sorry. That is sad. No wonder you don't have much stampin' mojo. The loss of one of your animals will zap the energy right out of you.

Oh sweet card and sad news...so sorry about your hen. So hard to lose any animal...

I'm sorry about your Cuckoo Maran, Anna. I know you consider all of your animals part of the family, so every loss is hard.

I love the card because it is illustrative of one thing I admire most about you and that is your watercoloring skills. Superb!

I'm sure your mojo will come back soon. In the meantime, keep those farm animal pix and stories coming. We are as much entertained by those as anything!


I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your hen. It is very sad. I just love how you are so into your animals and life on the farm, and I admire you for that. By coming here, I've learned so much about so many things! Love reading your posts. Love this card too! And as always, your coloring is amazing. The card I posted on my blog this week made me think of you when I was coloring it. The way you make outfits for the one chicken. Made me smile to think of that while I was coloring. Hope you are well! Best, Curt

poor girl...lost hen and mojo...just a matter of time, you will feel like your old self soon enough...the card is great, just love, love, love your coloring (whether newly colored or not!!!)...thank you for posting even when you aren't feeling it...we love you!

So sorry about your chick. You worry about your animals like I do about mine. When my husband and I first got married we were going to live on a small acreage and have a little of this and that. After he saw how attached I got to the first cat, he said no way. We would never be able to do that because farm life can sometimes get tough and I would always be worrying about the next loss! Anyway love the chick pix! Hope all the rest are doing well, and you too.

The card it perfectly gorgeous~~love the great colors!
But I am SO VERY SORRY that you lost one of your hens. I know they are like family...
It's so sad when they have medical problems that are hard to treat...
My heart goes out to you, but I do know that she could not have had a better life anywhere on earth. She had a wonderful Mom and Dad, and was blessed to have been yours. BIG HUGS to you....

Awww your poor chicken. I feel bad for her and you. This is a wonderful way to pay tribute to her. I have never heard of this type of ailment. I learned something new. Great job Anna.

Love the card! So sorry about your chicken.

So Sorry about your chick. I love seeing their pics and hearing their stories. My kids ask about new pics everyday. "Mom has that lady had anymore chicks?" They'll say. As for your MoJo I think it's the weather. Here in the Northeast the weather has just got to change. We desperately need some warmth & Sun.So hang in there a change is a coming, I can feel it in the air, lol.

Sorry about your hen Anna {{{{hugs}}}}

Maybe you have been searching for the wrong thing all this time... Start looking for your "moojo". Maybe Houdini stole it while you weren't looking!!! (or Dixie cup and the gang!)

Sorry to hear about your hen. I know how attached you get to all your chickens. I guess that is part of life. I hope that you don't get any more of those "internal layers". That would be depressing. Hope your week gets better and your mojo returns.

Sorry to hear about your little hen Anna. I guess you must see the circle of life quite often on your farm... doesn't make it any easier I suppose. Your card is lovely as ever.

Carla (cardsbycarla/SCS)

Hi Anna ... I'm sorry to hear of the loss of one of your Cuckoo Marans. It's always sad and difficult to lose a fur-feathered friend.
I do love your card, and I'm sure your Mojoo isn't far from the surface .. it's probably because you've been busy with all the new babies on the farm :)

Huge HUGGsss Anna xxoo

Sending you big hugs Anna and so sorry to hear about your sweet hen, I hope you Mojo comes back soon, Your card is gorgeous and such fabulous colours and colouring, Nikki x

I'm sorry about your chicken, Anna. You did everything you could. No point in giving a hen a hysterectomy!

Sorry about your loss. I'm sure you have given her a great life, no matter how short.
Cute card btw!

So sorry to hear about your hen...and your missing mojo. This may cheer you up a little (nothing much compared to all your great chick videos, but funny anyway):


Anna, Hugs to you. Sorry to hear about your chicken. Love your card though,

I'm so sorry about your sweet mama chicken. That must be miserable! If a good egg laying story helps, we have a mama killdeer nesting close to our mailbox and fence. She laid one egg and has since laid three more! It's hard to believe that she's rather small and the eggs are so big. It's a wonder that she can cover them up!

I adore this image and your beautiful card! The pieces of hay sticking out of the pillow are so funny! :)

OH I'm sorry for the loss of a little gal...How very sad...you are a good momma helping her out and go with dignity!

Sorry about your hen. glad she had the opportunity to have a wonderful life on the farm.

Sorry Anna.

Anna, so sorry to hear about your Cuckoo Maran. She was so lucky to have you & Alan care for her. I am sure she lived the good life, no doubt about that. :)

Did I tell you that my Mojo has been missing as well? So sad. I forced myself to stamp this past Tuesday but it was really a struggle. Still trying to get back in the groove. Hopes yours returns soon. I miss seeing your fun creations. By the way, your card above totally made me smile this morning. Thanks so much for sharing it. xoxo

So sad about your chicken--
This card is nice though...

You've had much on your plate--from spring on the farm to animal loss. I'm so sorry for Cuckoo Maran. Those of us who don't live on farms are not used to animal deaths--as if you could ever get used to it.
Just touching your supplies may help your mojo--sometimes just seeing my beautiful supplies gives me a yearning to use them.

Aww, so sorry, Anna.

Awww - poor poor little Cuckoo Maran. May she rest in peace. I concur that she definitely had a good life there on the farm with you. You know what I love about this sick chicken card? Well, I'll tell you - I love the way you so cleverly use white to represent a void, or shine from light as in the top of the pillow, the bird's wing, the top of the chicken's "hands" and in the bed's footboard.

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