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Edith Ann, like, one ringy dingy, two ringy dingy, Lilly Tomlins strange operator from Laugh In. Or Afterburner, she looks like she's been shot out of the back of a Jet. Love................. Dad

She's so cute! My first thought was - Piney because she looks just like a pinecone. I see that others have the same idea. She's really darling! I also think she looks as if her feathers are ruffled, so "Ruffles" might be cute too.

So many great names have all ready been listed. Henny Penny made me laugh out loud. :)

I love her face in the last photo. My first thought when I saw her was Countess or Contessa.

My kids are playing this online game called club penguin and this little darlin' looks just like a Puffle - which is a fluffy little pet the penguin people buy to keep them company. You have to feed them and care for them plus it is somewhat simular to "Pullet"....kinda! I vote for Puffle!

Bonny, Bonnie or

She has the right size feet for perching. Is that normal for such a young hen? I like her flower fluff feathers.

May I ask what you named your chicken coop, I have been anxious to hear what you named it??....maybe I missed that post?

Princess BB... She looks like she has a crown on her head. And she is Buff and a Bantam.....

Hi Anna, Alan, & Critters:

My immediate thought upon seeing her ...
WOW! That is one FRAZZLED Frizzle!!!
Sure enough, after reading your post she is indeed a Frizzle ... so she should be named Frazzle!!! :-)

Hallie <><

Dizzy Lizzy? or Doodle Bug? (eats june bugs) or Bugsy?.....or Frisby??......or Fritzy?....or Ethel?......or Edith??....Ok, those were all I could come up with! Great ideas I saw in the comment section.

Don't ask me why, but the first name that came to mind when I saw her and her "attitude," was Lucille Ball. So, my suggestion is "Lucille." :)

I have to agree with several other gals.. She looks like a pine cone :) Pine is my vote.

I vote for PINECONE :)

Her name should be either Pine or Coney because she looks just like a pine cone.

My first thought was GOLDIE because of the gold highlights. After reading all the comments, I noticed someone took my name. Great minds think alike. There are some great names that do fit her well. Good luck on naming her.

"Tabby" She reminds me of the coloring of a tabby cat.

I would call her Blizzard because she looks like she just walked through one! LOL....... have fun picking her name Anna.


She looks like a feather duster to me, so I vote for Dustie.

Ruffles. He's definitely a Ruffles.

oh come on...look at that hair...It's Tina Turner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Marmalade? I actually thougt about Pink first(This little Pullet reminds me of a rock star for some reason). but like Lady Marmalade better. She is so cute and I love looking at your photography!

Looks like there are a lot of suggestions! The last photo of her looks like me in the morning (before coffee), but please don't name her "Diana"...sometimes our puppy gets ruffly looking like that, and we call her "Miffle". But, she looks more regal than that; like she's wrapped in a feather boa. I like ZsaZsa or even Ginger (for Ginger Rogers, who danced with Fred Astaire and wore fancy fluffies, way back before even I was around)...

I'm cracking up over all these great names...your chick is very INTERESTING looking! My husband, (a vet) looked over here and said "that's a really different looking chicken!"...LOL...
I think she's beautiful, just like you, her Momma does. I love the reddish tips on her feathers! It would be so fun to visit your chicken coop! :D

Gladys was the name that popped into my head when I saw her---who knows why. Not all that creative.

So my first thought was Alfalfa because of that adorable quaff. However she looks exactly like a pine cone which I know you have had several people suggest. I'll stop there because the only other thing I could imagine would be Pico de Gallo. There's even a song that we have on a kids cd by a group called Trout Fishing In Amerca. The song is called Pico de Gallo and it's a ton of fun and always brings good laughs on long car rides.

The first thing I thought of was a Feather Duster when I saw her (can I have her?? LOL)
I would call her Dusty. In fact I have a feather duster JUST like her.
Adorable photo Anne. I think you should produce a book of your critters. You know we would all buy it!!

I gotta say Mrs T. If you look at the similarities between this cute little pullet in the last picture and Mr T, You'll see why. I think they are both saying "I Pity the Fool!"


I like Gertie or Ethel. But don't forget the infamous "Henny Penny"!!

How about Pinata (with a swirly about the "n"...which I don't know how to do...haha).

Like others, the first thing I thought of when I saw the cutie patootie was a pinecone. In Spanish, that is Pina (insert swirly...). But she also resembles the tissue paper on a Pinata (again...swirly). AND when you try to get someone to miss the pinata, you "pull it" up. ;)

That's my vote...Pinata

one more... Melba , I also liked Fritzie, that was a good one :)

First name I thought of was Rockabilly. She reminded me of Brian Setzer from the Stray Cats, which was a rockabilly band. You could call her Rocky or Billy.

She is so cute.

I love her, she is a cutie :). How about Shelby, Penny, Henrietta ( or jusy Etta) or Hatch (since she was hatched right there on your farm ). I had a cat that had her same coloring, her name was Beauty.

She has a punk rock "hairdo" so how about Punky or Punk'in. Gertrude or Trudy or Gertie are my mom's suggestions.

OMW, she looks just like a pine cone! Better name her Pine.

Feathers McGee or Ruffles like ruffled feathers!LOL
I love your blog!Thanks for the chance!

I'm thinking Cher. This reminds me of that outfit she wore to the Oscars about two decades ago.


She looks regal to me, maybe Miss Prissy.
Love your photography!


I guess it shows my age but I took one look at her and thought: Zsa Zsa! She reminds me of Zsa Zsa Gabor with a feather boa and ATTITUDE!

lol-- some of these are hilarious--- Here was my first thought--- "All the single ladies...All the single ladies--- -Put your hands up, put your hands up!!"--- I'm thinkin' she's "Beyonce" all the way!

Too cute! We got a new chick today too. Probably about the same age. I'll have to post some photos to my blog &/or FB tomorrow.
I like the name PineCone. That seems to fit.
She also looks like a little feather duster, but that's not much of a name.
Cute, cute, cute. I will show my DD when she gets off of the phone. I bet she can come up w/a name.


How about PulletSurprise :) get it like Pulitzer.

For whatever reason I immediately thought "Olive Oyl" from Popeye. =)

My 2 year old called him "Bock Bock" when she saw the pictures, but that is what she calls all birds.

LOL! I saw a "pinecone" but thought acorn! Who knows why my mind works like that! But hey... Acorn is a great name for a cute chick!

How about Fluffles or Rusty

The first name that came to mind is Cruella!

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful farm animals with us, Anna!

Judy H.

With that "doo" she should be called Griselda. She makes me think of a punk rocker. She looks rather fierce in the last picture. Ann Lind

I'm feeling Turkey. For some reason her feathers just remind me of a turkey. She is totally adorable!!

My first thought was all ready taken... Pine Cone :) Piney?

Razzle Dazzle or Razzie for short would be my pick. She's adorable.

She looks like a Tribble to me. I bet she sounds like a Tribble too. I would call her Tribble!


How about Sizzle? Afterall, she is firey red and is a cross between a Silkie and a Frizzle.

While I can't explain it, Delores was the first thing that popped into my head! Cute chicken!!

This bird reminds me of a young Phyllis Diller. You probably don't remember her, but she always came on stage with a wild hairdo...lol


Oh, I agree with Kerry - she looks exactly like a pincone!!! I like Pico too. To totally geek out on you - Pincones are also called: megastrobilus - so you could call her Meg. Or, because pinecones come from conifers, how about Connie? No matter what you call her, she's adorable.

She looks like a Goldie to me! With all of the gold highlights on her feathers. Hey, this is fun!

Her feathers look a bit like a pinecone to me, so I'm going to suggest... "Conelia"

She is so cute! I thought of Magua, because she looks like the character Magua from "Last of the Mohicans!" Well, except she's much, much cuter :)


Ok she looks like a pinecone! So how about Pincone - you do have those there don't you?

Alfalfa! You know, from The Little Rascals. Oh never mind, you're way too young to even know about The Little Rascals. Of course, so am I. I only know about them because, er uh, my grandmother told me about them! Yeah, that's it!

Puffin Stuff


Hi Anna....... I had a name the very moment I saw this photo!! How about "Fritzie"? It may sound a little German but I had a friend a million years ago with the very same hairdo.....as a matter of fact...she was a beautician!! Anyway..her name was Fritzie. I hope she is not a blog reader. BTW....I absolutely adore reading about all of your animal friends....especially the babies being born.

Oooops.....just read that it's a girl....ok, that's one funny lookin' FILLY. How about Ms. Spike??

LOL....that's one funny lookin' chap!! How about Spike???

Have no idea where this came from but, she looks like a Susie Q to me.

the first name that popped into my head....Gwendolyn. She just looks like a Gwendolyn.

I was thinking Twirly Bird..

But Pico is fantastic!

OK, I'm sorry, but that is one funny chicken! OMG, I can't stop laughing. Name?? How 'bout "Phyllis Diller"....my husband just said that when he saw her!
Popped over here from BYC.

Here's my name idea: "Truffle Puff"
"Truffle" for short. Chocolate is always a good thing! :-)

'Atomic Betty'.

Ah geez, it's late, and I must think of a good name...
she looks like she's part of the Mummers group, ready for a parade LOL.
What about Flossie?
That last picture she reminds me a little bit of Phillis Diller...

this chicken naming game is hard...

Hi Anna! Wow - she is cute, but all I can think is that she looks like a big fat pine cone! So... maybe Piney? oooh, or Pico (pronounced pee-coh) - just took the first two letters of each word. I know that hardly fits in w/ all your cleverly named farm animals, but it's my contribution.
Can't wait to hear more!

Fluffie Buffie!

What an absolutely amusing looking young lady!

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